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Functional roles for T cell CD40 in infection and autoimmune disease: the role of CD40 in lymphocyte homeostasis

, : Functional roles for T cell CD40 in infection and autoimmune disease: the role of CD40 in lymphocyte homeostasis. Seminars in Immunology 21(5): 283-288

CD40 stimulation on monocytes/macrophages, dendritic cells, and B-lymphocytes has been the subject of much study. It is well recognized that activation of CD40 on antigen presenting cells by its ligand, CD154, expressed on T-lymphocytes, contributes to the pro-inflammatory response necessary for eradication of infection, yet pathological in autoimmunity. However, there is evidence that CD40 is also expressed on T-lymphocytes and can act as a costimulatory molecule. While the exact role of CD40 on CD8 T cells remains controversial, it does appear to contribute to the adaptive immune response against infection. CD40 on CD4 T cells, on the other hand, plays a functional role in the autoimmune disease process. Further dissection of the exact nature and role of CD40 in T cell activation could lead the way to more effective vaccines and novel therapeutics for autoimmune diseases.


PMID: 19539498

DOI: 10.1016/j.smim.2009.05.008

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