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Endoscopic reconstruction of the anterior skull base in cerebrospinal rhinorrhea

, : Endoscopic reconstruction of the anterior skull base in cerebrospinal rhinorrhea. Otolaryngologia Polska 57(1): 75-79

Cerebrospinal rhinorrhea is a discharge of cerebrospinal fluid caused by the break continuity in dura mater and by bone defect in the base of anterior skull base. The pathological connections appear mainly in the regions of the skull base with the weaker bone structure (the roof of the frontal, ethmoid, sphenoid sinus and cribriform plate). The aim of the study was presenting the possibility of the endoscopic-surgical closing the fistula within the ethmoid roof. The E.N.T Department in Poznań treated 5 patients with cerebrospinal rhinorrhea. In four cases, cerebrospinal rhinorrhea was caused by operative trauma. In one case the rhinorrhea could not be established. All patients with traumatic rhinorrhea underwent operation treatment based on covering of the loss in dura mater with a piece of mucous membrane together with perichondrium of nasal septum or lyophilised dura. The material used for the plastic operation was sealed by tissue adhesive. In 2 cases rhinorrhea recurred. Using the endoscopic technique, after the identification the leak of the cerebrospinal fluid within ethmoid roof, the fistula has been reconstructed with use of the adipose tissue and temporal muscle fascia. Both cases led to complete recovery. Easy access, precision and accuracy of performance the surgery, the approach without external incision of the patient, makes the endoscopic technique very valuable method in treating rhinorrhea caused by the loss in ethmoid roof and cribriform plate.


PMID: 12741148

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