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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 49814

Chapter 49814 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Oral Surgical Care For The Homebound Patient. New York State Dental Journal 31: 192-194

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Oral administration of a low dose of midazolam (75 microg) as an in vivo probe for CYP3A activity. European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 60(4): 237-246

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Oral administration of geranylgeranylacetone improves survival rate in a rat endotoxin shock model: administration timing and heat shock protein 70 induction. Shock 24(5): 482-487

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Oral administration of glycine in the prevention of restenosis after coronary angioplasty. A double blind placebo controlled randomized feasibility trial evaluating safety and efficacy of glycine in the prevention of restenosis after angioplasty. Acute Cardiac Care 8(1): 58-64

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Oral administration of hypoglycemic factor in brewer's yeast. Polski Tygodnik Lekarski 9(47): 1523-1525

Oral administration of imatinib to P230 BCR/ABL-expressing transgenic mice changes clones with high BCR/ABL complementary DNA expression into those with low expression. International Journal of Hematology 84(4): 346-353

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Oral administration of lactoferrin increases NK cell activity in mice via increased production of IL-18 and type I IFN in the small intestine. Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research 26(7): 489-499

Oral administration of liposomal insulin. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 6(9-10): 2945-2949

Oral administration of melatonin to old ring doves (Streptopelia risoria) increases plasma levels of melatonin and heterophil phagocytic activity. Journals of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 60(1): 44-50

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