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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 53752

Chapter 53752 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Improving NADPH availability for natural product biosynthesis in Escherichia coli by metabolic engineering. Metabolic Engineering 12(2): 96-104

Improving NCLEX scores with structured learning assistance. Computers, Informatics, Nursing 26(5 Suppl): 89s-91s

Improving NMR and MRI sensitivity with parahydrogen. Topics in Current Chemistry 338: 75-103

Improving NMR protein structure quality by Rosetta refinement: a molecular replacement study. Proteins 75(1): 147-167

Improving NO(x) cap-and-trade system with adjoint-based emission exchange rates. Environmental Science & Technology 46(21): 11905-11912

Improving Neural Network Prediction Accuracy for PM<sub>10</sub> Individual Air Quality Index Pollution Levels. Environmental Engineering Science 30(12): 725-732

Improving New Zealand's health and safety record. Nursing New Zealand 18(10): 35-35

Improving Non-Cartesian MRI Reconstruction through Discontinuity Subtraction. International Journal of Biomedical Imaging 2006: 87092-87092

Improving North Carolina's health: applying evidence for success. North Carolina Medical Journal 73(6): 509-512

Improving O2 production of WO3 photoanodes with IrO2 in acidic aqueous electrolyte. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16(8): 3623-3631

Improving OR efficiency in a university medical center arthroplastic surgery service. Aorn Journal 92(4): 425-435

Improving OSCE examiner skills in a Malaysian setting. Medical Education 41(5): 517-517

Improving Olympic health services: what are the common health care planning issues?. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 29(6): 623-628

Improving Our Ability to Evaluate Underlying Mechanisms of Behavioral Onset and Other Event Occurrence Outcomes: A Discrete-Time Survival Mediation Model. Evaluation & the Health Professions 38(3): 315-342

Improving Outcomes After Relapse in Ewing's Sarcoma: Analysis of 114 Patients From a Single Institution. Sarcoma 2006: 83548-83548

Improving Outcomes in Adrenocortical Cancer: An Australian Perspective. Annals of Surgical Oncology 22(7): 2309-2316

Improving Outcomes in Advanced Lung Cancer: Maintenance therapy in non-small-cell lung carcinoma. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal 13(1): 3-18

Improving Outcomes in Patients With Sepsis. American Journal of Medical Quality 31(1): 56-63

Improving Outcomes of Liver Transplantation for Polycystic Disease in MELD Era. International Journal of Organ Transplantation Medicine 4(1): 27-29

Improving Outcomes with Surgical Resection and Other Ablative Therapies in HCC. International Journal of Hepatology 2011: 686074-686074

Improving PET imaging for breast cancer using virtual pinhole PET half-ring insert. Physics in Medicine and Biology 58(18): 6407-6427

Improving PET spatial resolution and detectability for prostate cancer imaging. Physics in Medicine and Biology 59(15): 4411-4426

Improving PMTCT uptake and retention services through novel approaches in peer-based family-supported care in the clinic and community: a 3-arm cluster randomized trial (PURE Malawi). Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 67 Suppl 2: S114-S119

Improving POMDP tractability via belief compression and clustering. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics. Part B, Cybernetics 40(1): 125-136

Improving PTSD/substance abuse treatment in the VA: a survey of providers. American Journal on Addictions 19(3): 257-263

Improving PacBio long read accuracy by short read alignment. Plos One 7(10): E46679-E46679

Improving Pain Recognition Through Better Utilisation of Temporal Information. International Conference on Auditory-Visual Speech Processing 2008: 167-172

Improving Palliative care. Interview by Scott D Smith. Minnesota Medicine 91(7): 20-22

Improving Parkinson's disease identification through evolutionary-based feature selection. Conference Proceedings 2011: 7857-7860

Improving Parolees' Participation in Drug Treatment and Other Services through Strengths Case Management. Perspectives 32(1): 38-46

Improving Patient Safety Culture in Primary Care: A Systematic Review. Journal of Patient Safety 12(3): 152-158

Improving Patient Safety through Medical Alert Management: An Automated Decision Tool to Reduce Alert Fatigue. AMIA ... Annual Symposium Proceedings. AMIA Symposium 2010: 417-421

