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Critical phenomena and the quantum critical point of ferromagnetic Zr(1-x)NbxZn2

, : Critical phenomena and the quantum critical point of ferromagnetic Zr(1-x)NbxZn2. Physical Review Letters 96(11): 116404-116404

We present a study of the magnetic properties of Zr(1-x)NbxZn2, using an Arrott plot analysis of the magnetization. The Curie temperature Tc is suppressed to zero temperature for Nb concentration xc = 0.083+/-0.002, while the spontaneous moment vanishes linearly with Tc as predicted by the Stoner theory. The initial susceptibility chi displays critical behavior for x <or= xc , with a critical exponent which smoothly crosses over from the mean field to the quantum critical value. For high temperatures and x <or= xc, and for low temperatures and x >or= xc we find that chi(-1) = chi0(-1) + aT(4/3), where chi0(-1) vanishes as x-->xc. The resulting magnetic phase diagram shows that the quantum critical behavior extends over the widest range of temperatures for x=xc, and demonstrates how a finite transition temperature ferromagnet is transformed into a paramagnet, via a quantum critical point.


PMID: 16605847

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.96.116404

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