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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 51704

Chapter 51704 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Atomic structure of human adenovirus by cryo-EM reveals interactions among protein networks. Science 329(5995): 1038-1043

Atomic structure of interconnected few-layer graphene domains. Acs Nano 5(8): 6610-6618

Atomic structure of interface states in silicon heterojunction solar cells. Physical Review Letters 110(13): 136803-136803

Atomic structure of misfit dislocations at InAs/GaAs(110). Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter 20(23): 235227-235227

Atomic structure of mutant PPARgamma LBD complexed with 15d-PGJ2: novel modulation mechanism of PPARgamma/RXRalpha function by covalently bound ligands. Febs Letters 583(2): 320-324

Atomic structure of quantum gold nanowires: quantification of the lattice strain. Acs Nano 8(1): 599-606

Atomic structure of recombinant thaumatin II reveals flexible conformations in two residues critical for sweetness and three consecutive glycine residues. Biochimie 106: 33-38

Atomic structure of reduced graphene oxide. Nano Letters 10(4): 1144-1148

Atomic structure of rice dwarf virus particle and its self-assembly mechanism. Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso. Protein, Nucleic Acid, Enzyme 52(10 Suppl): 1075-1081

Atomic structure of salutaridine reductase from the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum). Journal of Biological Chemistry 286(8): 6532-6541

Atomic structure of small and intermediate-size silver nanoclusters. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 112(26): 5834-5838

Atomic structure of the 75 MDa extremophile Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus determined by CryoEM and X-ray crystallography. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110(14): 5504-5509

Atomic structure of the Ag/Ge(111)-(sq.rt.(3) x sq.rt.(3)) surface: From scanning tunneling microscopy observation to theoretical study. Journal of Chemical Physics 131(22): 224705-224705

Atomic structure of the KEOPS complex: an ancient protein kinase-containing molecular machine. Molecular Cell 32(2): 259-275

Atomic structure of the autosomal recessive hypercholesterolemia phosphotyrosine-binding domain in complex with the LDL-receptor tail. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109(18): 6916-6921

Atomic structure of the bacteriochlorophyll c assembly in intact chlorosomes from Chlorobium limicola determined by solid-state NMR. Photosynthesis Research 104(2-3): 221-231

Atomic structure of the cross-beta spine of islet amyloid polypeptide (amylin). Protein Science 17(9): 1467-1474

Atomic structure of the epitaxial BaO/Si(001) interface. Physical Review Letters 102(11): 116101-116101

Atomic structure of the nuclear pore complex targeting domain of a Nup116 homologue from the yeast, Candida glabrata. Proteins 80(8): 2110-2116

Atomic structure of the sweet-tasting protein thaumatin I at pH 8.0 reveals the large disulfide-rich region in domain II to be sensitive to a pH change. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 419(1): 72-76

Atomic structure of the vimentin central α-helical domain and its implications for intermediate filament assembly. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109(34): 13620-5

Atomic structure of vimentin coil 2. Journal of Structural Biology 170(2): 369-376

Atomic structure reveals the unique capsid organization of a dsRNA virus. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106(11): 4225-4230

Atomic structure, energetics, and dynamics of topological solitons in indium chains on Si(111) surfaces. Physical Review Letters 106(2): 026801-026801

Atomic structures and functional implications of the archaeal RecQ-like helicase Hjm. Bmc Structural Biology 9(): 2-2

Atomic structures and gram scale synthesis of three tetrahedral quantum dots. Journal of the American Chemical Society 136(30): 10645-10653

Atomic structures of IAPP (amylin) fusions suggest a mechanism for fibrillation and the role of insulin in the process. Protein Science 18(7): 1521-1530

Atomic structures of the defective SrTiO3 (001) surface. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13(37): 16516-9

Atomic structures of the eukaryotic ribosome. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 37(5): 189-198

Atomic structures of two novel immunoglobulin-like domain pairs in the actin cross-linking protein filamin. Journal of Biological Chemistry 284(37): 25450-8

Atomic structures suggest determinants of transmission barriers in mammalian prion disease. Biochemistry 50(13): 2456-2463

Atomic substitution reveals the structural basis for substrate adenine recognition and removal by adenine DNA glycosylase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106(44): 18497-18502

Atomic surface diffusion on Pt nanoparticles quantified by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. Micron 63: 52-56

Atomic switch: atom/ion movement controlled devices for beyond von-neumann computers. Advanced Materials 24(2): 252-267

Atomic theory and dental art. Revista Odontologica do Parana 70(11): 578-595

Atomic three-body loss as a dynamical three-body interaction. Physical Review Letters 102(4): 040402-040402

Atomic tracers. Canada's Health & Welfare 3(2): 2; Passim-2; Passim

Atomic trajectories in compact cesium-beam clocks. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 37(3): 121-126

Atomic transfiguration. Lancet 372(9651): 1726-1727

Atomic transit and delayed ionization effects on cesium-beam frequency standards. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 34(6): 690-694

