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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 54030

Chapter 54030 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Joint inflammation alters gene and protein expression and leads to atrophy in the tibialis anterior muscle in rats. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 90(11): 930-939

Joint inflammation and early degeneration induced by high-force reaching are attenuated by ibuprofen in an animal model of work-related musculoskeletal disorder. Journal of Biomedicine & Biotechnology 2011: 691412-691412

Joint inflammation increases glucosamine levels attained in synovial fluid following oral administration of glucosamine hydrochloride. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 17(2): 228-234

Joint inflammation may point the finger at heart disease. Rheumatoid arthritis and lupus raise the risk of heart attack and stroke. Harvard Heart Letter 18(12): 3-3

Joint influence of individual choices, parenting practices, and physician advice on adolescent obesity, Nebraska, 2008. Preventing Chronic Disease 11(): E175-E175

Joint influence of small-effect genetic variants on human longevity. Aging 2(9): 612-620

Joint influences of Acidic-Mammalian-Chitinase with Interleukin-4 and Toll-like receptor-10 with Interleukin-13 in the genetics of asthma. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology 21(4 Pt 2): E679-E686

Joint influences of aerodynamic flow field and aerodynamic heating of the dome on imaging quality degradation of airborne optical systems. Applied Optics 51(36): 8625-8636

Joint influences of individual and work unit abusive supervision on ethical intentions and behaviors: a moderated mediation model. Journal of Applied Psychology 98(4): 579-592

Joint inhibition of TOR and JNK pathways interacts to extend the lifespan of Brachionus manjavacas (Rotifera). Experimental Gerontology 52: 55-69

Joint injuries of the hand. Der Unfallchirurg 114(7): 558-558

Joint injury and osteoarthritis: soluble mediators in the course and treatment of cartilage pathology. ImmunoTherapy 1(3): 435-445

Joint injury and post-traumatic arthritis. Hss Journal 8(1): 23-25

Joint instability and cartilage compression in a mouse model of posttraumatic osteoarthritis. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 32(2): 318-323

Joint intensity inhomogeneity correction for whole-body MR data. Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention 16(Pt 1): 106-113

Joint intensity-and-point based registration of free-hand B-mode ultrasound and MRI of the carotid artery. Medical Physics 41(5): 052904-052904

Joint interim report of basic nursing support points : of successes, hopes and national insurance as cooperating partners. Pflege Zeitschrift 63(8): 454-455

Joint international efforts to combat a still-deadly disease: the next generation. Gastric Cancer 12(1): 2-2

Joint interpretation of AER/FGF and ZPA/SHH over time and space underlies hairy2 expression in the chick limb. Biology Open 1(11): 1102-1110

Joint intra-individual variability simulation based on UCM hypothesis. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 16 Suppl 1: 75-77

Joint investigation of working conditions, environmental and system performance at recycling centres--development of instruments and their usage. Applied Ergonomics 41(3): 336-346

Joint involvement associated with inflammatory bowel disease. Digestive Diseases 27(4): 511-515

Joint involvement in inflammatory bowel disease: managing inflammation outside the digestive system. Expert Review of Gastroenterology & Hepatology 4(1): 81-89

Joint involvement in patients with early polymyalgia rheumatica using high-resolution ultrasound and its contribution to the EULAR/ACR 2012 classification criteria for polymyalgia rheumatica. Journal of Rheumatology 41(4): 730-734

Joint involvement in primary Sjögren's syndrome: an ultrasound "target area approach to arthritis". Biomed Research International 2013(): 640265-640265

Joint iris boundary detection and fit: a real-time method for accurate pupil tracking. Biomedical Optics Express 5(8): 2458-2470

Joint irresolution. Science 174(4012): 930-931

Joint issues--conflicts of interest, the ASR hip and suggestions for managing surgical conflicts of interest. Bmc Medical Ethics 15(): 63-63

Joint kinematics after thumb carpometacarpal joint reconstruction: an in vitro comparison of various constructs. Journal of Hand Surgery 32(5): 688-696

Joint kinematics and kinetics during walking and running in 32 patients with hip dysplasia 1 year after periacetabular osteotomy. Acta Orthopaedica 85(6): 592-599

Joint kinematics estimate using wearable inertial and magnetic sensing modules. Gait & Posture 28(4): 588-595

Joint kinematics following bi-compartmental knee replacement during daily life motor tasks. Gait & Posture 36(3): 454-460

Joint kinetic response during unexpectedly reduced plantar flexor torque provided by a robotic ankle exoskeleton during walking. Journal of Biomechanics 43(7): 1401-1407

