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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 47949

Chapter 47949 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

War of words continues in violence research. Science 263(5152): 1375-1375

War of words. Small home-care agencies feel threatened by letter. Modern Healthcare 28(11): 34-34

War on Iraq could produce a humanitarian disaster, health professionals warn. Bmj 325(7373): 1134-1134

War on attrition. Nursing Standard 1987) 15(11): 12-12

War on cancer confronts poverty. Medical World News 30(15): 31-31

War on networks. Pittsburgh's Highmark vows only single-hospital pacts. Modern Healthcare 27(30): 16-16

War on several front-lines against mosquitoes. Over 20,000 different agents against 2,000 different species. Lakartidningen 93(28-29): 2593-2596

War on terror. A run on antibiotics. Newsweek 138(17): 36-37

War on terror. Anxious about anthrax. Newsweek 138(17): 28-35

War on terror. Epidemic threats. Newsweek 138(18): 40-41

War on terror: biochem. Tracking anthrax. Newsweek 138(18): 36-39

War on terrorism. Collateral damage. Science 294(5543): 766-768

War on terrorism. War is latest assault on progress in Yemeni science. Science 294(5543): 767-767

War on the mind: a commentary. Armed Forces and Society 6(2): 313-325

War on the roads. Driving less would reduce so many problems in so many countries. Bmj 325(7358): 277-277

War on the roads. Evidence based prevention of these injuries is necessary. Bmj 325(7358): 277-277

War on the roads. Major change is needed in politicians' and developers' attitudes. Bmj 325(7358): 277-277

War on the roads. People at risk get hit by traffic. Bmj 325(7358): 277-277

War on the roads. This war is sapping NHS of resources and inflicting untold grief. Bmj 325(7358): 277-277

War on the roads. Transport has so many health implications that must be considered. Bmj 325(7358): 277-277

War on the roads. Travel on roads 100 years ago was not as easy as nostalgia suggests. Bmj 325(7358): 277-277

War on the roads: traffic accidents and social tension in Britain, 1939-45. Clio Medica 41: 234-254

War or peace between otorhinolaryngologists and hospital audiologists?. Ugeskrift for Laeger 162(19): 2762-2763

War pensions (1900-1945): changing models of psychological understanding. British Journal of Psychiatry 180(): 374-379

War souvenirs. Military Medicine 159(1): A5-A5

War surgeon of the twentieth century. World Journal of Surgery 21(6): 663-666

War surgery continues in Sri Lanka. Lancet 351(9108): 1039-1039

War surgery in an African conflict. Scottish Medical Journal 42(6): 163-164

War time experiences of triage and resuscitation: Australian Army nurses in the Vietnam War, 1967-1971. Accident and Emergency Nursing 9(3): 138-142

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War without glory. Emergency Medical Services 24(1): 35, 73-35, 73

War wound in an 84-year-old patient. Neurologia 16(1): 38-38

War wounds. Nursing Times 95(34): 34-36

War wounds of the external genital organs. Progres en Urologie 7(2): 259-261

War wounds to the foot. Military Medicine 165(1): 18-20

War zone medicine. M*A*S*H meets managed care. Hospitals & Health Networks 72(15-16): 70-72

War, Walt Whitman, and William Osler. Literature and Medicine 16(2): 210-225

War, bioterrorism, and the political landscape. Lancet 358(9299): 2137-2137

War, famine, and pestilence in late precolonial Tanzania: a case for a heightened mortality. International Journal of African Historical Studies 21(4): 637-676

War, oppression, refugee camps fuel spread of HIV. Migration and HIV. Bridge: 4-5

War, peace, and fertility in Angola. Demography 39(2): 215-231

War-horse of dosimetry. Janus; Revue Internationale de L'histoire des Sciences, de la Medecine, de la Pharmacie, et de la Technique 59: 1-24

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War-induced psychic trauma: an 18-year follow-up of Israeli veterans. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry 66(1): 152-160

War-related changes in cigarette smoking: a survey study of health professionals in Sarajevo. Substance Use & Misuse 31(5): 639-646

War-related deaths in the Philippines 1898-1902. Pacific Historical Review 53(3): 367-378

War-related transformation and work of surgery service of the Pozega Medical Center, East-Croatian Hospital unaffected by direct war activities. Military Medicine 160(12): 604-608

War-related trauma and stress characteristics of American University of Beirut students. Journal of Traumatic Stress 12(1): 201-207

War-related trauma and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder among adult Kosovar refugees. Journal of Traumatic Stress 15(2): 157-160

War-time activity of the medical faculty of John Casimir University in Lwów since September 1939 till August 1944. Archiwum Historii i Filozofii Medycyny 58(2): 141-152

War-wounded refugees: the types of injury and influence of disability on well-being and social integration. Medicine, Conflict, and Survival 12(4): 284-302

War: The dynamics of vicious civilizations. Physical Review. E, Statistical Physics, Plasmas, Fluids, and Related Interdisciplinary Topics 54(2): 1274-1289

Warble fly status of Great Britain in 1998. Veterinary Record 143(24): 668-668

Warble fly survey results, 2000/01. Veterinary Record 149(4): 128-128

Ward Halstead's contributions to neuropsychology and the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery. Journal of Clinical Psychology 50(1): 47-70

