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Effects of Fe2+ concentration on biomass accumulation and energy metabolism in photosynthetic bacteria wastewater treatment

, : Effects of Fe2+ concentration on biomass accumulation and energy metabolism in photosynthetic bacteria wastewater treatment. Bioresource Technology 119: 55-59

Photosynthetic bacteria (PSB) wastewater treatment has the advantage of biomass recovery in together with pollutant removal. The effects of different Fe(2+) concentrations on the biomass accumulation through regulating energy metabolism were investigated in PSB wastewater treatment. Results showed that the optimal Fe(2+) dosage was 20mg/L. Optimal Fe(2+) content could significantly increase the biomass production (4800.9 mg/L) and COD removal (93.4%). Addition of 10-30 mg/L Fe(2+) could shorten the hydraulic retention time of wastewater. Mechanism analyses revealed that different Fe(2+) concentrations had different impacting mechanisms on biomass accumulation. Fe(2+) constituted the dehydrogenase active center, and therefore proper addition of Fe(2+) could improve energy production by up-regulating dehydrogenase activity, which was beneficial for biomass accumulation. With 20mg/L Fe(2+), the dehydrogenase activity and ATP production of PSB were improved by 48.1% and 42.4%, respectively. However, excessive addition of Fe(2+) was harmful for biomass accumulation since the ions inhibited the dehydrogenase activity.


PMID: 22728182

DOI: 10.1016/j.biortech.2012.05.133

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