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Alcohol amination with ammonia catalyzed by an acridine-based ruthenium pincer complex: a mechanistic study

, : Alcohol amination with ammonia catalyzed by an acridine-based ruthenium pincer complex: a mechanistic study. Journal of the American Chemical Society 136(16): 5923-5929

The mechanistic course of the amination of alcohols with ammonia catalyzed by a structurally modified congener of Milstein's well-defined acridine-based PNP-pincer Ru complex has been investigated both experimentally and by DFT calculations. Several key Ru intermediates have been isolated and characterized. The detailed analysis of a series of possible catalytic pathways (e.g., with and without metal-ligand cooperation, inner- and outer-sphere mechanisms) leads us to conclude that the most favorable pathway for this catalyst does not require metal-ligand cooperation.


PMID: 24684701

DOI: 10.1021/ja409368a

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