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Chiral separation and quantitation of cetirizine and hydroxyzine by maltodextrin-mediated CE in human plasma: effect of zwitterionic property of cetirizine on enantioseparation

, : Chiral separation and quantitation of cetirizine and hydroxyzine by maltodextrin-mediated CE in human plasma: effect of zwitterionic property of cetirizine on enantioseparation. Electrophoresis 32(6-7): 764-771

In the present study, a very simple CE method for chiral separation and quantitation of zwitterionic cetirizine (CTZ), as the main metabolite of hydroxyzine (HZ), and HZ has been developed. In addition, the effect of zwitterionic property of CTZ on enantioseparation was investigated. Maltodextrin, a linear polysaccharide, as a chiral selector was used and several parameters affecting the separation such as pH of BGE, concentration of chiral selector and applied voltage were studied. The best BGE conditions for CTZ and HZ enantiomers were optimized as 75 mM sodium phosphate solution at pH of 2.0, containing 5% w/v maltodextrin. Results showed that, compared to HZ, pH of BGE was an effective parameter in enantioseparation of CTZ due to the zwitterionic property of CTZ. The linear range of the method was over 30-1200 ng/mL for all enantiomers of CTZ and HZ. The quantification and detection limits (S/N=3) of all enantiomers were 30 and 10 ng/mL, respectively. The method was used to quantitative enantioseparation of CTZ and HZ in spiked human plasma.


PMID: 21328396

DOI: 10.1002/elps.201000607

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