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Metalloporphyrin catalyzed biomimetic oxidation potentials: potential uses and applications

, : Metalloporphyrin catalyzed biomimetic oxidation potentials: potential uses and applications. Acta Pharmaceutica Hungarica 73(3): 153-162

Oxidative processes catalysed by metalloporphyrins nowadays are gaining importance in the study of various biological systems. One of the main direction of the investigations with synthetic metalloporphyrin catalysts is the development of systems which are capable of reproducing oxidative processes mediated by hem proteins (such as cytochrome P450, lignin peroxidase, nitric oxide synthesize (NOS), etc.). Another possible application is to develop systems containing metalloporphyrin catalyst, which could selectively oxidize organic compounds or detoxicate polluting agents at industrial level. We proved the benefits of the application of pentafluoride iron porphyrin used in three fields:--in the insect selective cytochrome P450 catalysed metabolism of carbamate insecticides [1],--to verify the natural decomposition path of insect selective cytochrome P450 inhibitors (metabolic pathways of lignin peroxidase) [2],--in modelling the H2O2 dependent NOS catalysed oxidation of the N-hydroxyguanidine based NO donors [3].


PMID: 15112438

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