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Formation of PbS materials from lead xanthate precursors

, : Formation of PbS materials from lead xanthate precursors. Dalton Transactions 40(26): 6893-6900

Six lead xanthate adducts Pb(S(2)COR)(2).L [R = Et, (n)Bu, L = bipy, TMEDA (tetramethylethylenediamine), PMDETA (pentamethyldiethylenetriamine)] have been synthesised and the structures of all, save Pb(S(2)COBu(n))(2).TMEDA (4) which is an oil, determined. Pb(S(2)COEt)(2).TMEDA (3) is seven-coordinate at lead through three chelating ligands and one weak intermolecular Pb‥S interaction. Both Pb(S(2)COR)(2).bipy [R = Et (1), (n)Bu (2)] are dimers in which one xanthate is terminal and the other μ(2) bridging at each sulphur, generating an eight-coordinate lead when the bipy donor is included. Both Pb(S(2)COR)(2).PMDETA [R = Et (5), (n)Bu (6)] are seven-coordinate at lead by virtue of two bidentate chelating xanthate ligands and a tridentate PMDETA; there are no intermolecular interactions. Trends in the (207)Pb NMR chemical shifts mirror the changes in the intramolecular coordination number across the series. Pb(S(2)COEt)(2).TMEDA (3) has been used to deposit PbS films on glass, Mo-coated glass and Si by AACVD. Pb(S(2)COEt)(2) also generated PbS nanocubes when decomposed under an autogenerated pressure.


PMID: 21647494

DOI: 10.1039/c1dt10273g

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