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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 47947

Chapter 47947 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

WAIS-R subtest profile and cortical perfusion in Alzheimer's disease. Brain and Cognition 24(1): 24-43

WAIS-R subtest scatter: base-rate data from a healthy UK sample. British Journal of Clinical Psychology 35: 235-247

WAM: an improved algorithm for modelling antibodies on the WEB. Protein Engineering 13(12): 819-824

WAMIS: a medical information system. Conception and clinical usage. Journal of Clinical Computing 10(5-6): 154-169

WANTED: Courageous Crusaders. Nursing Management 33(7): 4-4

WANs all over this LAN. Healthcare Informatics 11(7): 38-40, 42

WAP-based telemedicine applications. Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine 24(4): 196-200

WAPC position statement. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) education and testing in the perinatal period. Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care. Wisconsin Medical Journal 95(1): 30-35

WAPK, a Ser/Thr protein kinase gene of Nicotiana tabacum, is uniquely regulated by wounding, abscisic acid and methyl jasmonate. Molecular & General Genetics 259(5): 516-522

WARD SECRETARY--a new professional branch in the hospital. Osterreichische Krankenpflegezeitschrift 46(1): 20-21

WARD: a pneumatic system for body weight relief in gait rehabilitation. IEEE Transactions on Rehabilitation Engineering 8(4): 506-513

WART revisited: the treatment of epithelial ovarian cancer by whole abdominal radiotherapy. Australasian Radiology 41(3): 276-280

WASP-family, a critical signal transducer linking various signals to rapid actin-polymerization. Seikagaku. Journal of Japanese Biochemical Society 72(7): 550-554

WATCHERS: recognizing generalized anxiety disorder. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 61(6): 447-447

WAVE: a pocket guide for a brief nutrition dialogue in primary care. Diabetes Educator 27(3): 352-8, 361-2

WAVEWAT-improved solvent suppression in NMR spectra employing wavelet transforms. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 156(1): 19-25

WAWA-SHSH Homerton Hospital, East London. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 90(1): 55-55

WAX ActiveLibrary: a tool to manage information overload. Topics in Health Information Management 20(2): 69-82

WAY 100,135 and (-)-tertatolol act as antagonists at both 5-HT1A autoreceptors and postsynaptic 5-HT1A receptors in vivo. European Journal of Pharmacology 240(2-3): 307-310

WAY 100252 inhibits evoked [3H]GABA release when tested against a number of release-inducing stimuli. Biochemical Society Transactions 21(2): 112s-112s

WAY 100635, a 5-HT1A receptor antagonist, prevents the impairment of spatial learning caused by intrahippocampal administration of scopolamine or 7-chloro-kynurenic acid. Brain Research 774(1-2): 167-174

WB2838 [3-chloro-4-(2-amino-3-chlorophenyl)-pyrrole]: non-steroidal androgen-receptor antagonist produced by a Pseudomonas. Journal of Antibiotics 46(9): 1327-1333

WBC count, atherosclerosis and coronary risk factors. Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis 9(5): 219-223

WBC count-formula in a blood disorder. La Revue de Medecine Interne 20(12): 1144-1145

WBC reviewing the defensive roster. Nursing 26(9): 26-31; Quiz 32

WBH as a method of heating inaccessible tumours uniformly. International Journal of Hyperthermia 16(3): 287-290

WBN/Kob rat. Nihon Rinsho. Japanese Journal of Clinical Medicine 56 Suppl 3: 700-703

WCALive: broadcasting a major medical conference on the Internet. International Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing 14(4): 209-216

WD-40 and arthritic pain: the squeaky joint gets the grease. American Family Physician 55(5): 1584-1584

WD-repeat protein encoding genes among prokaryotes of the Streptomyces genus. Folia Microbiologica 45(5): 407-413

WD-repeat proteins: structure characteristics, biological function, and their involvement in human diseases. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 58(14): 2085-2097

WDHA syndrome by composite pheochromocytoma and ganglioneuroma. Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 91(5): 1585-1588

WDX study of resin-dentin interface on wet vs. dry dentin. Dental Materials Journal 19(3): 317-325

WEB technology--the future of teleradiology?. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 66(1): 87-90

