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A fast discrete S-transform for biomedical signal processing

, : A fast discrete S-transform for biomedical signal processing. Conference Proceedings 2008: 2586-2589

Determining the frequency content of a signal is a basic operation in signal and image processing. The S-transform provides both the true frequency and globally referenced phase measurements characteristic of the Fourier transform and also generates local spectra, as does the wavelet transform. Due to this combination, the S-transform has been successfully demonstrated in a variety of biomedical signal and image processing tasks. However, the computational demands of the S-transform have limited its application in medicine to this point in time. This abstract introduces the fast S-transform, a more efficient discrete implementation of the classic S-transform with dramatically reduced computational requirements.


PMID: 19163232

DOI: 10.1109/IEMBS.2008.4649729

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