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A survey of the prevalence of diabetes type 2 amongst schizophrenics in a chronic care treatment facility

, : A survey of the prevalence of diabetes type 2 amongst schizophrenics in a chronic care treatment facility. African Journal of Psychiatry 10(3): 143-146

The determination of the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in a group of patients suffering from schizophrenia who have been hospitalized in a chronic care facility and to consider the role of factors which may contribute to the increased risk of developing diabetes. The hospital files of patients suffering from diabetes type 2 were reviewed and assessments were made in terms of age, gender and body mass index (BMI) duration of stay and co-existing medical conditions. Fasting blood glucose estimations were done on all schizophrenic patients not receiving treatment for diabetes. Medications of patients were recorded. A protocol was prepared and approval to conduct the study was obtained from the hospital authorities. Of 494 schizophrenic patients 19 (3.85%) were found to suffer from diabetes. 68% of patients in the diabetic group were found to be overweight in terms of BMI rating. Only one patient had a medical condition. Proportionately the number of women was relatively high. The prevalence if diabetes type 2 in a group of chronically ill hospitalised patients with schizophrenia is significantly lower than in outpatient populations. Residing in a facility long term may serve as a protective factor. The exclusion of psychological stressors such as isolation, poverty and abandonment may account for the finding.


PMID: 19588034

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