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Genipin--a novel fingerprint reagent with colorimetric and fluorogenic activity

, : Genipin--a novel fingerprint reagent with colorimetric and fluorogenic activity. Journal of Forensic Sciences 49(2): 255-257

Genipin, the hydrolytic product of geniposide, which is extracted from gardenia fruit, shows good potential as a fingerprint reagent. It develops latent fingerprints on paper as blue impressions with good contrast and resolution. Even very faint impressions that are barely visible in ambient light will fluoresce brightly upon illumination at ca. 590 nm and are best viewed with a barrier filter above 630 nm. Potential advantages of genipin are the combination of colorimetric and fluorogenic activity in one reagent as well as its being a safe and environmentally friendly natural product.


PMID: 15027539

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