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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 54480

Chapter 54480 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Moving beyond genome sequencing into personalized genomic medicine: biological and computing challenges. Genome Biology 12(10): 308-308

Moving beyond genome-wide association studies. Circulation. Cardiovascular Genetics 4(1): 91-93

Moving beyond good intentions: making collaborative care a successful reality. American Health & Drug Benefits 3(6): 383-385

Moving beyond guidelines to ensure high-quality cancer care in the United States. Journal of Oncology Practice 8(4): E67-E68

Moving beyond guidelines to improve the quality of care for men with prostate cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology 25(34): 5348-5349

Moving beyond health to flourishing: the effects of yoga teacher training. Thescientificworldjournal 10: 788-795

Moving beyond hunger and nutrition: a systematic review of the evidence linking food insecurity and mental health in developing countries. Ecology of Food and Nutrition 48(4): 263-284

Moving beyond immobilization. Annals of Emergency Medicine 54(2): 153-154

Moving beyond ineffective medication for OAB. Canadian Urological Association Journal 5(3): 206-206

Moving beyond intelligence in the revision of ICD-10: specific cognitive functions in intellectual developmental disorders. World Psychiatry 13(1): 93-94

Moving beyond interferon alfa: investigational drugs for hepatitis C virus infection. Topics in HIV Medicine 18(4): 132-136

Moving beyond mass-based parameters for conductivity analysis of sulfonated polymers. Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 1: 123-148

Moving beyond mass: the unmet need to consider dose metrics in environmental nanotoxicology studies. Environmental Science & Technology 46(20): 10881-2

Moving beyond mean glycemia: 1,5-anhydroglucitol and microvascular complications of diabetes. Clinical Chemistry 60(11): 1359-1361

Moving beyond methods: the need for a diverse programme in climate change research. Ecology Letters 17(1): 125-1e2

Moving beyond methylphenidate and amphetamine: the ethics of a better "smart drug". American Journal of Bioethics 13(7): 43-45

Moving beyond misperceptions: the provision of workplace accommodations. Journal of Social Work in Disability & Rehabilitation 8(3-4): 189-204

Moving beyond misuse and diversion: the urgent need to consider the role of iatrogenic addiction in the current opioid epidemic. American Journal of Public Health 104(11): 2023-2029

Moving beyond moderate therapeutic hypothermia for cardiac arrest. Critical Care Medicine 40(4): 1383-1384

Moving beyond morphology: new insights into the characterization and management of cystic pancreatic lesions. Radiology 272(2): 345-363

Moving beyond mortality: preservation of value, but at what cost?. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 15(8): 783-784

Moving beyond myths of substance use disorders. Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 108(4): 214-215

Moving beyond non-engagement on regulated needle-syringe exchange programs in Australian prisons. Harm Reduction Journal 6(): 7-7

Moving beyond nostalgia and motives: towards a complexity science view of medical professionalism. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 51(4): 599-615

Moving beyond numbers ... the next step forward in improving patient care. Critical Care Medicine 35(3): 960-961

Moving beyond obsolescence: an important role for educational institutions in health human resources needs. Healthcarepapers 9(2): 21-4; Discussion 60-3

Moving beyond obsolete ecological risk assessments. Environmental Science & Technology 44(9): 3211-3212

Moving beyond our EHR phobia. Behavioral Healthcare 27(3): 59-60

Moving beyond our comfort zone. European Heart Journal 34(12): 869-871

Moving beyond parity--mental health and addiction care under the ACA. New England Journal of Medicine 365(11): 973-975

Moving beyond perceptions: internalized stigma in the irritable bowel syndrome. Neurogastroenterology and Motility 26(7): 1026-1035

Moving beyond personnel and process: a case for incorporating outcome measures in the trauma center designation process. Archives of Surgery 143(2): 115-9; Discussion 120

Moving beyond photosynthesis: from carbon source to sink-driven vegetation modeling. New Phytologist 201(4): 1086-1095

Moving beyond policy rhetoric: building a moral community for early psychosis intervention. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 16(7): 621-628

Moving beyond prevalence studies: screening and interventions for children with disabilities in low-income and middle-income countries. Archives of Disease in Childhood 99(9): 840-848