WEB-MO--a computer aided learning on WWW. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 52 Pt 2: 745-747

WEB-WAP based telecare. Proceedings. AMIA Symposium: 200-204

WEBMAP: radiation hybrid mapping on the WWW. Bioinformatics 14(9): 825-826

WEDI (Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange) co-chair predicts big savings from EDI. Computers in Healthcare 13(10): 54-5, 57

WEDI's (Workshop for Electronic Data Interchange) tests demonstrate the value of automation. Medical Claims Management 1(5): 52-56

WESTCOP: a disease management approach to coronary artery disease. Australian Health Review 23(2): 96-112

WESTPAC, AIDS, and the Navy. Military Medicine 159(2): 171-173

WET, a T1- and B1-insensitive water-suppression method for in vivo localized 1H NMR spectroscopy. Journal of Magnetic Resonance. Series B 104(1): 1-10

WEXTOR: a Web-based tool for generating and visualizing experimental designs and procedures. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers 34(2): 234-240

WF10 in xenotransplantation-a potential new approach. Transplantation Proceedings 32(5): 1018-1019

WFME International Session at the 1997 AMEE Conference, Vienna, 1 September 1997. Medical Education 31(6): 465-467

WFME task force on defining international standards in basic medical education. Medical Education 35(5): 515-515

WFME task force on defining international standards in basic medical education. Report of the working party, Copenhagen, 14-16 October 1999. Medical Education 34(8): 665-675

WFUMB Symposium on Safety of Ultrasound in Medicine. Conclusions and recommendations on thermal and non-thermal mechanisms for biological effects of ultrasound. Kloster-Banz, Germany. 14-19 April, 1996. World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology 24 Suppl 1: I-Xvi, S1-58

WHA takes on bioterrorism and poverty. Lancet. Infectious Diseases 2(7): 389-389

WHA urges more action on infectious diseases. Lancet. Infectious Diseases 1(1): 6-6

WHACS your patients. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 41(10): 829-829

WHAM!: a forms constructor for medical record access via the World Wide Web. Proceedings. Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care: 116-120

WHCF exposes four health-related concerns. Hospital Progress 61(10): 10-12

WHEEL OF NUTRITION Game: nutrition in the round. Journal of Nutrition Education 33(3): 175-176

WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) II--The sequel. Canadian Journal of Medical Technology 52(4): 245-246

WHNMR--a universal NMR application package. Computers & Chemistry 20(2): 271-273

WHO / FIGO workshop: reproductive health is a woman's right. Safe Motherhood: 10-10

WHO / UNAIDS hail consensus on cotrimoxazole use for prevention of HIV related infections in Africa. Aids Weekly: 16-17

WHO 1999 classification of lung cancers: a guided tour. Annales de Pathologie 19(5 Suppl): S47-S49

WHO AIDS program director calls for revamping of medical education. Public Health Reports 109(1): 150-150

WHO Chemotherapy Study Group 1993. Indian Journal of Leprosy 67(3): 350-352

WHO Classification Project on Neoplastic Diseases of the Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues and its relation to REAL classification. Japanese Journal of Clinical Hematology 39(4): 244-246

WHO Consultation on Diagnostic Procedures for Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies: Need for Reference Reagents and Reference Panels. Geneva, Switzerland, 22-23 March 1999. Biologicals 27(3): 265-272

WHO Director-General elections--join The Lancet debate. Lancet 360(9340): 1118-1118

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WHO Europe evidence based recommendations on the treatment of tobacco dependence. Tobacco Control 11(1): 44-46

WHO European strategy for nursing and midwifery education for health for all: a nursing comment. European Journal of Cancer Care 7(3): 149-152

WHO Expert Committee On Biological Standardization. World Health Organization Technical Report Series 878: I-Vi, 1-101

WHO Expert Committee On Drug Dependence. World Health Organization Technical Report Series 887: 1-23

WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization. Forty-ninth report. World Health Organization Technical Report Series 897: I-Vi, 1-106

WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization. Forty-sixth Report. World Health Organization Technical Report Series 872: I-Vii, 1-90

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WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence. Thirtieth report. World Health Organization Technical Report Series 873: I-Vi, 1-50

WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence. Thirty-second report. World Health Organization Technical Report Series 903: I-V, 1-26

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WHO Global AIDS Statistics. Aids Care 14(1): 144-144

WHO Global AIDS statistics. Aids Care 10(6): 772-772

WHO Global Influenza Programme: survey on capacities of national influenza centres, January-June 2002. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 77(42): 350-358

WHO Global Oral Data Bank, 1986-96: an overview of oral health surveys at 12 years of age. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 76(3): 237-244

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WHO Programme on Cancer Control: developing a global strategy for cancer, a review. European Journal of Cancer Care 8(1): 10-11

WHO Regional Office for Europe. Lancet 341(8851): 1030-1030

WHO Scientific Working Group on monitoring and management of bacterial resistance to antimicrobial agents. Emerging Infectious Diseases 1(1): 37-37

WHO Task Force Meeting on Mechanisms of Immunity to Malaria. Freiburg, Germany, 24-25 April 1993. Immunology Letters 41(2-3): 87-128

WHO Vaccine Research Developing Steering Committee: diarrhoeal diseases. Journal of Diarrhoeal Diseases Research 15(3): 184-189

WHO accused of stifling debate about infant feeding. Bmj 320(7246): 1362-1362

WHO activities for prevention of deafness and hearing impairment in children. Scandinavian Audiology. Supplementum: 93-100

WHO addresses poverty and bioterrorism. Lancet 359(9304): 448-448

WHO agrees measures to stop global spread of tobacco use. Bmj 318(7196): 1437-1437

WHO alliance for the global elimination of blinding trachoma and the potential use of azithromycin. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 10(4): 259-262

WHO and EUROGIN report on cervical cancer control. European Organization Genital Infection and Neoplasia. Oncology 11(9): 1344-1344

WHO and The Lancet: yes to mammographic screening. Ugeskrift for Laeger 164(23): 3081-2; Discussion 3082-3

WHO and UN: AIDS not losing momentum. World Health Organization. United Nations . Public Health Reports 115(1): 7-7

WHO and UNAIDS continue to support use of nevirapine for prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission. Journal of Advanced Nursing 39(6): 519-519

WHO and UNICEF focus on eradicating polio in West Africa. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 80(12): 991-991

WHO and UNICEF release first ever "State of the World's Vaccines" report. Indian Pediatrics 33(11): 978-981

WHO and child mental health. Servir 47(5): 254-257

WHO and health planning--the past, the present and the future. World Health Forum 19(4): 382-387

WHO and health research--some personal reflections. World Health Forum 19(4): 369-376

WHO and humanitarian aid groups take first steps to rebuild Afghanistan. Lancet 358(9296): 1884-1884

WHO and industry partnership. A question of standards?. Bmj 321(7266): 957; Author Reply 958-9

WHO and industry partnership. All commercial enterprises should be excluded from the development process. Bmj 321(7266): 958-959

WHO and industry partnership. Changes to paper served to stifle debate. Bmj 321(7266): 956-7; Author Reply 958-9

WHO and industry partnership. Expert's opinions seemed to be disregarded. Bmj 321(7266): 957; Author Reply 958-9

WHO and industry partnership. Inconsistencies need to be resolved. Bmj 321(7266): 957-8; Author Reply 958-9

WHO and it strategy for preventing non-transmissible diseases. Diabetes & Metabolism 23(5): 450-453

WHO and its strategy for the prevention of non-transmissible diseases. Annales D'endocrinologie 57(6): 459-462

WHO and mental health--a view from developing countries. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 78(4): 502-503

WHO and six publishers launch Access to Research, internet initiative for developing countries. Annals of Oncology 13(5): 641-641

WHO and the International Diabetes Federation: regional partners. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 77(12): 954-954

WHO and the challenges of the next decade. Lancet 361(9352): 170-171

WHO and the mental health of children. World Health Forum 19(3): 268-272

WHO and top publishers enable access to leading biomedical journals for developing countries. Public Health Reports 116(4): 378-378

WHO announce strategy to combat antimicrobial resistance. Lancet. Infectious Diseases 1(3): 140-140

WHO announces flu vaccine formula for 1998-1999. Public Health Reports 113(3): 193-193