Ward atmosphere, client satisfaction, and client motivation in a psychiatric work rehabilitation unit. Community Mental Health Journal 37(2): 169-177

Ward attenders: how many children drop in?. Health Service Journal 98(5118): 1061-1063

Ward based X-ray facilities can improve services. Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of London 30(2): 145-149

Ward based x-rays. Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of London 30(4): 395-396

Ward clerk assistance in completion of medical records. Medical Record News 47(1): 39-42

Ward crowding and incidents of violence on an acute psychiatric inpatient unit. Psychiatric Services 52(4): 521-525

Ward design: a mix of methods. Health and Social Service Journal 93(4835): 239-240

Ward design: creating a healing patient-environment. Nursing Standard 1987) 8(5): 31-35

Ward design: on the nurses' trail. Health and Social Service Journal 92(4778): 12-14

Ward design: under observation. Health and Social Service Journal 92(4778): 10-11

Ward evaluation: St Thomas' Hospital, London, and subsequent developments. World Hospitals 20(1): 18-19

Ward furniture and equipment in geriatric departments. Hospital Equipment & Supplies 21(2): 29-31

Ward furniture: less strain by design. Health and Social Service Journal 91(4749): 771, 773-771, 773

Ward grannies provide tender loving care. Critical Care Nurse 20(1): 104-104

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Ward identities for surface-growth models with diffusion. Physical Review. E, Statistical Physics, Plasmas, Fluids, and Related Interdisciplinary Topics 50(4): 2488-2490

Ward leaders. A morale victory. Interview by Jenine Willis. Nursing Times 95(26): 36-37

Ward leaders. Action man. Interview by Jenine Willis. Nursing Times 95(22): 32-33

Ward leaders. Courage to change. Interview by Jenine Willis. Nursing Times 95(21): 34-35

Ward leaders. Joint initiative. Nursing Times 95(23): 34-35

Ward leaders. Miracle worker. Interview by Jenine Willis. Nursing Times 95(25): 30-31

Ward leadership. Nursing Standard 1987) 12(4): 20-25

Ward leadership: balancing the clinical and managerial roles. Professional Nurse 17(8): 486-489

Ward management--one of the busiest. Sygeplejersken 93(33): 26-28

Ward management: doing the off-duty by computer spreadsheet. Nursing Standard 1987) 9(1): 38-41

Ward management: take up thy bed. Nursing Standard 1987) 8(47): 47-47

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Ward organisation. Private enterprise. Nursing Times 90(4): 52-53

Ward organization. Beating time. Nursing Times 89(13): 32-34

Ward pharmacy program in a 210 bed general hospital. National Hospital and Health Care 1(5): 24-26

Ward pharmacy: a foundation for prescribing audit?. Quality in Health Care 1(1): 5-9

Ward placements can be daunting. Nursing Times 95(16): 63-63

Ward reduction without general anaesthesia versus reduction and repair under general anaesthesia for gastroschisis in newborn infants. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (): Cd003671-Cd003671

Ward rounds: is the nursing contribution still devalued?. British Journal of Nursing 7(2): 111-111

Ward sister/charge nurse: the key role in nursing. British Journal of Nursing 10(22): 1495-1495

Ward sisters' objectives in developing nursing and problems with development. Journal of Nursing Management 9(5): 287-294

Ward sisters' views of the effect of NHS changes. Nursing Times 92(20): 32-33

Ward sisters. Strategies for success. Nursing Times 90(14): 30-31

Ward staff problems with abortions. International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine 5(2): 97-103

Ward staffing. Finding your form. Health Service Journal 112(5830): 28-29

Ward staffing. Safety in numbers. Health Service Journal 112(5802): 24-25

Ward units. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 120(6): 654-654

Ward versus intensive care management of high-risk surgical patients. British Journal of Surgery 85(7): 956-961

Ward's Island--a hospital of yesterday. Psychiatric News 14(6): 4-5

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Ward-Takahashi identities in a superspace formulation of Yang-Mills theory. Physical Review. D, Particles and Fields 44(12): 3879-3881

Warding off Mr. Pond. Nursing 26(3): 54-56

Wardium canarisi n. sp. (Cestoda: Hymenolepididae) parasite of Arenaria melanocephala (Aves: Charadrii) of Alaska. Systematic Parasitology 46(3): 227-234

Wardium longosacco (Joyeux & baer, 1939) n. comb. (Cestoda: Hymenolepididae) parasite of Charadrius marginatus (Aves: Charadrii) of South Africa. Systematic Parasitology 47(1): 23-28

Wardrobe check for terrorist incidents. Occupational Health & Safety 68(7): 40, 45-40, 45

Wards Cove Packing Co., Inc. v. Atonio [5 June 1989. Annual Review of Population Law 16: 147-147

Wards of fear. Nursing Times 94(17): 28-29

Wards. Caring about sharing. Health Service Journal 108(5595): 30-31

Wardship court enforces treatment. Bmj 303(6798): 332-332

Warehousing ... one of the last health care frontiers. Journal of Hospital Supply, Processing, and Distribution 3(2): 23-26

Warehousing your data. Thinking ahead can ease the transformation. Healthcare Informatics 18(9): 60-60

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