Moving beyond qualitative evaluations of Bayesian models of cognition. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 22(3): 614-628

Moving beyond quality. Trustee 64(6): 29, 1-29, 1

Moving beyond quiet stance: applicability of the inverted pendulum model to stooping and crouching postures. Journal of Biomechanics 47(14): 3574-3579

Moving beyond racial categorization in understanding health disparities. World Health & Population 11(2): 42-42

Moving beyond reactive safety. Occupational Health & Safety 83(9): 24, 26-24, 26

Moving beyond readmission penalties: creating an ideal process to improve transitional care. Journal of Hospital Medicine 8(2): 102-109

Moving beyond relationship and task conflict: toward a process-state perspective. Journal of Applied Psychology 98(4): 559-578

Moving beyond resistance to restraint minimization: a case study of change management in aged care. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing 6(4): 210-218

Moving beyond response criteria: new measures of success in the treatment of sarcomas. Current Treatment Options in Oncology 13(3): 299-305

Moving beyond rhetoric toward respect for human dignity and differences. Nursing Education Perspectives 29(3): 129-129

Moving beyond rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine and prednisone for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Leukemia & Lymphoma 55(11): 2428-2437

Moving beyond rules: the development of a central nervous system multiparameter optimization (CNS MPO) approach to enable alignment of druglike properties. Acs Chemical Neuroscience 1(6): 435-449

Moving beyond safe sex to women-controlled safe sex: a concept analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing 68(8): 1858-1869

Moving beyond safety legislation: research agenda for 2015. International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion 21(4): 303-304

Moving beyond science to protect a mammalian migration corridor. Conservation Biology 28(5): 1142-1150

Moving beyond single user, local virtual environments for rehabilitation. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 145: 263-276

Moving beyond single-modality management of malignant dysphagia. Journal of Supportive Oncology 6(6): 274-275

Moving beyond specialized therapies for borderline personality disorder: the importance of integrated domain-focused treatment. Psychodynamic Psychiatry 40(1): 47-74

Moving beyond speculation: quantifying biases in neighborhood health effects research. Epidemiology 22(1): 40-41

Moving beyond static body composition paradigms to assessments of change, plasticity, and function. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 58(2): 377-379

Moving beyond stigma--are concurrent palliative care and management of pulmonary arterial hypertension irreconcilable or future best practice?. International Journal of Clinical Practice. Supplement: 2-4

Moving beyond supportive care--current status of specific therapies in pediatric acute kidney injury. Pediatric Nephrology 29(2): 173-181

Moving beyond surrogate endpoints in cell therapy trials for heart disease. Stem Cells Translational Medicine 3(1): 2-6

Moving beyond survival as a measure of success: understanding the patient experience of necrotizing soft-tissue infections. Journal of Surgical Research 192(1): 143-149

Moving beyond the American Medical Association. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 57(6): 1117-8; Discussion 1118

Moving beyond the GM debate. Plos Biology 12(6): E1001887-E1001887

Moving beyond the anecdotal. Identifying the need for evidence-based research in hospice and palliative care. Home Healthcare Nurse 26(4): 214-9; Quiz 220-1

Moving beyond the assessment of mortality and severity of diseases in critical patients: we are just getting started... Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva 24(4): 318-319

Moving beyond the banks: hyporheic restoration is fundamental to restoring ecological services and functions of streams. Environmental Science & Technology 44(5): 1521-1525

Moving beyond the basics: teaching the genetics of complex traits. Jaapa 23(5): 65-66

Moving beyond the binary with disordered eating research: a test and extension of objectification theory with bisexual women. Journal of Counseling Psychology 61(1): 50-62

Moving beyond the bookshelves. Journal of the Medical Library Association 101(4): 239-243

Moving beyond the boundary: the emerging role of video-assisted thoracic surgery for bronchoplastic resections. Journal of Thoracic Disease 6(9): 1170-1172

Moving beyond the breast cancer screening debate. Journal of Women's Health 23(8): 629-630

Moving beyond the cambium necrosis hypothesis of post-fire tree mortality: cavitation and deformation of xylem in forest fires. New Phytologist 194(1): 254-263

