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Effects of Fe(II)/H2O2 oxidation on ubiquitin conformers measured by ion mobility-mass spectrometry

, : Effects of Fe(II)/H2O2 oxidation on ubiquitin conformers measured by ion mobility-mass spectrometry. Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 117(1): 164-173

Oxidative modifications can have significant effects on protein structure in solution. Here, the structures and stabilities of oxidized ubiquitin ions electrosprayed from an aqueous solution (pH 2) are studied by ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry (IMS-MS). IMS-MS has proven to be a valuable technique to assess gas phase and in many cases, solution structures. Herein, in vitro oxidation is performed by Fenton chemistry with Fe(II)/hydrogen peroxide. Most molecules in solution remain unmodified, whereas ∼20% of the population belongs to an M+16 Da oxidized species. Ions of low charge states (+7 and +8) show substantial variance in collision cross section distributions between unmodified and oxidized species. Novel and previously reported gaussian conformers are used to model cross section distributions for +7 and +8 oxidized ubiquitin ions, respectively, in order to correlate variances in observed gas-phase distributions to changes in populations of solution states. Based on gaussian modeling, oxidized ions of charge state +7 have an A-state conformation which is more populated for oxidized relative to unmodified ions. Oxidized ubiquitin ions of charge state +8 have a distribution of conformers arising from native-state ubiquitin and higher intensities of A- and U-state conformers relative to unmodified ions. This work provides evidence that incorporation of a single oxygen atom to ubiquitin leads to destabilization of the native state in an acidic solution (pH ∼2) and to unfolding of gas-phase compact structures.


PMID: 23211023

DOI: 10.1021/jp3099544

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