Joint kinetics and muscle activity while walking on ballast. Human Factors 52(5): 560-573

Joint kinetics during Tai Chi gait and normal walking gait in young and elderly Tai Chi Chuan practitioners. Clinical Biomechanics 23(6): 787-795

Joint kinetics in rearfoot versus forefoot running: implications of switching technique. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 46(8): 1578-1587

Joint latent class models for longitudinal and time-to-event data: a review. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 23(1): 74-90

Joint lavage associated with triamcinolone hexacetonide injection in knee osteoarthritis: a randomized double-blind controlled study. Clinical Rheumatology 29(11): 1311-1315

Joint lavage for osteoarthritis of the knee. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (): Cd007320-Cd007320

Joint laxity and hypermobility in adults at an industrial area of Karachi. Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons--Pakistan 20(11): 753-756

Joint laxity is related to lower extremity energetics during a drop jump landing. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 42(4): 771-780

Joint laxity negatively correlates with lumbar disc degeneration in young adults. Spine 38(24): E1541-7

Joint learning for single-image super-resolution via a coupled constraint. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 21(2): 469-480

Joint learning of appearance and transformation for predicting brain MR image registration. Information Processing in Medical Imaging 23: 499-510

Joint learning of labels and distance metric. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics. Part B, Cybernetics 40(3): 973-978

Joint learning of ultrasonic backscattering statistical physics and signal confidence primal for characterizing atherosclerotic plaques using intravascular ultrasound. Medical Image Analysis 18(1): 103-117

Joint leveling for advanced Kienböck's disease. Journal of Hand Surgery 35(12): 1947-1954

Joint line changes after navigation-assisted mobile-bearing TKA. Orthopedics 32(10 Suppl): 35-39

Joint line changes after primary total knee arthroplasty: navigated versus non-navigated. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy 21(10): 2355-2362

Joint line changes in cruciate-retaining versus posterior-stabilized computer-navigated total knee arthroplasty. Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery 133(6): 853-859

Joint line elevation in revision TKA leads to increased patellofemoral contact forces. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 28(1): 1-5

Joint line position in revision total knee arthroplasty: the role of posterior femoral off-set stems. Knee 20(6): 447-450

Joint line reconstruction in medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: development and validation of a measurement method. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy 21(11): 2468-2473

Joint line restoration in a contemporary revision knee system. Journal of Knee Surgery 28(1): 75-82

Joint linkage QTL analyses for partial resistance to Phytophthora sojae in soybean using six nested inbred populations with heterogeneous conditions. Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 127(2): 429-444

Joint linkage and association analysis for identification of potentially causal polymorphisms in GAW15 data. Bmc Proceedings 1 Suppl 1: S36-S36

Joint linkage and association analysis with exome sequence data implicates SLC25A40 in hypertriglyceridemia. American Journal of Human Genetics 93(6): 1035-1045

Joint linkage and imprinting analyses of GAW15 rheumatoid arthritis and gene expression data. Bmc Proceedings 1 Suppl 1(): S53-S53

Joint linkage and segregation analysis under multiallelic trait inheritance: simplifying interpretations for complex traits. Genetic Epidemiology 34(4): 344-353

Joint linkage-linkage disequilibrium mapping is a powerful approach to detecting quantitative trait loci underlying drought tolerance in maize. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107(45): 19585-19590

Joint loading decreased by inexpensive and minimalist footwear in elderly women with knee osteoarthritis during stair descent. Arthritis Care & Research 64(3): 368-374

Joint loading modality: its application to bone formation and fracture healing. British Journal of Sports Medicine 42(7): 556-560

Joint loads in marsupial ankles reflect habitual bipedalism versus quadrupedalism. Plos One 8(3): E58811-E58811

Joint local and global consistency on interdocument and interword relationships for co-clustering. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 45(1): 15-28

Joint logbook of the GeSRU, DGU, and BDU for "Urological Continuing Education": a milestone for urological continuing education in Germany. Der Urologe. Ausg. A 47(3): 348-356

Joint longitudinal and survival-cure models in tumour xenograft experiments. Statistics in Medicine 33(18): 3229-3240

Joint loss of PAX2 and PTEN expression in endometrial precancers and cancer. Cancer Research 70(15): 6225-6232

Joint lossless-source and channel coding using ARQ/Go-Back-(N, M) for image transmission. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 12(12): 1610-1617

Joint manifestations in connective tissue diseases. Revue Medicale Suisse 9(377): 542, 544-546, 548

Joint manifolds for data fusion. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 19(10): 2580-2594

Joint manipulation in rehabilitation. British Journal of Physical Medicine 12(3): 62-68