Improving Pb2+ detection using DNAzyme-based fluorescence sensors by pairing fluorescence donors with gold nanoparticles. Biosensors & Bioelectronics 26(5): 2125-2129

Improving Pediatric Adverse Drug Event Reporting through Clinical Pharmacy Services. Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics 16(4): 285-290

Improving Pediatric Outcomes through Intravenous and Oral Medication Standardization. Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics 14(4): 226-235

Improving Pediatric Survival from Resuscitation Events: The Role and Organization of Hospital-based Rapid Response Systems and Code Teams. Current Pediatric Reviews 9(2): 158-174

Improving Peptide identification using empirical scoring systems. Methods in Molecular Biology 1007: 173-182

Improving Performance During Image-Guided Procedures. Journal of Patient Safety 11(4): 230-236

Improving Phrap-based assembly of the rat using "reliable" overlaps. Plos One 3(3): E1836-E1836

Improving Polyp Detection Algorithms for CT Colonography: Pareto Front Approach. Pattern Recognition Letters 31(11): 1461-1469

Improving Population-Specific Allele Frequency Estimates By Adapting Supplemental Data: An Empirical Bayes Approach. Annals of Applied Statistics 1(2): 459-479

Improving Positive Airway Pressure Adherence in Children. Sleep Medicine Clinics 9(2): 219-234

Improving Practice Through Updating our Theoretical Base. International Quarterly of Community Health Education 2(4): 271-279

Improving Practices in US Hospitals to Prevent Venous Thromboembolism: lessons from ENDORSE. American Journal of Medicine 123(12): 1099-1106.E8

Improving Preschool Classroom Processes: Preliminary Findings from a Randomized Trial Implemented in Head Start Settings. Early Childhood Research Quarterly 63(3): 253-255

Improving Preschoolers' Language and Literacy Skills through Web-Mediated Professional Development. Nhsa Dialog 14(4): 316-322

Improving Prevention for Older Immigrants by Providing Lifeworld-Oriented Access Paths. Gesundheitswesen ) 77 Suppl 1: S39-S40

Improving Primary Health Care in Chronic Musculoskeletal Conditions through Digital Media: The PEOPLE Meeting. Jmir Research Protocols 2(1): E13-E13

Improving Probabilities of Correct Interim Decision in Population Enrichment Designs. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics 25(5): 1020-1038

Improving Process Evaluations of Health Behavior Interventions: Learning From the Social Sciences. Evaluation & the Health Professions 38(3): 295-314

Improving Productive and Reproductive Performance of Holstein Dairy Cows through Dry Period Management. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 26(5): 630-637

Improving Quality of Life for Patients with Major Depressive Disorder by Increasing Hope and Positive Expectations with Future Directed Therapy (FDT). Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience 10(3): 12-22

Improving R&D productivity of pharmaceutical companies through public-private partnership: experiences from the Innovative Medicines Initiative. Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research 12(5): 545-548

Improving RBC K transport and hemoglobin-O2 binding by amiloride: A novel therapeutic approach for reversion of angina and myocardial ischemia in coronary heart diseases. Recent Patents on Cardiovascular Drug Discovery 7(3): 221-235

Improving RCA performance: the Cornerstone Award and the power of positive reinforcement. Bmj Quality & Safety 20(11): 974-982

Improving RDS treatment with current drugs. Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine 25(8): 1209-1211

Improving RLRN image splicing detection with the Use of PCA and kernel PCA. Thescientificworldjournal 2014: 606570-606570

Improving RLS diagnosis and severity assessment: polysomnography, actigraphy and RLS-sleep log. Sleep Medicine 8 Suppl 2: S13-S18

Improving RNA-Seq Precision with MapAl. Frontiers in Genetics 3: 28-28

Improving RNA-Seq expression estimates by correcting for fragment bias. Genome Biology 12(3): R22-R22

Improving ROSC with high dose of epinephrine. Are we really?. Resuscitation 83(3): E71; Author Reply E73-E71; Author Reply E73

Improving Reproducibility of Lab-on-a-Chip Sensor with Bismuth Working Electrode for Determining Zn in Serum by Anodic Stripping Voltammetry. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 161(2): B3160-B3166

