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Developing daisy chain receivers for light-emitting diode illumination adopting the digital multiplex-512 protocol

, : Developing daisy chain receivers for light-emitting diode illumination adopting the digital multiplex-512 protocol. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 13(10): 7092-7096

Protocol for digital multiplex with 512 pieces of information is increasingly adopted in the design of illumination systems. In conventional light-emitting diode systems, the receivers are connected in parallel and each of the receiving units receives all the data from the master dimmer console, but each receiving unit operates by recognizing as its own data that which corresponds to the assigned number of the receiver. Because the serial numbers of illumination devices are transmitted in binary code, synchronization is too complicated to be used properly. In order to improve the protocol of illumination control systems, we propose an algorithm of protocol reception to install and manage the system in a simpler and more convenient way. We propose the systems for controlling the light-emitting diode illumination of simplified receiver slaves adopting the digital multiplex-512 protocol where master console and multiple receiver slaves are connected in a daisy chain fashion. The digital multiplex-512 data packet is received according to the sequence order of their locations from the console, without assigning the sequence number of each channel at the receiving device. The purpose of this paper is to design a simple and small-sized controller for the control systems of lamps and lighting adopting the digital multiplex-512 network.


PMID: 24245199

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