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Echium oil provides no benefit over linseed oil for (n-3) long-chain PUFA biosynthesis in rainbow trout

, : Echium oil provides no benefit over linseed oil for (n-3) long-chain PUFA biosynthesis in rainbow trout. Journal of Nutrition 142(8): 1449-1455

The implementation of alternative lipid sources for use in aquaculture is of considerable interest globally. However, the possible benefit of using stearidonic acid (SDA)-rich fish oil (FO) alternatives has led to scientific confusion. Two hundred and forty rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) were fed 1 of 4 diets (3 replicate tanks/treatment) containing either FO, linseed oil (LO), echium oil, or mixed vegetable oil (72% LO, 23% sunflower oil, and 6% canola oil) as the dietary lipid source (16.5%) for 73 d to investigate the competition and long-chain PUFA (LC-PUFA) biosynthesis between the fatty acid substrates α-linolenic acid (ALA) and SDA. SDA was more efficiently bioconverted to LC-PUFA compared with ALA. However, when the dietary lipid sources were directly compared, the increased provision of C18 PUFA within the LO diet resulted in no significant differences in (n-3) LC-PUFA content compared with fish fed the other diets. This study therefore shows that, rather than the previously speculated substrate competition, the limiting process in the apparent in vivo (n-3) LC-PUFA biosynthesis appears to be substrate availability. Rainbow trout fed the SDA- and ALA-rich dietary lipid sources subsequently had similar significant reductions in (n-3) LC-PUFA compared with fish fed the FO diet, therefore providing no additional dietary benefit on (n-3) LC-PUFA concentrations.


PMID: 22739372

DOI: 10.3945/jn.112.161497

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