WHO announces new TB control initiative. Public Health Reports 109(4): 589-590

WHO approves three-year integrated plan of action on violence prevention and health. Women's health and development. Entre Nous: 14-14

WHO assembles leading economists to study poverty reduction and health. Lancet 355(9201): 386-386

WHO assesses world's health systems. Public Health Reports 115(4): 306-306

WHO at country level. Lancet 351(9104): 743-747

WHO at fifty. 3. Highlights of activities from 1974 to 1988. World Health Forum 19(3): 219-233

WHO at fifty. Highlights of activities from 1961 to 1973. World Health Forum 19(2): 140-155

WHO at fifty. Highlights of the early years until 1960. World Health Forum 19(1): 21-37

WHO at the cross-road. Medicina Clinica 109(2): 58-61

WHO at the crossroads. Bmj 306(6886): 1143-1144

WHO attacks tobacco sponsorship of sports. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 80(1): 80-81

WHO awarded US$ 1.5 million to test new treatment for malaria. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 77(36): 299-300

WHO blames lack of governments' support for unsafe blood supply. Aids Weekly: 17-17

WHO board backs new UN programme on HIV / AIDS. Global Aidsnews 1): 1-2

WHO board endorses battle against bottle. Development Forum 9(3): 15-15

WHO boosts its family planning role. Ippf News 3(6): 1-1

WHO budget set to reflect new priorities. Bmj 318(7178): 212-212

WHO calls for a health domain name to help consumers. Bmj 324(7337): 566-566

WHO calls for a massive effort against diseases of poverty. International Journal of Epidemiology 29(6): 1109-1109

WHO calls for action against TB. Science 267(5205): 1763-1763

WHO calls for closer monitoring of commercial interests. Bmj 324(7328): 8-8

WHO calls for international public hearing on tobacco control. Lancet 355(9210): 1168-1168

WHO calls for new pact on health care. Bmj 324(7328): 7-7

WHO calls for safety of health workers in Palestinian territories. Bmj 324(7339): 698-698

WHO calls on South African officials to speak out. Aids Weekly Plus: 12-13

WHO calls on private sector to provide affordable hearing aids in developing world. Indian Journal of Medical Sciences 55(9): 511-513

WHO can help to combat mental health illiteracy. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 78(4): 507-508

WHO case definitions for AIDS surveillance in adults and adolescents. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 69(37): 273-275

WHO celebrates triumph over river blindness. Bmj 319(7217): 1090-1090

WHO chief announces surprise move to stand down. Lancet 360(9334): 695-695

WHO chief endorses diluted antitobacco text. Lancet 361(9354): 315-315

WHO claims maternal mortality has been underestimated. Bmj 312(7028): 398-398

WHO classification in thymoma. Kyobu Geka. Japanese Journal of Thoracic Surgery 55(11): 916-920

WHO classification of Hodgkin's lymphoma and its molecular pathological relevance. Der Pathologe 23(3): 207-218

WHO classification of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and the myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 127(9): 447-450

WHO commemorates its 50th anniversary. Epi Newsletter 20(2): 1-1

WHO commission announces bold plan for world's poor. Lancet 358(9299): 2133-2133

WHO compares health-care systems across the globe. Lancet 355(9222): 2223-2223

WHO compares tobacco to land-mine threat, seeks international rules. Cmaj 164(1): 81-81

WHO concept on health technology assessment. Health Policy 9(3): 349-351

WHO concludes that measles viruses are not associated with Crohn's disease. Communicable Disease Report. Cdr Weekly 8(9): 75, 78-75, 78

WHO conference: VIII meeting of National Program Managers of the expanded program on immunization, Warsaw, Poland, November 11-13, 1998. Przeglad Epidemiologiczny 52(4): 521-524

WHO conference: XV meeting of the European Advisory Group for the wide-range vaccination program (EPI) WHO, Warszawa, November 9-10, 1998. Przeglad Epidemiologiczny 52(4): 517-519

WHO confronts the ethical challenge. Lancet 343(8891): 225-226

WHO consensus conference on diet and cancer. Members of the breast cancer panel. European Journal of Cancer Prevention 9(3): 213-216

WHO consensus statement on dental amalgam. FDI World Dental Federation. Fdi World 6(6): 9-9