Moving beyond the cannabis controversy into the world of the cannabinoids. International Review of Psychiatry 21(2): 91-95

Moving beyond the casemix frontier: towards sub-acute and non-acute classification. Abstracts of the 6th International Casemix Conference 2012 (6ICMC2012). Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. June 6-7, 2012. Bmc Health Services Research 12 Suppl 1: I1-8, O1-10, P1-12

Moving beyond the cathedral model for IT development. Bmj 343: D6480-D6480

Moving beyond the diagnosis of vestibulodynia--a holiday wish list. Journal of Sexual Medicine 6(12): 3227-3229

Moving beyond the exit examination. Journal of Nursing Education 51(1): 58-58

Moving beyond the function of the health behaviour: the effect of message frame on behavioural decision-making. Psychology & Health 25(7): 821-838

Moving beyond the gang-drug-violence connection. Drugs 19(6): 442-452

Moving beyond the grass ceiling. Addiction 106(2): 246-7; Discussion 251-2

Moving beyond the hazard ratio in quantifying the between-group difference in survival analysis. Journal of Clinical Oncology 32(22): 2380-2385

Moving beyond the headlines: improving the technical quality of radical prostatectomy. European Urology 65(6): 1020-1022

Moving beyond the hospital. Our annual Group Purchasing Survey shows continued growth, but focus has turned toward post-acute markets, other channels. Modern Healthcare 37(35): S1-5 Following 32

Moving beyond the illusion. Healthcare Philanthropy 41(1): 6, 8-6, 8

Moving beyond the impasse. Catholics should support use of federal funding for needle exchange programs. Health Progress 90(2): 55-57

Moving beyond the impasse: discussing death and dying with African American patients. Obstetrics and Gynecology 117(2 Pt 1): 383-387

Moving beyond the intensive behavior treatment versus eclectic dichotomy: evidence-based and individualized programs for learners with ASD. Behavior Modification 36(3): 270-297

Moving beyond the katrina crisis: from danger to opportunity overview of key lessons learned for better disaster preparedness from the american journal of the medicine sciences third post-katrina anniversary symposium issue. Ochsner Journal 9(2): 60-62

Moving beyond the language barrier: the communication strategies used by international medical graduates in intercultural medical encounters. Patient Education and Counseling 84(1): 98-104

Moving beyond the limitations of the visual analog scale for measuring pain: novel use of the general labeled magnitude scale in a clinical setting. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 93(1): 75-81

Moving beyond the limits of cultural competency training. Medical Education 45(8): 764-766

Moving beyond the medical model to enhance primary care. Population Health Management 15(4): 189-193

Moving beyond the mother-child dyad: exploring the link between maternal sensitivity and siblings' attachment styles. Journal of Genetic Psychology 175(3-4): 287-300

Moving beyond the national lung screening trial: discussing strategies for implementation of lung cancer screening programs. Oncologist 18(8): 941-946

Moving beyond the neutral spine: stabilizing the dancer with lumbar extension dysfunction. Journal of Dance Medicine & Science 13(3): 73-82

Moving beyond the notion of 'self' care. Chronic Illness 6(1): 3-6

Moving beyond the one-size-fits-all formula for breast cancer treatments. Journal of Community and Supportive Oncology 12(8): 301-307

Moving beyond the pain: women's responses to the perinatal period after childhood sexual abuse. Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health 56(5): 488-493

Moving beyond the residential neighborhood to explore social inequalities in exposure to area-level disadvantage: Results from the Interdisciplinary Study on Inequalities in Smoking. Social Science & Medicine 108: 106-114

Moving beyond the salt shaker. Heart & Lung 39(2): 93-93

Moving beyond the side-car syndrome:. New Solutions 7(3): 46-52

Moving beyond the status quo: excellence in prognostication requires both science and art. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 12(5): 607-8; Author Reply 608

Moving beyond the stigma: systematic review of video games and their potential to combat obesity. International Journal of Hypertension 2011: 179124-179124

Moving beyond the stigma: the impression formation benefits of exercise for individuals with a physical disability. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly 24(2): 144-159

