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Insights into excitons confined to nanoscale systems: electron-hole interaction, binding energy, and photodissociation

, : Insights into excitons confined to nanoscale systems: electron-hole interaction, binding energy, and photodissociation. Acs Nano 2(3): 523-537

The characteristics of nanoscale excitons--the primary excited states of nanoscale systems like conjugated polymers, molecular aggregates, carbon nanotubes, and nanocrystalline quantum dots--are examined through exploration of model systems. On the basis of a valence bond-type model, an intuition is developed for understanding and comparing nanoscale systems. In particular, electron-hole interactions are examined in detail, showing how and why they affect spectroscopy and properties such as binding energy. The relationship between the bound exciton states and the nanoscale analogue of free carriers (charge-transfer exciton states) is developed. It is shown why the electron and hole act as independent particles in this manifold of states. The outlook for the field is discussed on the basis of the picture developed in the paper, with an emphasis on exciton binding and photodissociation.


PMID: 19206579

DOI: 10.1021/nn700179k

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