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Geometry transformation and alterations of periodically patterned Si nanotemplates by dry oxidation

, : Geometry transformation and alterations of periodically patterned Si nanotemplates by dry oxidation. Nanotechnology 20(1): 015303-015303

We report on the size-dependent transformation and geometrical modifications of periodically patterned Si templates by a combination of dry oxidation and chemical etching. Deep ultraviolet lithography patterned circular holes with diameters varying between 190 nm and 1 microm on Si wafers were oxidized at 1000 degrees C using dry oxygen for various durations, with selected samples chemically etched for oxide removal for additional alterations. An interesting phenomenon of a circular-to-square shape transformation of the holes was observed, which was particularly pronounced in the sub-200 nm regime. We tentatively attribute the change to the surface energy and geometry constraints in nanoscale patterns.


PMID: 19417248

DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/20/1/015303

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