Improving Response Rates to EGFR-Targeted Therapies for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Candidate Predictive Biomarkers and Combination Treatment with Src Inhibitors. Journal of Oncology 2009: 896407-896407

Improving Response to Foodborne Disease Outbreaks in the United States: Findings of the Foodborne Disease Centers for Outbreak Response Enhancement (FoodCORE), 2010-2012. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice 21(4): E18-E26

Improving Results in Endoscopic DCR. Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery 63(1): 40-44

Improving RhoA-mediated intestinal epithelial permeability by continuous blood purification in patients with severe acute pancreatitis. International Journal of Artificial Organs 36(11): 812-820

Improving Road Safety through Deterrence-Based Initiatives: A review of research. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal 11(1): 29-37

Improving SAR estimations in MRI using subject-specific models. Physics in Medicine and Biology 57(24): 8153-8171

Improving SAR symptoms with levocetirizine: evaluating active and placebo effects in pollen challenge vs. natural exposure studies. Current Medical Research and Opinion 27(1): 107-114

Improving SCA survival. A comprehensive approach to improving SCA outcomes helped raise Ventura County's v-tach/v-fib survival rate above 50%. Ems Magazine 38(12): 44, 46, 48-9

Improving SERS activity of inositol hexaphosphate capped silver nanoparticles: Fe3+ as a switcher. Inorganic Chemistry 53(14): 7227-7232

Improving SNP discovery by base alignment quality. Bioinformatics 27(8): 1157-1158

Improving SNR of RF coils using composite coil elements. Nmr in Biomedicine 22(9): 952-959

Improving SRM assay development: a global comparison between triple quadrupole, ion trap, and higher energy CID peptide fragmentation spectra. Journal of Proteome Research 10(9): 4334-4341

Improving ST-elevation-myocardial infarction care. Circulation. Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes 5(4): 420-422

Improving STD testing behavior among high-risk young adults by offering STD testing at a vocational school. Bmc Public Health 11(): 750-750

Improving Salmonella vector with rec mutation to stabilize the DNA cargoes. Bmc Microbiology 11(): 31-31

Improving Science Teaching. Science 122(3160): 145-148

Improving Scientific Communication. Science 121(3134): 7a-7a

Improving Scientific Research and Writing Skills through Peer Review and Empirical Group Learning. Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education 12(2): 157-165

Improving Scotland's health: time for a fresh approach?. Scottish Medical Journal 57(2): 95-98

Improving Scotland's maternity care. Midwives 17(2): 53-53

Improving Screening Cut-Off Scores for DSM-5 Adolescent Anxiety Disorder Symptom Dimensions with the Screen for Child Anxiety Related Emotional Disorders. Psychiatry Journal 2014: 517527-517527

Improving Search for Evidence-based Practice using Information Extraction. AMIA ... Annual Symposium Proceedings. AMIA Symposium 2010: 937-941

Improving Security for SCADA Sensor Networks with Reputation Systems and Self-Organizing Maps. Sensors 9(11): 9380-9397

Improving Sensor Surface Properties by Chitosan Coating. Biomedizinische Technik. Biomedical Engineering: -

Improving Ship Detection with Polarimetric SAR based on Convolution between Co-polarization Channels. Sensors 9(2): 1221-1236

Improving Si solar cell performance using Mn:ZnSe quantum dot-doped PLMA thin film. Nanoscale Research Letters 8(1): 291-291

Improving Signal Levels in Intravital Multiphoton Microscopy using an Objective Correction Collar. Optics Communications 281(7): 1806-1812

Improving Software Sustainability: Lessons Learned from <i>Profiles in Science.</i>. Archiving 2013: 74-79

Improving Structures for Healthy and Self-Determined Ageing in an Urban District. Gesundheitswesen ) 77 Suppl 1: S122-S123

Improving Students' Evaluation of Informal Arguments. Journal of Experimental Education 77(4): 339-339

Improving T cell responses to modified peptides in tumor vaccines. Immunologic Research 55(1-3): 34-47

Improving T-cell assays for the diagnosis of latent TB infection: potential of a diagnostic test based on IP-10. Plos One 3(8): E2858-E2858

