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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 49508

Chapter 49508 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

MENIERE'S disease: medical vs surgical therapy. Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Monthly 33(6): 363; Passim-363; Passim

MENIERE'S syndrome and Meniere's disease--terminology, management. Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Monthly 34(3): 189; Passim-189; Passim

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MENINGITIS and Escherichia coli. New York State Journal of Medicine 60: 2267-2276

MENINGITIS cryptococcic. American Practitioner and Digest of Treatment 4(1): 60-62

MENINGITIS in mumps. Lancet 1(6704): 404-405

MENO means minus. Cancer Bulletin 2(5): 111-111

MENOPAUSAL syndrome; functional changes and symptoms associated with the menopause. Seminar International 1(2): 16-17

MENSTRUATION: second of four recordings for parents. Journal of Social Hygiene 37(1): 24-27

MENTAL Health Research Fund. British Medical Journal 1(4760): 699-700

MENTAL care through six centuries. Nursing Mirror and Midwives Journal 91(2362): 261-262

MENTAL changes in tuberculous meningitis. Lancet 267(6849): 1164-1164

MENTAL defect, tetraplegia, and ichthyosis. Lancet 273(6991): 377-378

MENTAL defectives' attack. British Medical Journal 2(4733): 741-741

MENTAL deficiency. Medical Times 85(6): 611-616

MENTAL deficiency in Scotland. British Medical Journal 2(5043): 517-518

MENTAL diseases during the postwar years. Statistics of Navy Medicine 6(1): 6-8

MENTAL health. Journal of the American Medical Association 152(1): 48-49

MENTAL health and atomic energy. Medical Services Journal, Canada 15(2): 158-162

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MENTAL health clinics for children. Journal of Pediatrics 40(2): 267-268

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MENTAL health in 1950. Medical World 75(3): 60-61

MENTAL health of students. British Medical Journal 2(5044): 567-567

MENTAL health of the worker. Public Health Reports 74: 702-710

MENTAL health rehabilitation program. Journal of the National Medical Association 44(5): 396-397

MENTAL health seminar. Public Health 73: 382-387

MENTAL health services. California Medicine 87(3): 173-174

MENTAL health-unlimited. Canadian Medical Association Journal 68(5): 494-495

MENTAL hospital fatality; attack by patient. British Medical Journal 1(5078): 1072-1073

MENTAL hospital treatment of juveniles. Medical Journal of Australia 2(19): 723-724

MENTAL hospitals in the news. British Medical Journal 1(4965): 502-503

MENTAL illness and childbirth. British Medical Journal 1(5077): 992-992

MENTAL illness and prepayment insurance plans. Mental Hospitals 10(2): 31-2 Passim

MENTAL illness and social class. Lancet 1(7027): 952-952

MENTAL illness in twins. British Medical Journal 2(4835): 548-549

MENTAL nursing. Lancet 266(6804): 204-206

MENTAL nursing and training at Barming Heath Hospital, Maidstone, Kent. Nursing Mirror and Midwives Journal 92(2392): I-i

MENTAL nursing revived. Lancet 265(6778): 176-177

MENTAL nursing: a new beginning. Lancet 266(6803): 139-141

MENTAL patient data for fiscal year 1955. Public Health Reports 71(3): 214-215

MENTAL patient data for fiscal year 1956. Public Health Reports 72(1): 14-15

MENTAL retardation: teamwork in case finding, diagnosis, approach to parents, and guidance. Journal of Pediatrics 50(2): 240-250

MENTALLY handicapped young people. British Medical Journal 2(5092): 378-378

MENTOR-VIP--a global mentoring program for violence and injury prevention. Injury Prevention 13(1): 69-69

MENUS for April 1953. Modern Hospital 80(3): 126-126

MENUS for June 1952. Modern Hospital 78(5): 126-126

MENUS for June 1953. Modern Hospital 80(5): 116-116

MENUS for September 1953. Modern Hospital 81(2): 124-124

MEP (Mars Environment Package): toward a package for studying environmental conditions at the surface of Mars from future lander/rover missions. Advances in Space Research 34(8): 1702-1709

MEP latency shift after implantation of deep brain stimulation systems in the subthalamic nucleus in patients with advanced Parkinson's disease. Movement Disorders 21(9): 1471-1476

MEP proposes giving patients the right to seek treatment abroad without prior government approval. Bmj 330(7501): 1170-1170

