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Cleavage and gastrulation in the Kuruma shrimp Penaeus (Marsupenaeus) japonicus (Bate): a revised cell lineage and identification of a presumptive germ cell marker

, : Cleavage and gastrulation in the Kuruma shrimp Penaeus (Marsupenaeus) japonicus (Bate): a revised cell lineage and identification of a presumptive germ cell marker. Development, Growth & Differentiation 52(8): 677-692

A previous study suggested that mesendoderm (ME) cell arrest occurred at the 64-cell stage and a ring of eight presumptive naupliar mesoderm cells or crown cells surrounded the blastopore in the Kuruma shrimp Penaeus (Marsupenaeus) japonicus. Since this varied from the pattern observed in other penaeoidean shrimp, cleavage and gastrulation was re-examined in P. japonicus using the nucleic acid stain Sytox Green and confocal microscopy. In contrast to the earlier study, cleavage and gastrulation followed the pattern observed in other penaeoidean shrimp. The ME cells arrested at the 32-cell stage, ingressed into the blastocoel, and resumed division after a three cell cycle delay. Nine naupliar mesoderm or crown cells surrounded the blastopore and their descendants invaginated during gastrulation. An intracellular body (ICB) was detected by Sytox Green and SYTO RNASelect staining to be segregated to one ME cell in P. japonicus, as described previously in Penaeus monodon. Staining of the ICB was eliminated by pre-treatment with RNase but not DNase. The ICB was also found in two other penaeoidean shrimp, Penaeus vannamei (Family Penaeidae) and Sicyonia ingentis (Family Sicyoniidae). The results support the hypothesis that the ICB is a germ granule found in the Dendrobranchiata.


PMID: 20874712

DOI: 10.1111/j.1440-169X.2010.01205.x

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