Atomic transportation via carbon nanotubes. Nano Letters 9(1): 245-249

Atomic under-coordination fascinated catalytic and magnetic behavior of Pt and Rh nanoclusters. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16(38): 20537-20547

Atomic vapor deposition approach to In2O3 thin films. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 11(9): 8094-8100

Atomic vapor filter for two-dimensional Rayleigh imaging experiments with a narrow-band KrF excimer laser. Applied Optics 35(30): 6054-6061

Atomic vapor quantum memory for a photonic polarization qubit. Optics Express 18(25): 25786-25793

Atomic versus molecular oxygen. Journal of Periodontology 16(4): 147-152

Atomic view of a toxic amyloid small oligomer. Science 335(6073): 1228-1231

Atomic view of calcium-induced clustering of phosphatidylserine in mixed lipid bilayers. Biochemistry 50(12): 2264-2273

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Atomic wavelength reference for a temperature-tunable 1341-nm Nd(3+):YAlO(3) laser. Optics Letters 14(18): 996-998

Atomic weights: not so constant after all. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 405(9): 2755-2761

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Atomic-Resolution TEM Images of Surfaces: The newest electron microscopes that crack the 2-angstrom barrier can resolve atom positions on metal and semiconductor surfaces. Science 230(4723): 304-306

Atomic-Scale Images of the Growth Surface of Ca1-xSrxCuO2 Thin Films. Science 267(5194): 71-73

Atomic-absorption determination of beryllium in geological materials by use of electrothermal atomization. Talanta 25(5): 251-255

Atomic-absorption determination of beryllium in liquid environmental samples. Talanta 23(4): 289-294

Atomic-absorption determination of lead in geological materials. Talanta 21(10): 1025-1034

Atomic-absorption determination of manganese, cobalt and copper in whole blood and serum, with a graphite atomizer. Talanta 22(8): 683-685

Atomic-absorption determination of rhodium in chromite concentrates. Talanta 16(11): 1461-1465

Atomic-absorption methods for analysis of high-purity substances. Talanta 34(1): 147-151

Atomic-absorption spectrochemical analysis for ultratrace elements in geological materials by hydride-forming techniques: Selenium. Talanta 28(3): 169-172

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Atomic-absorption spectrometric determination of metals and silicon in tar-sands fly-ash. Talanta 29(6): 461-465

Atomic-absorption spectrometric determination of trace metals in zirconium and zircaloy by discrete sample nebulization. Talanta 32(8 Pt 1): 641-644

Atomic-absorption spectrometry of laser-nebulized samples. Talanta 23(8): 585-586

Atomic-absorption spectrophotometric determination of antimony, arsenic, bismuth, tellurium, thallium and vanadium in sewage sludge. Talanta 29(8): 675-681

Atomic-absorption spectrophotometric determination of tin by hydride generation in non-aqueous medium after extraction. Talanta 33(5): 458-460

Atomic-absorption spectrophotometric determination of traces of manganese with thenoyltrifluoroacetone. Talanta 24(8): 503-507

Atomic-accuracy prediction of protein loop structures through an RNA-inspired Ansatz. Plos One 8(10): E74830-E74830

Atomic-density-dependent losses in an optical trap. Optics Letters 13(6): 452-454

Atomic-distribution-dependent electrocatalytic activity of Au-Pd bimetallic nanocrystals. Angewandte Chemie 50(38): 8876-8880

Atomic-emission spectrometry with an induction-coupled high-frequency plasma source Comparison with the inert-gas shielded premixed nitrous oxide-acetylene flame for multi-element analysis. Talanta 21(11): 1145-1165

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Atomic-force microscope observation and molecular-scale flattening of the single-crystal surface of 4-dimethylamino-N-methyl-4-stilbazolium tosylate (DAST). Optics Letters 25(15): 1107-1109

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Atomic-force-microscope-compatible near-field scanning microwave microscope with separated excitation and sensing probes. Review of Scientific Instruments 78(6): 063702-063702

Atomic-hydrogen mapping in hot-filament chemical-vapor deposition. Applied Optics 40(6): 765-769

Atomic-layer alignment tuning for giant perpendicular magnetocrystalline anisotropy of 3d transition-metal thin films. Physical Review Letters 110(26): 267206-267206

Atomic-layer electroless deposition: a scalable approach to surface-modified metal powders. Langmuir 30(16): 4820-4829

Atomic-layer resolved magnetic and electronic structure analysis of ni thin film on a Cu(001) surface by diffraction spectroscopy. Physical Review Letters 100(20): 207201-207201

Atomic-layer triangular WSe2 sheets: synthesis and layer-dependent photoluminescence property. Nanotechnology 24(46): 465705-465705

Atomic-layer-deposition oxide nanoglue for sodium ion batteries. Nano Letters 14(1): 139-147

Atomic-layer-deposition-assisted formation of carbon nanoflakes on metal oxides and energy storage application. Small 10(2): 300-307

