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First-principles calculations of zero-field splitting parameters

, : First-principles calculations of zero-field splitting parameters. Journal of Chemical Physics 125(2): 24103-24103

In this work, an implementation of an approach to calculate the zero-field splitting (ZFS) constants in the framework of ab initio methods such as complete active space self-consistent field, multireference configuration interaction, or spectroscopy oriented configuration interaction is reported. The spin-orbit coupling (SOC) contribution to ZFSs is computed using an accurate multicenter mean-field approximation for the Breit-Pauli Hamiltonian. The SOC parts of ZFS constants are obtained directly after diagonalization of the SOC operator in the basis of a preselected number of roots of the spin-free Hamiltonian. This corresponds to an infinite order treatment of the SOC in terms of perturbation theory. The spin-spin (SS) part is presently estimated in a mean-field fashion and appears to yield results close to the more complete treatments available in the literature. Test calculations for the first- and second-row atoms as well as first-row transition metal atoms and a set of diatomic molecules show accurate results for the SOC part of ZFSs. SS contributions have been found to be relatively small but not negligible (exceeding 1 cm(-1) for oxygen molecule). At least for the systems studied in this work, it is demonstrated that the presented method provides much more accurate estimations for the SOC part of ZFS constants than the emerging density functional theory approaches.


PMID: 16848573

DOI: 10.1063/1.2213976

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