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Barrett's esophagus: prevalence and risk factors in the National Hospital Arzobispo Loayza in Lima-Peru

, : Barrett's esophagus: prevalence and risk factors in the National Hospital Arzobispo Loayza in Lima-Peru. Revista de Gastroenterologia del Peru 30(4): 284-304

Barrett's esophagus (BE)is a condition where squamous epithelium is substituted for glandular type intestinal as consequence gastroesophageal reflux chronic. The BE is a lesion pre malignant (adenocarcinoma ). Factors like age, generous, biliary reflux, antecedent of esophagitis, hiatus hernia, obesity, fatty diet could be risk factors in BE, while Helicobacter pylori could be protect factor. To identify prevalence and risk factors in the development of the BE in the Arzobispo Loayza Hospital during 2004. This was a descriptive, transversal, analytic, case-control study, where group of cases were 30 patients with diagnosis of BE according endoscopic and histologic criteria. 95 subjects formed the control group. The Correspondence Multiple Analysis, Logistic Regression analysis was used and the Odds ratio (OR,95% CI) was calculated. BE prevalence was 0.30% and the Incidence 0.28%. The risk factors found were: age (OR:2.57; IC95%, 1.41-4.69, p0.00), antecedent of esophagitis (OR: 14.61; IC95%, 3.96-55.41, p0.00) spend pork meat cooked fried (OR: 8.67, IC95%, 2.28-32.99; p0.00). Female was a protect factor (OR: 0.23;IC95%; 0.05-1.05; p0.06) considered at 10%. This study found prevalence 0.30% of BE prevalence and the risk factors were: males up 60 years old, antecedent of esophagitis of gastro esophageal reflux, spend pork meat, preference to cook fried food. Female gender is protector factor. En this study, the biliary reflux, obesity, hiatus hernia, Helicobacter pylori weren't identified as risk factors.


PMID: 21263757

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