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Endoscopical features of precancer changes of the stomach in patients with chronic gastric erosions and biliary tract disease

, : Endoscopical features of precancer changes of the stomach in patients with chronic gastric erosions and biliary tract disease. Likars'ka Sprava: 97-106

Frequency of the precancer changes of the stomach, diagnosed by using zoom-endoscopy, NBI, chromoscopy, in the three groups of patients: with gastric erosions and biliary tract diseases, with gastric erosions and duodenal ulcer disease, with gastric erosions and chronic gastritis is compared in the article. It is shown, that patients with gastric erosions and biliary tract diseases are characterized by bigger spreading of precancer changes: atrophy, intestinal metaplasia with predominant smalluently intestine in gastric body, intestine metaplasia in antral part of the stomach is revealed more freq in these category of patients. A strong correlation between endoscopical and morphological methods of investigation was demonstrated.


PMID: 23534277

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