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CYR61 overexpression associated with the development and poor prognosis of ovarian carcinoma

, : CYR61 overexpression associated with the development and poor prognosis of ovarian carcinoma. Medical Oncology 31(8): 117-117

Cysteine-rich 61 (CYR61) has been proven to be an oncogene with potential predictive and prognostic implications in a variety of human cancers. However, the expression pattern of CYR61 and its role in ovarian carcinoma remains largely unknown. In this study, the mRNA and protein levels of CYR61 in normal ovaries and ovarian carcinoma tissues were evaluated using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction, immunohistochemistry, and Western blotting. Compared to normal ovarian tissues, the mRNA and protein levels of CYR61 were significantly higher in ovarian carcinoma tissues. Moreover, receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis, Spearman's rank correlation, Kaplan-Meier plots, and the Cox proportional hazards regression model were used to investigate the potential association of the CYR61 protein with the development of ovarian carcinoma in an ovarian carcinoma cohort. Based on ROC curve analysis, high expression of CYR61 was defined as a tumor in which more than 70 % of cells were positively stained. Based on this cutoff value, high expression of CYR61 was detected in 51.5 % of invasive carcinomas, 35.3 % of borderline tumors, 25.9 % of cystadenomas, and 20 % in the normal ovaries. In ovarian carcinomas, CYR61 overexpression was associated with advanced FIGO stage. Univariate survival analysis on the ovarian carcinoma cohorts showed that overexpression of CYR61 was associated with poor survival of ovarian cancer patients. Multivariate analysis suggested that the protein level of CYR61 was an independent and significant prognostic factor for ovarian carcinoma. Our results suggest that the CYR61 protein is an important and independent biomarker for prognostic implications of ovarian carcinoma.


PMID: 25048722

DOI: 10.1007/s12032-014-0117-2

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