MEP warns of growing threat of patient mobility. Lancet 365(9478): 2168-2168

MEPAZINE acetate. Journal of the American Medical Association 167(13): 1632-1632

MEPAZINE hydrochloride. Journal of the American Medical Association 167(13): 1633-1633

MEPs approve plans for European CDC. Lancet 363(9409): 627-627

MEPs approve stem cell research using human embryos. Bmj 327(7426): 1248-1248

MEPs lead demand to get sudden unexplained deaths recognised as a syndrome. Bmj 327(7420): 886-886

MEPs vote to end right of individuals to opt out of 48 hour week. Bmj 330(7501): 1168-1168

MER-29 (triparanol) in the control of hypercholesterolaemia. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine 55: 480-484

MERCAPTOPURINE in leukemia. Nutrition Reviews 13(4): 120-121

MERCK Institute for Therapeutic Research. Merck Report 61(1): 16-17

MERCY HOSPITAL, Des Moines clinicopathologic conference. Journal. Iowa State Medical Society 45(9): 477-483

MERCY Hospital, Des Moines clinicopathologic conference, May 8, 1956. Journal. Iowa State Medical Society 46(9): 500-506

MERLOT delivered to your desk. Computers, Informatics, Nursing 25(1): 20-22

MERRELL of Cincinnati. Medical Times 86(12): 1600-1609

MERRITTE Weber Ireland. Journal of the American Medical Association 149(13): 1234-1234

MERRITTE Weber Ireland, M.D., LL.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.S. (1867-1952). Medical Annals of the District of Columbia 21(9): 528-529

MERTK arginine-844-cysteine in a patient with severe rod-cone dystrophy: loss of mutant protein function in transfected cells. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 45(5): 1456-1463

MES-4: an autosome-associated histone methyltransferase that participates in silencing the X chromosomes in the C. elegans germ line. Development 133(19): 3907-3917

MESAB: 21 years of bursaries for black medics. South African Medical Journal 96(7): 565-565

MESH diagrams of Chinese in Beijing and its preliminary application in practice. Zhonghua Kou Qiang Yi Xue Za Zhi 40(1): 46-49

MESOMARK: a potential test for malignant pleural mesothelioma. Clinical Chemistry 53(4): 666-672

MESOTHELIOMA of pleura. Texas State Journal of Medicine 47(8): 570-571

MESSAGE to Blue Shield physicians. Journal of the Florida Medical Association. Florida Medical Association 39(5): 360-361

MESTERN J: Effect of convulsions on cerebrospinal fluid and plasma activity of glutamic oxalacetic transminase and lactic dehydrogenase. Neurology 9: 672-677

MET overexpression turns human primary osteoblasts into osteosarcomas. Cancer Research 66(9): 4750-4757

MET system: a new approach to m-health in emergency triage. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 103: 101-108

MET-IDEA: data extraction tool for mass spectrometry-based metabolomics. Analytical Chemistry 78(13): 4334-4341

MET-PET in low-grade glioma. Safe way to follow disease progression and treatment. Lakartidningen 104(5): 326-330

MET: an intensive care (r)evolution. Strong medical and ethical reasons for introducing a mobile emergency team. Lakartidningen 103(46): 3594-3595

MET: the emergency medical team or the medical education team? . Critical Care and Resuscitation 6(2): 88-91

META-BASAL portable, Model MB-1. Journal of the American Medical Association 156(7): 721-721

METABOLIC CHARACTERIZATION OF THE GENUS BRUCELLA IV. 3: Correlation of Oxidative Metabolic Patterns and Susceptibility to Brucella Bacteriophage, Type abortus, Strain. Journal of Bacteriology 82(6): 950-953

METABOLIC abnormalities in liver disease. Nutrition Reviews 14(4): 105-107

METABOLIC abnormalities in paraplegics. Treatment Services Bulletin. Canada. Department of Veterans' Affairs 7(2): 108-110

METABOLIC alterations and experimental fungus infections. Nutrition Reviews 15(4): 125-126

METABOLIC and clinical aspects of gout. American Journal of Medicine 22(5): 807-824

METABOLIC and radio-isotope work at University College Hospital. British Medical Journal 1(4759): 648-648

METABOLIC aspects of streptomycin resistance. Journal of the American Medical Association 147(14): 1361-1361

METABOLIC blocks in diabetes. Nutrition Reviews 11(10): 312-314

METABOLIC breakdown of sarcosine by a strain of pseudomonas aeruginosa. Archives of Biochemistry 26(3): 458-460