Joint manipulation in the management of lateral epicondylalgia: a clinical commentary. Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy 15(1): 50-56

Joint mapping of mobility and trap density in colloidal quantum dot solids. Acs Nano 7(7): 5757-5762

Joint marketing as a framework for targeting men who have sex with men in China: a pilot intervention study. Aids Education and Prevention 25(2): 102-111

Joint mathematics meetings. Can mathematics map the way toward less-bizarre elections?. Science 323(5916): 874-874

Joint mathematics meetings. Taking a cue from infinite kinkiness. Science 323(5916): 874-875

Joint mathematics meetings. The joys of longer hangovers. Science 323(5916): 875-875

Joint maximum likelihood estimation of activation and Hemodynamic Response Function for fMRI. Medical Image Analysis 18(5): 711-724

Joint measurability of generalized measurements implies classicality. Physical Review Letters 113(16): 160403-160403

Joint measurability, Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering, and Bell nonlocality. Physical Review Letters 113(16): 160402-160402

Joint measurement. American Journal of Occupational Therapy 2(1): 13; Passim-13; Passim

Joint mechanics measurement using magnetic resonance imaging. Topics in Magnetic Resonance Imaging 21(5): 325-334

Joint medicine-information and pharmacovigilance services could improve detection and communication about drug-safety problems. Drug, Healthcare and Patient Safety 6(): 89-92

Joint meeting at vancouver. British Medical Journal 4(5840): 568-568

Joint meeting in karachi. British Medical Journal 1(5480): 122-122

Joint meeting of the Experimental Contact Dermatitis Research Group and the American Contact Dermatitis Society in Baltimore, MD, September 28 to 30, 2006. Dermatitis 18(3): 166-177

Joint meeting of the Interdisciplinary European Society for Haemapheresis and Haemotherapy (ESFH) and the Société Fran aise d’Hémaphérèse. Transfusion and Apheresis Science 43(2): 199-199

Joint meeting of the Scottish Institute for Policing Research and the Centre for Forensic Science, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, July 2009. Science & Justice 49(4): 230-235

Joint mitigation of laser phase noise and fiber nonlinearity for polarization-multiplexed QPSK and 16-QAM coherent transmission systems. Optics Express 19(26): B329-B336

Joint mobilization acutely improves landing kinematics in chronic ankle instability. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 45(3): 514-519

Joint mobilization forces and therapist reliability in subjects with knee osteoarthritis. Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy 21(4): 196-206

Joint mobilization improves spatiotemporal postural control and range of motion in those with chronic ankle instability. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 29(3): 326-332

Joint mobilization versus self-exercises for limited glenohumeral joint mobility: randomized controlled study of management of rehabilitation. Clinical Rheumatology 29(12): 1439-1444

Joint mobilization vs massage for chronic mechanical neck pain: a pilot study to assess recruitment strategies and estimate outcome measure variability. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 33(9): 644-651

Joint mobilizing operations on the hip, knee and shoulder for complications following trauma. American Journal of Surgery 74(5): 598-613

Joint model for a diagnostic test without a gold standard in the presence of a dependent terminal event. Statistics in Medicine 33(15): 2554-2566

Joint model of motion and anatomy for PET image reconstruction. Medical Physics 34(12): 4626-4639

Joint model of recurrent events and a terminal event with time-varying coefficients. Biometrical Journal. Biometrische Zeitschrift 56(2): 183-197

Joint model with latent state for longitudinal and multistate data. Biostatistics 12(4): 723-736

Joint model-pixel segmentation with pose-invariant deformable graph-priors. Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention 16(Pt 3): 267-274

Joint modeling and registration of cell populations in cohorts of high-dimensional flow cytometric data. Plos One 9(7): E100334-E100334

Joint modeling approach for semicompeting risks data with missing nonterminal event status. Lifetime Data Analysis 20(4): 563-583

Joint modeling compliance and outcome for causal analysis in longitudinal studies. Statistics in Medicine 33(20): 3453-3465

Joint modeling for cognitive trajectory and risk of dementia in the presence of death. Biometrics 66(1): 294-300

Joint modeling longitudinal semi-continuous data and survival, with application to longitudinal medical cost data. Statistics in Medicine 28(6): 972-986

Joint modeling of ChIP-seq data via a Markov random field model. Biostatistics 15(2): 296-310

Joint modeling of HIV data in multicenter observational studies: A comparison among different approaches. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 25(6): 2472-2487

Joint modeling of anatomical and functional connectivity for population studies. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 31(2): 164-182

Joint modeling of clinical efficacy and safety with an application to diabetes studies. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics 23(5): 1155-1171

