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Impact of biomotor dimensions on efficiency of young judoka

, : Impact of biomotor dimensions on efficiency of young judoka. Collegium Antropologicum 37(1): 87-92

The aim of this research was to identify factors of morphological and basic motor status in young judoka in prediction of fighting efficiency. The subject sample included 57 judoka aged 13 to 15, who have been involved in training process for averagely three years. The sample of predictor variables included a set of 18 variables for assessing anthropometric characteristics and a set of 12 variables for assessing basic motor abilities. Factor analysis was used to analyze the structure of morphological characteristics and basic motor abilities, and within the analysis, varimax rotation of principal components of the intercorrelation matrix was conducted. Morphological status of judoka was defined by four factors: longitudinal dimensionality of the skeleton, subcutaneous fat tissue, transverse dimensionality of the skeleton and body mass and volume. Motor status was defined by the following factors: power and coordination (force regulator) factor, movement frequency (speed regulator) factor, flexibility and balance factor and precision factor. Significant impact of morphological-motor factors on situational efficiency in judoka, i.e. success in competitions (multiple correlation was 0.86), was obtained by regression analysis. The best predictor of competition efficiency in young judoka was the factor which integrates explosive power, coordination and muscle endurance, and which is underlain with a force regulation mechanism. The second most important predictor determining fighting efficiency is the factor of movement frequency which is controlled by a speed regulator mechanism.


PMID: 23697255

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