METABOLIC chamber. Public Health Reports 72(12): 1084-1086

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METABOLIC changes produced by dextran. Nutrition Reviews 13(8): 230-232

METABOLIC conundrum. American Practitioner and Digest of Treatment 4(3): 210-213

METABOLIC effecto of dihydrotachysterol. Nutrition Reviews 14(6): 176-177

METABOLIC effects of brain injury. Lancet 1(7022): 678-679

METABOLIC fate and determination of sulfones. International Journal of Leprosy 18(2): 248-263

METABOLIC fate of orally administered choline. Nutrition Reviews 10(9): 278-280

METABOLIC fate of thiopental sodium. Journal of the American Medical Association 147(9): 875-876

METABOLIC influences on tooth development during pregnancy. Nutrition Reviews 12(3): 78-81

METABOLIC influences on wound healing. Nutrition Reviews 17(5): 144-146

METABOLIC interrelations. Nature 165(4205): 880-880

METABOLIC rate and thyroid function following burns. Nutrition Reviews 11(9): 265-268

METABOLIC rate in diabetic acidosis. Nutrition Reviews 12(1): 31-31

METABOLIC rôles of carbohydrate. Lancet 1(6708): 599-600

METABOLIC studies in the adrenogenital syndrome. Nutrition Reviews 9(11): 349-350

METABOLIC studies of cardiovascular tissue in vitro. Nutrition Reviews 8(4): 101-104

METABOLISM and hallucinations. British Medical Journal 1(4958): 102-103

METABOLISM and obesity. Nutrition Reviews 15(6): 164-165

METABOLISM following burns. Nutrition Reviews 13(7): 202-203

METABOLISM in multiple myeloma influenced by ACTH. Nutrition Reviews 12(5): 135-137

METABOLISM of adrenal steroids in man. Nutrition Reviews 13(9): 263-265

METABOLISM of ascorbic acid. Nutrition Reviews 14(6): 184-186

METABOLISM of carotene. Nutrition Reviews 14(5): 157-158

METABOLISM of collagen. Nutrition Reviews 11(3): 82-84

METABOLISM of cortical hormones. Nutrition Reviews 10(11): 341-343

METABOLISM of dietary cholesterol by the liver. Nutrition Reviews 10(6): 174-175

METABOLISM of dietary cholesterol in patients with hypercholesterolemia. Nutrition Reviews 11(8): 231-232

METABOLISM of essential fatty acids. Nutrition Reviews 15(3): 86-87

METABOLISM of fructose in diabetic acidosis. Nutrition Reviews 16(3): 70-71

METABOLISM of fructose in the diabetic. Journal of the American Medical Association 149(12): 1142-1142

METABOLISM of glycerol. Nutrition Reviews 12(4): 122-124

METABOLISM of phospholipids within the cytoplasm of liver cells. Nutrition Reviews 8(5): 147-148

METABOLISM of phytin labeled with P32. Nutrition Reviews 9(4): 111-112

METABOLISM of serum albumin. Nutrition Reviews 17(7): 223-224

METABOLISM of the plasma expanders dextran and polyvinyl. Nutrition Reviews 11(9): 281-284

METABOLISM of thiamine. Nutrition Reviews 13(5): 146-148

METABOLISM of unesterified fatty acids. Nutrition Reviews 17(8): 241-244

METABOLISM of urea. Nutrition Reviews 12(1): 17-19

METABOLISM of vitamin B12 in pernicious anemia. Nutrition Reviews 13(5): 136-138

METABOLISM of vitamin K. Nutrition Reviews 13(4): 125-126

METABOLISM of water and electrolytes in patients with liver disease. Nutrition Reviews 10(5): 130-132

METABOLISM of "B vitamins" in newborn infants. Nutrition Reviews 9(5): 153-155

METABOLITES of vitamin E. Nutrition Reviews 15(5): 147-148

METALS and hair colour. Triangle; the Sandoz Journal of Medical Science 3(1): 39-40

METALS and plastics in intraocular surgery. Lancet 2(7039): 196-197

METASTASIS to the skeleton. Cancer Bulletin 4(5): 112-113

METASTASIS to the skin. Cancer Bulletin 4(5): 116-117

METASTASIZING tumor of sweat glands. Nebraska State Medical Journal 37(6): 193, Passim-193, Passim

