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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 51767

Chapter 51767 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Beef tapeworm in Filipinos. Hawaii Medical Journal 5: 334-334

Beef texture characterization using internationally established texture vocabularies in ISO5492:1992: differences among four different end-point temperatures in three muscles of Holstein steers. Meat Science 86(2): 422-429

Beef up your discharge planning processes, experts recommend. Hospital Case Management 22(6): 73-76

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Beefed up. Current Biology 19(12): R463-R464

Beefing up biodiversity issues. Current Biology 20(19): R830-R830

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Beefing up security. Health Data Management 16(5): 48-51

Beefing up swine flu info. Modern Healthcare 39(34): 14-14

Beefing up the legal powers of the Care Quality Commission. British Journal of Nursing 23(17): 954-955

Beefy red plaque in the popliteal fossa. Archives of Dermatology 143(10): 1323-1328

Beefy red plaques in the perianal region. JAMA Dermatology 150(4): 447-448

Beeing a Doctor... and continue practicing at 80 years-old. Revista Clinica Espanola 212(1): 46-47

Beekeeping: study of organization, general hazards assessment, pre-assessment of risk for mechanical overload using a new tool for easy application. La Medicina del Lavoro 102(1): 70-88

Been around the block before. American Journal of Sports Medicine 42(11): 2557-2559

Been out of the box lately?. Dentistry Today 28(10): 10-10

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Been there, done that, wrote the blog: the choices and challenges of supporting adolescents and young adults with cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology 28(32): 4842-4849

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Beep tones attenuate pain following Pavlovian conditioning of an endogenous pain control mechanism. Plos One 9(2): E88710-E88710

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Beetroot juice protects against N-nitrosodiethylamine-induced liver injury in rats. Food and Chemical Toxicology 50(6): 2027-2033

Beetroot juice reduces infarct size and improves cardiac function following ischemia-reperfusion injury: Possible involvement of endogenous H2S. Experimental Biology and Medicine 240(5): 669-681

Beetroot juice supplementation does not improve performance of elite 1500-m runners. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 46(12): 2326-2334

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Beetroot supplementation lowers daily systolic blood pressure in older, overweight subjects. Nutrition Research 34(10): 868-875

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Before 1979: African American coachmen, visibility, and representation at Colonial Williamsburg. Public Historian 36(1): 9-35

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