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Morphological and dimensional control via hierarchical assembly of doped oligoaniline single crystals

, : Morphological and dimensional control via hierarchical assembly of doped oligoaniline single crystals. Journal of the American Chemical Society 134(22): 9251-9262

Single crystals of doped aniline oligomers are produced via a simple solution-based self-assembly method. Detailed mechanistic studies reveal that crystals of different morphologies and dimensions can be produced by a "bottom-up" hierarchical assembly where structures such as one-dimensional (1-D) nanofibers can be aggregated into higher order architectures. A large variety of crystalline nanostructures including 1-D nanofibers and nanowires, 2-D nanoribbons and nanosheets, 3-D nanoplates, stacked sheets, nanoflowers, porous networks, hollow spheres, and twisted coils can be obtained by controlling the nucleation of the crystals and the non-covalent interactions between the doped oligomers. These nanoscale crystals exhibit enhanced conductivity compared to their bulk counterparts as well as interesting structure-property relationships such as shape-dependent crystallinity. Furthermore, the morphology and dimension of these structures can be largely rationalized and predicted by monitoring molecule-solvent interactions via absorption studies. Using doped tetraaniline as a model system, the results and strategies presented here provide insight into the general scheme of shape and size control for organic materials.


PMID: 22632379

DOI: 10.1021/ja301061a

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