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General synthesis and delamination of highly crystalline transition-metal-bearing layered double hydroxides

, : General synthesis and delamination of highly crystalline transition-metal-bearing layered double hydroxides. Langmuir 23(2): 861-867

In this paper, we describe a general process for the synthesis and delamination of a family of highly crystalline Al-based and transition-metal-bearing layered double hydroxides (LDHs). Large-sized and monodispersed hexagonal platelike particles of binary-component M(II)-Al-CO3 and ternary-component M(II)-M'(II)-Al-CO3 LDHs (M(II) and M'(II) = Fe, Co, Ni, or Zn) were prepared at first by the urea method under optimized conditions. These CO32--LDHs were converted into other monovalent-anion-containing LDHs by means of a salt-acid treatment and subsequent anion-exchange processes. Finally, well-defined LDH nanosheets were obtained by delamination of NO3--LDHs in formamide.


PMID: 17209645

DOI: 10.1021/la062345m

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