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A novel endoscopic device for repeated right-side colonic access during colonoscopy (with video)

, : A novel endoscopic device for repeated right-side colonic access during colonoscopy (with video). Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 71(6): 1052-1055

Megachannel is a newly developed colonic access system allowing rapid and multiple passes of the colonoscope to the right side of the colon. The aim of this study was to evaluate the safety and clinical feasibility of placing a 100 cm Megachannel prototype in the right side of the colon. Six centers, international, both surgeons and gastroenterologists performing endoscopy. Patients scheduled for colonoscopy with suspected right-side colonic polypoid lesions were included. The prototype was loaded onto a 160 cm lower GI endoscope and introduced via colonoscopic guidance. The ability to place this device in the right side of the colon. The Megachannel prototype was introduced in 41 patients (19 female, mean age 54 years) undergoing colonoscopy. The cecum was reached in 27 cases (66%) within 18 minutes (range, 3-35 minutes) and with 73 cm (range, 40-100 cm) of the device being inserted into the colon. Mild tissue bruises and mild pain were observed in 5 and 3 patients, respectively. In 14 patients, the device assisted the removal of multiple polyps (2-12) as tissue was repeatedly retrieved through the channel. The device also allowed delivery of an endoscopic US scope or suction caps to the right side of the colon. Prototype performance may differ from the actual product (80 cm in length, redesigned introducer plugs). Small number of patients, difficult in diverticular disease. This newly developed colonic access system can be safely placed in the right side of the colon and is useful for a variety of advanced procedures that require repeated insertion of the colonoscope or delivery of bulky instruments. ( NCT00987896.).


PMID: 20438892

DOI: 10.1016/j.gie.2009.12.059

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