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Heavy drinking in college students: who is at risk and what is being done about it?

, : Heavy drinking in college students: who is at risk and what is being done about it?. Journal of General Psychology 133(4): 401-420

Problem drinking and related consequences are a major social issue plaguing college campuses across the United States. Each year, alcohol is responsible for fatalities, assaults, serious injuries, and arrests that occur among college students. The authors review and discuss the risk factors, drinking patterns, and consequences that are relevant to the general student population. In addition, the authors highlight individuals at an increased risk of experiencing alcohol-related problems, such as Greek-letter social organization members and student athletes. The authors also discuss the interventions that attempt to reduce risky drinking and related problems in these subgroups as well as the future directions for research.


PMID: 17128959

DOI: 10.3200/GENP.133.4.401-420

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