WHO consensus statement on the role of nutrition in colorectal cancer. European Journal of Cancer Prevention 8(1): 57-62

WHO considers regulating ads, sale of medical products on Internet. JAMA 278(21): 1723-1724

WHO consultation on the development of new/improved brucellosis vaccines. 17 December 1997, Geneva, Switzerland. Biologicals 26(4): 361-363

WHO consultation on the increasing incidence of campylobacteriosis in humans. Copenhagen, 21-25 November 2000, in cooperation with the National Veterinary Laboratory and the National Serum Institute. Ugeskrift for Laeger 163(18): 2495-2496

WHO contribution to maternal and child health. Revista Medica de Chile 126(7 Suppl): 54-60

WHO criteria for the establishment of diagnostic international reference reagents. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 72(3): 514-6, 520-2

WHO criticised for ignoring drug dumping. Bmj 315(7109): 626-626

WHO criticised for "inflating" AIDS figures. Aids Analysis Africa 5(6): 4-5

WHO dares and wins. Nursing Times 96(28): 26-26

WHO decides: food irradiation safe at any level. Public Health Reports 113(1): 6-6

WHO declares the individual's right to be safe. JAMA 288(3): 305-306

WHO declares tuberculosis a global emergency. Sozial- und Praventivmedizin 38(4): 251-252

WHO demands tighter voluntary tobacco controls. Lancet 358(9293): 1615-1615

WHO denounces health benefits of alcohol. Bmj 309(6964): 1249-1249

WHO director-general highlights potential of telemedicine. Telemedicine and Virtual Reality 2(11): 130-130

WHO dissenter warns against plans to retain smallpox virus. Bmj 324(7329): 69-69

WHO donates vaccines. Ghana Official News Bulletin 2(6): 6-6

WHO draft guidelines for antiretroviral therapy in resource limited settings. Hopkins HIV Report 14(4): 1, 3-1, 4

WHO draft policy on "Health for All in the 21st Century" - some reflections. Health for the Millions 24(3): 8-10

WHO draws attention to women's health in south-east Asia. Lancet 356(9233): 922-922

WHO efforts on emerging infectious diseases. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 69(31): 235-236

WHO emphasis on cost-effective cancer-control strategies. Lancet. Oncology 4(1): 7-7

WHO estimates 13 million HIV-positive women by the year 2000. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 14(11): 674-674

WHO evidence based recommendations on the treatment of tobacco dependence. Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease 56(5): 462-466

WHO executive board addresses poverty and bioterrorism. Lancet 359(9302): 239-239

WHO expert committee on drug dependence. World Health Organization Technical Report Series 856: 1-17

WHO faces funding squeeze as richer countries make a stand. Lancet 357(9269): 1683-1683

WHO faces up to its tobacco links. Bmj 321(7257): 314-315

WHO favors HIV vaccine tests. Science 266(5185): 547-547

WHO fights "forgotten" diseases. Bmj 312(7032): 659-659

WHO finds governments "remiss" on mental disorders. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 79(11): 1089-1089

WHO formula of ORS and home made ORS. Journal of the Indian Medical Association 92(2): 69-70

WHO funds mobile phone-cancer study. Nature Medicine 4(2): 140-140

WHO gives southeast Asia a health warning. Lancet 354(9183): 1010-1010

WHO global AIDS statistics. Aids Care 6(3): 367-368

WHO global AIDS statistics. AIDS cases reported to the World Health Organization as at 7 December 2001. Aids Care 14(5): 728-728

WHO global AIDS statistics. AIDS cases reported to the World Health Organization as at 7 July 1995. Aids Care 7(5): 689-690

WHO global project on biological monitoring of chemical exposure at the workplace. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health 68(6): 387-388

WHO global strategy on traditional and alternative medicine. Public Health Reports 117(3): 300-301

WHO guidelines address risk of tuberculosis transmission during air travel. Central European Journal of Public Health 7(3): 144, 154-144, 154

WHO guidelines for air quality. Indian Pediatrics 35(8): 812-815

WHO guidelines for assuring the quality of DNA vaccines. Biologicals 26(3): 205-212

WHO guidelines for the production and control of the acellular pertussis component of monovalent or combined vaccines. Biologicals 26(3): 195-204