Atomic-level 2-dimensional chemical mapping and imaging of individual dopants in a phosphor crystal. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15(27): 11420-6

Atomic-level Pd-Au alloying and controllable hydrogen-absorption properties in size-controlled nanoparticles synthesized by hydrogen reduction. Chemical Communications: 4806-4808

Atomic-level Pd-Pt alloying and largely enhanced hydrogen-storage capacity in bimetallic nanoparticles reconstructed from core/shell structure by a process of hydrogen absorption/desorption. Journal of the American Chemical Society 132(16): 5576-5577

Atomic-level alloying and de-alloying in doped gold nanoparticles. Chemistry 19(13): 4238-4243

Atomic-level characterization of the activation mechanism of SERCA by calcium. Plos One 6(10): E26936-E26936

Atomic-level characterization of the ensemble of the Aβ(1-42) monomer in water using unbiased molecular dynamics simulations and spectral algorithms. Journal of Molecular Biology 405(2): 570-583

Atomic-level characterization of the structural dynamics of proteins. Science 330(6002): 341-346

Atomic-level control of the domain wall velocity in ultrathin magnets by tuning of exchange interactions. Physical Review Letters 103(13): 137202-137202

Atomic-level elucidation of the initial stages of self-assembled monolayer metallization and nanoparticle formation. Chemistry 16(41): 12381-6

Atomic-level functional model of dengue virus Envelope protein infectivity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110(46): 18662-7

Atomic-level imaging of Mo-V-O complex oxide phase intergrowth, grain boundaries, and defects using HAADF-STEM. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107(14): 6152-6157

Atomic-level investigations on the amyloid-β dimerization process and its driving forces in water. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14(5): 1573-1575

Atomic-level mapping of antibody epitopes on a GPCR. Journal of the American Chemical Society 131(20): 6952-6954

Atomic-level structure characterization of an ultrafast folding mini-protein denatured state. Plos One 7(7): E41301-E41301

Atomic-level study of a thickness-dependent phase change in gold thin films heated by an ultrafast laser. Applied Optics 51(24): 5946-5951

Atomic-level study of adsorption, conformational change, and dimerization of an α-helical peptide at graphene surface. Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 115(32): 9813-9822

Atomic-nitrogen production in a radio-frequency plasma source. Optics Letters 18(21): 1843-1845

Atomic-resolution STEM in the aberration-corrected JEOL JEM2200FS. Microscopy and Microanalysis 14(1): 104-112

Atomic-resolution electrochemistry with the atomic force microscope: copper deposition on gold. Science 251(4990): 183-186

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Atomic-resolution imaging in liquid by frequency modulation atomic force microscopy using small cantilevers with megahertz-order resonance frequencies. Nanotechnology 23(13): 135706-135706

Atomic-resolution imaging of size-selected platinum clusters on TiO(2)(110) surfaces. Journal of Chemical Physics 131(16): 164707-164707

Atomic-resolution imaging of spin-state superlattices in nanopockets within cobaltite thin films. Nano Letters 11(3): 973-976

Atomic-resolution imaging of the nanoscale origin of toughness in rare-earth doped SiC. Nano Letters 8(9): 2935-2939

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Atomic-resolution simulations predict a transition state for vesicle fusion defined by contact of a few lipid tails. Plos Computational Biology 6(6): E1000829-E1000829

Atomic-resolution spectroscopic imaging of ensembles of nanocatalyst particles across the life of a fuel cell. Nano Letters 12(1): 490-497

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Atomic-resolution structure of reduced cyanobacterial cytochrome c6 with an unusual sequence insertion. Febs Journal 276(16): 4426-4436

Atomic-resolution structures of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase with NAD(+) and fluoroalcohols define strained Michaelis complexes. Biochemistry 51(19): 4035-4048

Atomic-resolution three-dimensional force and damping maps of carbon nanotube peapods. Nanotechnology 20(26): 264001-264001

Atomic-resolution three-dimensional structure of HET-s(218-289) amyloid fibrils by solid-state NMR spectroscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society 132(39): 13765-13775

Atomic-resolution three-dimensional structure of amyloid β fibrils bearing the Osaka mutation. Angewandte Chemie 54(1): 331-335

Atomic-scale analysis on the role of molybdenum in iron-catalyzed carbon nanotube growth. Nano Letters 9(11): 3810-3815

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Atomic-scale characterization of aluminum-based multishell nanoparticles created by solid-state synthesis. Small 6(16): 1728-1731

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Atomic-scale compensation phenomena at polar interfaces. Physical Review Letters 105(19): 197602-197602

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Atomic-scale distribution of impurities in CuInSe2-based thin-film solar cells. Ultramicroscopy 111(6): 552-556

Atomic-scale distribution of water molecules at the mica-water interface visualized by three-dimensional scanning force microscopy. Physical Review Letters 104(1): 016101-016101

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