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A reliable and safe method of collecting blood samples from implantable central venous catheters for determination of plasma gentamicin concentrations

, : A reliable and safe method of collecting blood samples from implantable central venous catheters for determination of plasma gentamicin concentrations. PharmacoTherapy 31(8): 776-784

To evaluate the extent of agreement between plasma gentamicin concentrations determined from samples collected by using implantable subcutaneous central venous catheters (ports) with the push-pull method and those collected by finger lancet punctures in children with febrile neutropenia. Prospective, randomized study. University-affiliated, tertiary care hospital. Sixty-two children with cancer who had single- or double-lumen ports and who received gentamicin for treatment of febrile neutropenia between February 2008 and October 2009. One blood sample was collected from the port by using the push-pull method at the same time one blood sample was collected by finger lancet puncture for determination of plasma gentamicin concentrations. Forty-four pairs of samples were available for assessment of agreement, and 43 were available for pharmacokinetic analysis. Agreement between plasma gentamicin concentrations determined from blood samples from ports and finger lancet punctures was assessed by the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC), Bland-Altman analysis, and comparison of simulated dosage adjustments. Changes in port patency were monitored for 1 week after port sampling. Differences in simulated dosage adjustments calculated by using either the port or finger lancet puncture samples that differed by greater than 20% were considered clinically significant. Agreement between the 44 finger lancet puncture and port sample pairs was excellent (ICC 0.991, 95% confidence interval 0.984-0.995). Port plasma gentamicin concentrations were 4.7% lower than those concentrations determined in blood from finger lancet punctures. The observed limits of agreement ranged from -20.5% to 11%. Differences in dosage adjustments calculated by using port and finger lancet puncture plasma gentamicin concentrations were not clinically significant in 38 (88%) of 43 cases. No changes in port patency were observed in the week after port sampling. The push-pull method of blood sampling is a reliable and safe option for determining plasma gentamicin concentrations in children with ports.


PMID: 21923604

DOI: 10.1592/phco.31.8.776

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