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Antireflection-coated blue GaN laser diodes in an external cavity and Doppler-free indium absorption spectroscopy

, : Antireflection-coated blue GaN laser diodes in an external cavity and Doppler-free indium absorption spectroscopy. Applied Optics 42(12): 2110-2118

Commercially available GaN-based laser diodes were antireflection coated in our laboratory and operated in an external cavity in a Littrow configuration. A total tuning range of typically 4 nm and an optical output power of up to 30 mW were observed after optimization of the external cavity. The linewidth was measured with a beterodyne technique, and 0.8 MHz at a sweep time of 50 ms was obtained. The mode-hop-free tuning range was more than 50 GHz. We demonstrated the performance of the laser by detecting the saturated absorption spectrum of atomic indium at 410 nm, allowing observation of well-resolved Lamb dips.


PMID: 12716152

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