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Effect of spent mushroom substrate amendment of vineyard soils on the behavior of fungicides: 1. Adsorption-desorption of penconazole and metalaxyl by soils and subsoils

, : Effect of spent mushroom substrate amendment of vineyard soils on the behavior of fungicides: 1. Adsorption-desorption of penconazole and metalaxyl by soils and subsoils. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 57(20): 9634-9642

The effect of the addition of fresh and composted spent mushroom substrates (F-SMS and C-SMS) to vineyard soils on the adsorption-desorption of penconazole and metalaxyl was studied under laboratory conditions. SMS is a promising agricultural residue as an amendment to increase the soil organic matter (OM) content. It may also modify the behavior of fungicides applied to vineyards. Freundlich Kf adsorption constants of both fungicides by soils and subsoils from three experimental plots unamended and amended in the field ranged between 2.78 and 13.4 (penconazole) and 0.14 and 0.67 (metalaxyl) with scant differences for unamended soil and subsoil. However, Kf values of amended soils were higher than those corresponding to subsoils and generally higher than those of unamended soils (up to 2.3 times for penconazole and 1.3 times for metalaxyl). The influence of SMS treatment (fresh or composted) was observed in the adsorption of the most hydrophobic fungicide penconazole. Simple and multiple correlations between soil and subsoil properties and adsorption constants indicated the influence of the OM on the adsorption of both fungicides, together with the clay, silt, and CaCO(3) content for metalaxyl and the pH for penconazole. The results revealed changes in the adsorption-desorption processes of these fungicides, which could give rise to a decrease in the mobility of metalaxyl (highly water-soluble) and an increase in the retention of penconazole (more hydrophobic). These effects could have an impact on surface and/or groundwater contamination.


PMID: 19795880

DOI: 10.1021/jf902108n

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