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5-lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase-2 in porcine parasitic bronchopneumonia: immunohistochemical and biochemical investigations

, : 5-lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase-2 in porcine parasitic bronchopneumonia: immunohistochemical and biochemical investigations. Journal of Comparative Pathology 142(2-3): 139-146

Eicosanoids are products of arachidonic acid metabolism and have numerous biological roles. The present study aimed to investigate the role of 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX)- and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2)- dependent enzymatic pathways in the pathogenesis of porcine parasitic bronchopneumonia caused by Metastrongylus spp. Pulmonary tissue samples from healthy control and parasitized pigs were processed for histopathological, immunohistochemical and biochemical investigations. In control animals, immunohistochemistry demonstrated that 5-LOX and COX-2 expression was almost exclusively limited to the bronchiolar epithelial cells. Parasitized pigs had greater 5-LOX- and COX-2- specific immunoreactivity, involving a wide range of cell types within foci of granulomatous and eosinophilic bronchopneumonia. Biochemical investigations demonstrated the presence of 5-LOX (and the related product Leukotriene B(4)) and COX-2 (and the related product prostaglandin E(2); PGE(2)) in all tissues under study. COX-2 activity and PGE(2) concentration were significantly higher in diseased lungs compared with normal healthy controls. These findings demonstrate that 5-LOX and COX-2 are differentially expressed in normal versus lungworm-infected lungs and therefore suggest that both biochemical pathways are likely to be involved in the pathogenesis of porcine parasitic bronchopneumonia.


PMID: 19906385

DOI: 10.1016/j.jcpa.2009.09.004

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