Improving T-cell immunotherapy for melanoma through a mathematically motivated strategy: efficacy in numbers?. Journal of ImmunoTherapy 35(2): 116-124

Improving T-cell therapy for epstein-barr virus lymphoproliferative disorders. Journal of Clinical Oncology 31(1): 5-7

Improving T-cell therapy for relapsed EBV-negative Hodgkin lymphoma by targeting upregulated MAGE-A4. Clinical Cancer Research 17(22): 7058-7066

Improving T2 -weighted imaging at high field through the use of kT -points. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 71(4): 1478-1488

Improving TB diagnosis: difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics 11(3): 241-244

Improving TMD classification using the Delphi technique. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 37(10): 766-770

Improving TNF as a cancer therapeutic: tailor-made TNF fusion proteins with conserved antitumor activity and reduced systemic side effects. Biofactors 35(4): 364-372

Improving TWSTFT short-term stability by network time transfer. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 57(1): 161-167

Improving Thai students' understanding of concepts in protein purification by using Thai and English versions of a simulation program*. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education 35(5): 316-321

Improving The Staining Action Of Iron Haematoxylin. Science 77(1994): 287-287

Improving Training Condition Assessment in Endurance Cyclists: Effects of Ganoderma lucidum and Ophiocordyceps sinensis Dietary Supplementation. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2014: 979613-979613

Improving Trichoderma reesei Cel7B thermostability by targeting the weak spots. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 54(10): 2826-2833

Improving Tumor-to-Tissue CNR of 4D-MRI Using Deformable Image Registration. Practical Radiation Oncology 3(2 Suppl 1): S8-S9

Improving T₁ and T₂ magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents through the conjugation of an esteramide dendrimer to high-water-coordination Gd(III) hydroxypyridinone complexes. Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging 7(1): 95-99

Improving UK trauma care: the NCEPOD trauma report. Anaesthesia 63(11): 1255; Author Reply 1255-6

Improving UV resistance and virulence of Beauveria bassiana by genetic engineering with an exogenous tyrosinase gene. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 109(1): 105-109

Improving VEGFR-2 docking-based screening by pharmacophore postfiltering and similarity search postprocessing. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 51(4): 777-787

Improving Veterans Affairs services by embracing a communitarian model for mental health providers. Psychiatric Services 65(1): 113-115

Improving WHO STEPS Stroke in Brazil. Lancet. Neurology 6(5): 387-8; Author Reply 388-9

Improving Wang-Landau sampling with adaptive windows. Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 78(5 Pt 2): 055701-055701

Improving Water Use Efficiency of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) Using Phosphorous Fertilizers. Springerplus 2: 563-563

Improving Web image search by bag-based reranking. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 20(11): 3280-3290

Improving Well-being and Health for People with Dementia (WHELD): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Trials 15(): 284-284

Improving Wound Healing with Topical Gene Therapy. Advances in Wound Care 1(5): 218-223

Improving Written Communication Through Perspective-taking. Language and Cognitive Processes 8(3): 311-334

Improving Written Sign-Outs Through Education and Structured Audit: The UPDATED Approach. Journal of Graduate Medical Education 5(2): 335-336

Improving X!Tandem on peptide identification from mass spectrometry by self-boosted Percolator. Ieee/Acm Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 9(5): 1273-1280

Improving Yank Hospitals. Journal of the National Medical Association 11(3): 112-112

Improving Youth Mental Health through Family-Based Prevention In Family Homeless Shelters. Children and Youth Services Review 44: 243-248

Improving Zernike moments comparison for optimal similarity and rotation angle retrieval. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 31(4): 627-636

Improving a CAD system using bilateral information. Conference Proceedings 2010: 5054-5057

Improving a Complement-fixation Test for Equine Herpesvirus Type-1 by Pretreating Sera with Potassium Periodate to Reduce Non-specific Hemolysis. Journal of Equine Science 24(4): 71-74

Improving a consensus approach for protein structure selection by removing redundancy. Ieee/Acm Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 8(6): 1708-1715

Improving a designed photocontrolled DNA-binding protein. Biochemistry 50(7): 1226-1237

Improving a gold standard: treating human relevance judgments of MEDLINE document pairs. Bmc Bioinformatics 12 Suppl 3: S5-S5