WHO guidelines seek to lower risk of TB transmission during air travel. Public Health Reports 114(2): 101-101

WHO haemoglobin colour scale is modern version of what was used previously. Bmj 317(7163): 949-949

WHO heads efforts to restore Afghanistan's shattered health. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 79(12): 1174-1174

WHO helps countries prepare for bioterror attacks. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 79(11): 1089-1089

WHO holds hearings on tobacco control. Bmj 321(7267): 980-980

WHO identifies 16 countries struggling to control tuberculosis. Bmj 316(7136): 957-957

WHO implementing national diabetes programs. Nihon Rinsho. Japanese Journal of Clinical Medicine 60 Suppl 7: 83-93

WHO in Europe, meeting the challenges. Who Regional Publications. European Series 57: 1-17

WHO in a new Europe. Who Regional Publications. European Series 50: 1-17

WHO in former Yugoslavia. Nordisk Medicin 109(5): 161-163

WHO in partnership. Examples of work with the public and private sectors to fight infectious diseases. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 74(42): 353-354

WHO in search of cancer strategies for the new millennium. Annals of Oncology 9(12): 1258-1259

WHO in the 1970s and 1980s--a user's view. World Health Forum 19(4): 365-368

WHO indicators for evaluation of maternal health care services, applicability in least developed countries: a case study from Eritrea. African Journal of Reproductive Health 6(2): 13-22

WHO influenza surveillance. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 71(47): 353-357

WHO initiative: cancer prevention in Europe. European Journal of Cancer Prevention 2(3): 251-253

WHO initiative: coping with cancer in Europe. European Journal of Cancer Prevention 2(1): 3-4

WHO initiatives for the incontinent elderly. Ostomy/Wound Management 43(10): 64-66

WHO insists screening can cut breast cancer rates. Bmj 324(7339): 695-695

WHO intends to eliminate measles--but we fall short. The German vaccination baffle. Mmw Fortschritte der Medizin 144(46): 16-16

WHO intensifies drive for global eradication of polio. Communicable Disease Report. Cdr Weekly 9(24): 209-209

WHO is producing a reproductive health library for developing countries. Bmj 314(7095): 1695-1695

WHO is recommending sweeping reforms in prisons. International Nursing Review 40(5): 133-133

WHO issues another gloomy tuberculosis report. Nature Medicine 2(4): 377-377

WHO issues guidance on monitoring injuries. Bmj 324(7332): 260-260

WHO issues treatment guidelines for HIV/AIDS. Aids Policy & Law 17(9): 1-1

WHO joins battle against a new emerging disease, Buruli ulcer. Indian Pediatrics 35(6): 581-581

WHO launches Vision 2020 to combat avoidable blindness. Public Health Reports 114(3): 210-210

WHO launches a new method to study adolescents' sexual behaviour. Sozial- und Praventivmedizin 38(5): 329-330

WHO launches cautiously optimistic report on health. Lancet 351(9114): 1493-1493

WHO launches integrated health services study centre in Spain. Lancet 354(9182): 930-930

WHO launches international programme to combat childhood blindness. Lancet 359(9325): 2258-2258

WHO launches mobile-phone hazards study. Lancet 351(9098): 276-276

WHO launches program to assist alternative medicines. Aids Policy & Law 17(11): 4-4

WHO launches the first global strategy on traditional and alternative medicine. Central European Journal of Public Health 10(4): 145, 156-145, 156

WHO leadership race reaches final stages. Bmj 316(7124): 11-16

WHO leadership: a swift start but with few clear objectives. Lancet 360(9336): 812-813

WHO leads action against female genital mutilation. World Health Forum 15(4): 416-416

WHO leads assessment of chemicals that disrupt hormonal activities. Public Health Reports 113(4): 299-299

WHO leprosy elimination campaign--beyond 2005. Leprosy Review 71(3): 389-391

WHO links female genital mutilation to maternal health problems. Safe Motherhood: 9-9

WHO links long term pill use to cervical cancer. Bmj 324(7341): 808-808

WHO links with consumers on reproductive health information. Bmj 321(7264): 787-787

