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Induction of amnesia induced by disturbance of memory consolidation by antagonists of glutamate or serotonin receptors will be suppressed by the protein synthesis inhibitor

, : Induction of amnesia induced by disturbance of memory consolidation by antagonists of glutamate or serotonin receptors will be suppressed by the protein synthesis inhibitor. Rossiiskii Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal Imeni I.M. Sechenova 96(12): 1212-1222

We have previously found two stages of amnesia evoked by disruption of memory reconsolidation with MK-801 (NMDA glutamate receptors antagonists) application in food aversion conditioned snails. Repeated conditioning restored the food aversion at early stage of amnesia development (<10 days), whereas repeated conditioning 10 days after MK-801 application did not restore the food aversion. In present work, amnesia was induced with MK-801/reminding 24 hours after food aversion conditioning, and antiamnestic effects of NMDA receptor glycine site agonist d-cycloserine were studied at early (3rd day) or late (12th day) stages of amnesia development. D-cycloserine injection and reminding restored memory only 3 days after amnesia induction whereas d-cycloserine injection without reminding was ineffective. D-cycloserine injection and reminding as well as repeated learning 12 days after amnesia induction were also ineffective in memory restoration. Thus, for the first time, it is revealed that NMDA receptor agonist d-cycloserine influences the memory restoration processes only at early but not the later stages of amnesia development.


PMID: 21473108

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