Improving a grief and loss program: caring for patients, families, and staff. Omega 67(1-2): 233-239

Improving a high-resolution fiber-optic interferometer through deposition of a TiO2 reflective coating by simple dip-coating. Review of Scientific Instruments 80(11): 115104-115104

Improving a hospital's supply chain through lean management. Revista de Calidad Asistencial 28(6): 337-344

Improving a mother to child HIV transmission programme through health system redesign: quality improvement, protocol adjustment and resource addition. Plos One 5(11): E13891-E13891

Improving a natural CaMKII inhibitor by random and rational design. Plos One 6(10): E25245-E25245

Improving a natural enzyme activity through incorporation of unnatural amino acids. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133(2): 326-333

Improving a newly developed patient-reported outcome for thyroid patients, using cognitive interviewing. Quality of Life Research 17(7): 1009-1017

Improving a patient appointment call center at Mayo Clinic. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance 26(8): 714-728

Improving a regional outreach program in a large health system using geographic information systems. Wmj 111(3): 134-137

Improving a workstation in an existing cab by means of a participatory approach: the case of subway operators' workstations. Work 33(3): 355-361

Improving abdomen tumor low-dose CT images using a fast dictionary learning based processing. Physics in Medicine and Biology 58(16): 5803-5820

Improving abdomen tumor low-dose CT images using dictionary learning based patch processing and unsharp filtering. Conference Proceedings 2013: 4014-4017

Improving abdominal aortic aneurysm screening with an electronic clinical reminder. American Journal of Medicine 123(10): 899-901

Improving abdominoplasty results: reconstruction of the linea alba sulcus by direct fat excision. Aesthetic Surgery Journal 26(6): 682-686

Improving ability measurement in surveys by following the principles of IRT: The Wordsum vocabulary test in the General Social Survey. Social Science Research 41(5): 1003-1016

Improving abiotic reducing ability of hydrothermal biochar by low temperature oxidation under air. Bioresource Technology 172: 212-218

Improving ablation strategies for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. Expert Review of Medical Devices 11(1): 77-88

Improving abnormal hemorheological parameters in ApoE-/- mice by Ilex kudingcha total saponins. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation 42(1): 29-36

Improving aboriginal health: How can health care professionals contribute?. Canadian Family Physician Medecin de Famille Canadien 55(4): 334-339

Improving abortion access in Canada. Health Care Analysis 18(1): 17-34

Improving abstinence in comorbid substance disorder in a mental health unit. Australasian Psychiatry 20(4): 356-357

Improving academic achievement: can a Response-to-Intervention (RTI) model help?. American Annals of the Deaf 153(4): 347-348

Improving academic leadership and oversight in large industry-sponsored clinical trials: the ARO-CRO model. Blood 117(7): 2089-2092

Improving academic self-efficacy, school connectedness, and identity in struggling middle school girls: a preliminary study of the REAL girls program. Health Education & Behavior 42(1): 117-126

Improving academics through better school health practices. Nasn School Nurse 25(5): 226-228

Improving acceleration and repeated sprint ability in well-trained adolescent handball players: speed versus sprint interval training. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance 5(2): 152-164

Improving acceptance of naltrexone in community addiction treatment centers: a pilot study. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 35(3): 260-268

Improving access and managing population health through multidisciplinary partnerships. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice 16(6): 544-552

Improving access and quality of care for African Americans with advanced cancer. North Carolina Medical Journal 70(2): 155-158

Improving access and quality of care in a TB control programme. South African Medical Journal 102(11 Pt 1): 837-840

Improving access and satisfaction with spiritual care in the hospice setting. Omega 67(1-2): 97-107

Improving access for anti-tumour necrosis factor-a therapy in inflammatory bowel disease. Medical Journal of Australia 193(9): 556-557

Improving access in borderline therapy for difficult-to-engage patients: a clinical description. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 201(2): 136-142

Improving access in gastroenterology: the single point of entry model for referrals. Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology 27(11): 633-635

Improving access in the U.P.: the care free dental clinic. Journal of the Michigan Dental Association 92(7): 38-40

Improving access through health insurance coverage and safety net expansion: a review of the literature. Policy Brief: 1-6