Joint modeling of dizziness, drowsiness, and dropout associated with pregabalin and placebo treatment of generalized anxiety disorder. Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics 36(6): 565-584

Joint modeling of imaging and genetics. Information Processing in Medical Imaging 23: 766-777

Joint modeling of intercourse behavior and human fecundability using structural equation models. Biostatistics 11(3): 559-571

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Joint modeling of longitudinal and survival data with missing and left-censored time-varying covariates. Statistics in Medicine 33(26): 4560-4576

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Joint modeling of longitudinal data and informative dropout time in the presence of multiple changepoints. Statistics in Medicine 30(6): 611-626

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Joint modeling of longitudinal ordinal data and competing risks survival times and analysis of the NINDS rt-PA stroke trial. Statistics in Medicine 29(5): 546-557

Joint modeling of medical cost and survival in complex sample surveys. Statistics in Medicine 32(9): 1509-1523

Joint modeling of missing data due to non-participation and death in longitudinal aging studies. Statistics in Medicine 29(21): 2260-2268

Joint modeling of multiple longitudinal patient-reported outcomes and survival. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics 21(5): 971-991

Joint modeling of multiple social networks to elucidate primate social dynamics: I. maximum entropy principle and network-based interactions. Plos One 8(2): E51903-E51903

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Joint modeling of outcome, observation time, and missingness. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics 21(2): 252-262

Joint modeling of parentally reported and physician-confirmed wheeze identifies children with persistent troublesome wheezing. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 132(3): 575-583.E12

Joint modeling of performance and subjective reporting to assess sensitivity to drug-induced sleepiness. Statistics in Medicine 29(21): 2246-2259

Joint modeling of progression-free survival and death in advanced cancer clinical trials. Statistics in Medicine 29(16): 1724-1734

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Joint modeling of self-rated health and changes in physical functioning. Journal of the American Statistical Association 104(487): 912-912

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Joint modeling of success and treatment discontinuation in in vitro fertilization programs: a retrospective cohort study. Bmc Pregnancy and Childbirth 12(): 77-77

Joint modeling of survival and longitudinal non-survival data: current methods and issues. Report of the DIA Bayesian joint modeling working group. Statistics in Medicine 34(14): 2181-2195

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Joint modelling compared with two stage methods for analysing longitudinal data and prospective outcomes: A simulation study of childhood growth and BP. Statistical Methods in Medical Research: -

Joint modelling of confounding factors and prominent genetic regulators provides increased accuracy in genetical genomics studies. Plos Computational Biology 8(1): E1002330-E1002330

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Joint models for predicting transplant-related mortality from quality of life data. Quality of Life Research 24(1): 31-39

Joint molecule resolution requires the redundant activities of MUS-81 and XPF-1 during Caenorhabditis elegans meiosis. Plos Genetics 9(7): E1003582-E1003582

Joint moment contributions to swing knee extension acceleration during gait in children with spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Journal of Biomechanics 43(5): 893-899

Joint moment contributions to swing knee extension acceleration during gait in individuals with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. Gait & Posture 33(1): 66-70

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Joint opening and closing plenary sessions reflect on the continued need for new treatments and the hurdles that must be overcome in order for a drug to reach clinical trials. Introduction. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis & Frontotemporal Degeneration 15 Suppl 1: Iii-Iii

Joint optimization of a partially coherent Gaussian beam for free-space optical communication over turbulent channels with pointing errors. Optics Letters 38(3): 350-352

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Joint optimization of phase diversity and adaptive optics: demonstration of potential. Applied Optics 51(1): 102-113

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Joint optimization toward effective and efficient image search. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 43(6): 2216-2227

Joint optimization: Merging a new culture with a new physical environment. Journal of Nursing Administration 39(4): 156-159

Joint or clinical chairs in nursing: from cup of plenty to poisoned chalice?. Journal of Advanced Nursing 66(11): 2592-2599

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Joint position affects muscle proton diffusion: Evaluation with a 3-T MR system. Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 194(2): W208-W211

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Joint position sense and vibratory perception sense in patients with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type III (hypermobility type). Clinical Rheumatology 29(3): 289-295

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Joint position statement by “Sociedad Española de Patología Digestiva” (Spanish Society of Gastroenterology) and “Sociedad Española de Farmacología” (Spanish Society of Pharmacology) on biosimilar therapy for inflammatory bowel disease. Revista Espanola de Enfermedades Digestivas 105(1): 37-43

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Joint position statement of the Mexican College of Orthopedics and Traumatology: prophylaxis for venous thromboembolic disease in high-risk orthopedic surgery. Acta Ortopedica Mexicana 25(4): 216-222

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