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A pilot study of the effect of intravenous erythropoetin on improvement of visual function in patients with recent indirect traumatic optic neuropathy

, : A pilot study of the effect of intravenous erythropoetin on improvement of visual function in patients with recent indirect traumatic optic neuropathy. Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 252(8): 1309-1313

To evaluate the efficacy of intravenous erythropoietin (EPO) on improvement of visual function and color vision in patients with recent indirect traumatic optic neuropathy (TON). In a case series, 18 eyes of 18 patients with diagnosis of indirect TON with duration of less than 2 weeks underwent 20,000 IU intravenous EPO injections daily for 3 days. Best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and color vision were checked by Ishihara test before, 1, and 3 months after injections. BCVA and color vision were compared before, 1, and 3 months after injections. The mean BCVA improved from a baseline of 2.21 ± 0.97 to 1.48 ± 1.29 and 1.31 ± 1.27 log MAR at months 1 and 3, respectively. The differences were statistically significant (P = 0.001, P < 0.001). Color vision was changed from a baseline 2.24 ± 4.29 to 2.94 ± 4.64 and 3.41 ± 5.09 plates at months 1 and 3, respectively. We observed some qualitative improvement that was, however, statistically insignificant at the time of evaluation. (P = 0.063, P = 0.068). This case series showed noticeable effect of EPO on improvement of visual function in patients with recent indirect TON.


PMID: 24986593

DOI: 10.1007/s00417-014-2691-6

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