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Oral health in adults and the elderly in Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil

, : Oral health in adults and the elderly in Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil. Cadernos de Saude Publica 20(2): 626-631

The aim of this study was to verify the prevalence of dental caries, edentulism, and use of and need for complete dental prostheses in adults and the elderly in Rio Claro, São Paulo State, Brazil. The total sample included 202 subjects, 101 elderly (64 to 75 year-olds) and 101 adults (35 to 44 year-olds), who were examined by four examiners according to who criteria. Edentulism was 74.25% in the elderly and 8.91% in adults, and present teeth rates were 3.19 and 22.10, respectively. In the elderly and adults, DMFT was 31.09 and 22.86, respectively. MT was the major component of the DMFT index in the elderly group (92.64%), as compared to FT in the adult group (57%), followed by MT (40.54%). complete upper and lower dental prostheses were needed by only 1% of the adults; however, 48.5% of the elderly required complete upper prostheses and 45.5% complete lower prostheses. the data suggest that preventive and educational programs are needed for both the elderly group and adults in order for adults to enjoy good oral health when they reach old age.


PMID: 15073645

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