Improving access to CPD for nurses: the uptake of online provision. British Journal of Community Nursing 18(2): 78-83

Improving access to FDA reviews and documents. JAMA 302(20): 2204; Author Reply 2205-2204; Author Reply 2205

Improving access to GPs will help reduce pressure on emergency departments, says NHS. Bmj 347: F7642-F7642

Improving access to HCV treatment: external jugular venepuncture can overcome problems with difficult venous access. International Journal on Drug Policy 18(5): 433-436

Improving access to Medicaid dental benefits. Ncsl Legisbrief 22(8): 1-2

Improving access to Mental Health Review Tribunals. Mental Health Today: 27-29

Improving access to VA care. Journal of General Internal Medicine 26 Suppl 2: 621-622

Improving access to acute mental health services in a general hospital. Journal of Mental Health 20(1): 5-14

Improving access to acute stroke therapies: a controlled trial of organised pre-hospital and emergency care. Medical Journal of Australia 189(8): 429-433

Improving access to adequate water and basic sanitation services in Indonesia. Reviews on Environmental Health 27(4): 159-162

Improving access to and outcomes from mental health care in rural Australia. Australian Journal of Rural Health 15(5): 304-312

Improving access to and provision of public health education and training in the UK. Public Health 122(10): 1047-1050

Improving access to and utilization of adolescent preventive health care: the perspectives of adolescents and parents. Journal of Adolescent Health 47(2): 133-142

Improving access to anti-schistosome treatment and care in nonendemic areas of China: lessons from one case of advanced schistosomiasis japonica. Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases 7(1): E1960-E1960

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Improving access to buprenorphine. A managed care company overcomes several obstacles to make this treatment more available. Behavioral Healthcare 27(11): 40-42

Improving access to cancer genetics services in primary care: socio-economic data from North Kirklees. Familial Cancer 6(2): 197-203

Improving access to care. Virtual Mentor 7(7): -

Improving access to care and clinical outcome for pediatric behavioral problems: a randomized trial of a nurse-administered intervention in primary care. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics 31(5): 393-404

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Improving access to care through unrestricted NP practice. American Journal of Nursing 113(6): 11-11

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Improving access to dementia care: development and evaluation of a rural and remote memory clinic. Aging & Mental Health 13(1): 17-30

Improving access to dementia services for people from minority ethnic groups. Current Opinion in Psychiatry 26(4): 409-414

Improving access to dental care for older people. Dental Update 37(5): 297-8, 301-2

Improving access to diabetes care in an inner-city, community-based outpatient health center with a monthly open-access, multistation group visit program. Journal of the National Medical Association 99(12): 1327-1336

Improving access to diagnosis and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing. Chest 132(5): 1418-1420

Improving access to electronic health records for people with intellectual disability: a qualitative study. Australian Journal of Primary Health 19(4): 336-342

Improving access to emergency contraception pills through strengthening service delivery and demand generation: a systematic review of current evidence in low and middle-income countries. Plos One 9(10): E109315-E109315

Improving access to emergency contraception under the Scottish Sexual Health Strategy: can rates of unintended pregnancy be reduced?. Women's Health 9(5): 435-442

Improving access to emergent spinal care through knowledge translation: an ethnographic study. Bmc Health Services Research 14(): 169-169

Improving access to expedited carotid endarterectomy. Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 92(1): 88; Author Reply 88-9

Improving access to eye care: teleophthalmology in Alberta, Canada. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 3(2): 289-296

Improving access to eye health services in rural Timor-Leste. Rural and Remote Health 12(): 2095-2095

Improving access to government health care in rural bangladesh: the voice of older adult women. Health Care for Women International 32(12): 1088-1110

Improving access to hard-to-reach services: a soft entry approach to drug and alcohol services for rural Australian Aboriginal communities. Social Work in Health Care 50(6): 443-465

Improving access to health and social care for people with autism. Nursing Standard 1987) 24(27): 47-56; Quiz 58

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Improving access to health information in rural South Carolina. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 19(2): 484-492

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Improving access to nursing knowledge from the contents of the Journal of the Japan Academy of Nursing Administration and Policies. Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi 65(7): 966-967

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