WHO lists 40 AIDS drugs. Aids Policy & Law 17(7): 1-1

WHO looks at Dr. Kim's community model. Reflections 24(3): 13-13

WHO manual...who should care?. Human Reproduction 14(10): 2431-2433

WHO medical information denied to Taiwan. Journal of the National Medical Association 94(10): 933-933

WHO medicines expert calls for new rules against commercial bias in medical research. Journal of Advanced Nursing 38(6): 546-546

WHO meeting on European Cooperation on Oral Vaccination of Foxes against Rabies. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 69(9): 64-65

WHO meeting on maternal and neonatal pneumococcal immunization. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 73(25): 187-188

WHO meeting on stomach cancer. Dissection of the glands can be a suitable measure. Lakartidningen 91(12): 1232-1235

WHO meeting on the future role of leprosy training and/or research institutions, Addis Ababa, February 25-26, 1998. Indian Journal of Leprosy 70(4): 441-453

WHO must continue its work on access to medicines in developing countries. Lancet 361(9351): 3-3

WHO nominates new regional director for Europe. Bmj 319(7213): 804-804

WHO nursing forum calls for control of poverty. Pflege Aktuell 55(5): 266-266

WHO objectives and programmes on health manpower planning and distribution. World Hospitals 15(4): 257-260

WHO outlines three-pronged attack against AIDS epidemic. Aids Weekly: 17-17

WHO partograph. Lancet 344(8922): 617-617

WHO partograph cuts complications of labour and childbirth. Safe Motherhood: 10-10

WHO plans to improve training for blood-bank personnel. Aids Policy & Law 16(20): 3-3

WHO policy on FGM / HTPs; an interview with Mark A. Belsey. Newsletter: 5-7

WHO policy statement on polio vaccines. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 70(49): 346-347

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WHO position paper on hepatitis A vaccines. Canada Communicable Disease Report 26(5): 33-38

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WHO position paper. "Allergen immunotherapy: therapeutic vaccines for allergic diseases". Arerugi 47(7): 698-704

WHO principles of perinatal care: the essential antenatal, perinatal, and postpartum care course. Birth 28(3): 202-207

WHO priorities for a common nursing research agenda. International Nursing Review 45(1): 13-14

WHO programme gives hope to blind and partially sighted people in Africa. Lancet 355(9214): 1528-1528

WHO programme on air quality and air pollution epidemiology. Central European Journal of Public Health 1(1): 60-61

WHO proposals on child health in the 21st century. Treat and prevent the big "child killers". Lakartidningen 99(21): 2427-2428

WHO pushes first cervical cancer vaccine. Public Health Reports 114(3): 211-211

WHO ranking of health systems. Science 294(5548): 1832-1833

WHO reaffirms commitment to women's health. Bmj 316(7138): 1113-1113

WHO reassesses appropriate body-mass index for Asian populations. Lancet 360(9328): 235-235

WHO recommendations for IVF. Lancet 342(8875): 867-867

WHO recommendations for IVF: do they fit with "Health for All"?. Lancet 341(8861): 1648-1649

WHO recommendations put women first. Lancet 354(9195): 2075-2076

WHO reconsiders risks from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Lancet 349(9057): 1001-1001

WHO reform and global health. Bmj 314(7091): 1359-1360

WHO rejection of Taiwan as observer. Lancet 350(9084): 1107-1108

WHO rejects Taiwan as observer. Lancet 350(9075): 449-449

WHO releases global reference guide on 325 essential medicines. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 80(10): 844-844

WHO releases revised facts on malaria. International (global). Vaccine Weekly: 11-13

WHO releases stricter guidelines on emergency drug donations. Lancet 354(9182): 928-928

WHO reorganizes, groups cancer program with other non-communicable diseases. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 91(16): 1355-1355

WHO report 2000. Lancet 358(9287): 1097-1098

WHO report aims to increase understanding of mental health. Lancet 358(9289): 1248-1248

WHO report on infectious diseases. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 74(33): 279-279

WHO report on intradermal application of rabies vaccines. Revista Panamericana de Salud Publica 1(1): 73-77

WHO report on violence and health. Public Health Reports 117(5): 479-480

WHO report paints mixed picture of immunisation progress. Lancet 360(9346): 1671-1671

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