METEOROLOGICAL data in ecology. Science 114(2956): 216-217

METEOROLOGY and air pollution. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 41(5 Pt 2): 88-91

METHADONE Army develops perfect substitute for morphine. Delaware Medical Journal 23(1): 20; Passim-20; Passim

METHANTHELINE bromide, banthine bromide (searle); beta-diethylmethylaminoethyl 9-xanthenecarboxylate bromide. Minnesota Medicine 36(12): 1275-1275

METHIONINE and cystine in wound healing in albino rats. Nutrition Reviews 11(4): 124-126

METHIONINE and hepatic cirrhosis. Lancet 270(6923): 617-618

METHIONINE and hyperthyroidism. Nutrition Reviews 17(7): 213-215

METHIONINE and urinary ammonia. Nutrition Reviews 16(4): 105-106

METHIONINE and wound healing. Nutrition Reviews 15(1): 16-17

METHIONINE sulphoxide and hypertension. Nutrition Reviews 16(3): 87-89

METHIONINE toxicity in liver disease. Nutrition Reviews 14(11): 336-337

METHIONINE-cystine need of the weanling pig. Nutrition Reviews 14(10): 301-303

METHITURAL sodium. Journal of the American Medical Association 166(11): 1328-1328

METHOD of taking biopsy tissue for histological examination. Leprosy Review 22(3-4): 83-85

METHODIST Hospital clinical pathological conference, Memphis, Tenn.; arteriosclerotic aneurysm dissecting the wall of the aorta. Journal of the Tennessee State Medical Association. Tennessee State Medical Association 43(11): 417-421

METHODOLOGY of dietary surveys. Nutrition Reviews 9(3): 68-68

METHODOLOGY of planning an integrated health programme for rural areas. World Health Organization Technical Report Series 83: 3-46

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METHODS of teaching. Lancet 1(6751): 135-136

METHONIUM-controlled hypotension in surgery. Journal of the American Medical Association 151(2): 129-129

METHYL alcohol poisoning; an account of the 1951 Atlanta epidemic. Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia 41(2): 48-51

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METHYLPHENIDATE hydrochloride. Journal of the American Medical Association 163(16): 1479-1480

METIER (Modular Ecotoxicity Tests Incorporating Ecological Relevance) for difficult substances--III. Effects of medium renewal and use of a carrier on the bioavailability of parathion. Environmental Pollution 92(1): 97-99

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METRO--the creation of a taxonomy for medical education. Health Information and Libraries Journal 21(4): 211-219

MEWAs: the threat of plan insolvency and other challenges. Issue Brief: 1-12

MF59-adjuvanted vaccines: increased immunogenicity with an optimal safety profile. Expert Review of Vaccines 2(2): 197-203

MFDTool: a software program for designing optimal multifunction displays. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers 35(2): 236-243

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MFI zeolite with small and uniform intracrystal mesopores. Angewandte Chemie 45(45): 7603-7606

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MG7 mimotope-based DNA vaccination for gastric cancer. Expert Review of Vaccines 5(2): 223-231

MGAP-A microbe genome annotation platform. Wei Sheng Wu Xue Bao 43(6): 805-808

MGB probes detect Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus in real time. Hua Xi Kou Qiang Yi Xue Za Zhi 23(1): 26-28

MGED comes of age. Genome Biology 4(12): 351-351

MGMA Board approves pay-for-performance principles. Mgma Connexion 5(5): 20-22

MGMA CEO testifies before Practicing Physicians Advisory Council. Mgma Connexion 3(4): 24-24

MGMA is your advocate. Mgma Connexion 4(3): 5-6

MGMA talks payments, safety. Modern Healthcare 36(43): 14-14

MGMA talks shop. The annual MGMA conference covered everything from cuts in Medicare's physician reimbursements to the adoption of EHRs. Healthcare Informatics 24(1): 18, 20-18, 20

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MHA commited to mental health care. Wmj 103(7): 4-4

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MHC class I+ and class I- HPV16-associated tumours expressing the E7 oncoprotein do not cross-react in immunization/challenge experiments. Folia Biologica 49(6): 230-234

MHC class I-like MILL molecules are beta2-microglobulin-associated, GPI-anchored glycoproteins that do not require TAP for cell surface expression. Journal of Immunology 177(5): 3108-3115

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MI: nurse supervisor had felony convictions: Tendicare home neither tender nor caring. DeZacks v. Tendercare, Inc. Nursing Law's Regan Report 46(4): 3-3

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