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Candida krusei: biotechnological potentials and concerns about its safety

, : Candida krusei: biotechnological potentials and concerns about its safety. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 58(8): 937-952

Yeasts have a tradition in biotechnological applications, and Saccharomyces species are the most dominating representatives. Among the yeast species, Candida krusei has been isolated from different habitats, and in recent years, it has gained increased interest because of its diverse biotechnological role. It is found in many fermented food items and dairy products and has also been exploited for production of biochemicals and enzymes. However, because of its opportunistic pathogenic nature, it draws scientific attention regarding the safety of its industrial exploitation. Candida krusei generally causes infections in immunocompromised patients, such as those suffering from Human immunodeficiency virus - acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and also in cancer patients. The recent increase in the use of immunosuppressive drugs has increased the chances of C. krusei infections. Candida krusei possesses an intrinsic resistance to many triazole antifungal drugs, especially fluconazole, which is a main drug used in antifungal therapy; therefore, there is serious concern regarding its safe industrial use.


PMID: 22823163

DOI: 10.1139/w2012-077

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