Moving beyond the therapeutic relationship: a selective review of intimacy in the sexual health encounter in nursing practice. Journal of Clinical Nursing 22(23-24): 3568-3576

Moving beyond the treatment package approach to developing behavioral interventions: addressing questions that arose during an application of the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST). Translational Behavioral Medicine 4(3): 252-259

Moving beyond the welfare standard of psychological well-being for nonhuman primates: the case of chimpanzees. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 35(2): 105-116

Moving beyond the "1 size fits all" paradigm. Cancer 112(5): 968-970

Moving beyond the "Allegory of the Cave" in the assessment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Journal of Applied Physiology 110(4): 871-872

Moving beyond the "male perpetrator, female victim" discourse in addressing sex and relationships for HIV prevention: peer research in Eastern Zambia. Reproductive Health Matters 21(41): 225-233

Moving beyond the "perpetual novice": understanding the experiences of novice hemodialysis nurses and cannulation of the arteriovenous fistula. Cannt Journal 23(1): 11-18

Moving beyond tight glucose control to safe effective glucose control. Critical Care 12(3): 149-149

Moving beyond traditional measurement of mortality after injury: evaluation of risks for late death. Journal of the American College of Surgeons 210(5): 788-94, 794-6

Moving beyond traditional null hypothesis testing: evaluating expectations directly. Frontiers in Psychology 2: 24-24

Moving beyond translation: glucose-TOR signaling in the transcriptional control of cell cycle. Cell Cycle 12(13): 1989-1990

Moving beyond tyrosine hydroxylase to define dopaminergic neurons for use in cell replacement therapies for Parkinson's disease. Cns & Neurological Disorders Drug Targets 11(4): 340-349

Moving beyond unexplained medical symptoms in DSM-5: great idea, problematic execution. Psychosomatics 52(6): 594-595

Moving beyond warfarin-are we ready? A Review of the efficacy and safety of novel anticoagulant agents compared to warfarin for the management of atrial fibrillation in older adults. Journal of Gerontological Nursing 39(7): 8-17

Moving beyond “me-too” respiratory drugs. Lancet. Respiratory Medicine 2(4): 261-261

Moving beyond "bridges". Jacc. Heart Failure 1(5): 379-381

Moving beyond "good fat, bad fat": the complex roles of dietary lipids in cellular function and health: session abstracts. Advances in Nutrition 3(1): 60-68

Moving beyond "noncompliance". Family Practice Management 14(9): 50-50

Moving beyond "sticks and stones": chronic psychological trauma predicts posttraumatic stress symptoms. Journal of Trauma & Dissociation 15(5): 548-556

Moving beyond "the down low": a critical analysis of terminology guiding HIV prevention efforts for African American men who have secretive sex with men. Social Science & Medicine 68(2): 390-395

Moving biosensors to point-of-care cancer diagnostics. Proceedings of a symposium. June 2005. Biosensors & Bioelectronics 21(10): 1847-1942

Moving blue band caused by cooperation of diffusion and phase separation. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 314(1): 329-333

Moving boldly forward: a history of neuroanesthesia. Bulletin of Anesthesia History 23(2): 15-16

Moving bottom-up science closer to the top. Nature Methods 9(9): 847-847

Moving boundaries--the Nightingale twins and transplantation science. New England Journal of Medicine 366(17): 1564-1565

Moving boundary approximation for curved streamer ionization fronts: solvability analysis. Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 78(5 Pt 2): 056212-056212

Moving boundary problems governed by anomalous diffusion. Proceedings. Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences 468(2147): 3348-3369

Moving boundary problems: advances on several fronts. Science 191(4229): 841-882

Moving branded statins to lowest copay tier improves patient adherence. Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy 20(1): 34-42

Moving breathing pulses in the one-dimensional complex cubic-quintic Ginzburg-Landau equation. Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 80(3 Pt 2): 037202-037202

Moving cages further offshore: effects on southern bluefin tuna, T. maccoyii, parasites, health and performance. Plos One 6(8): E23705-E23705

Moving cancer up the global health agenda. Lancet 375(9731): 2051-2051

Moving care forward: prehospital emergency cardiac systems. Circulation 122(15): 1443-1445

Moving catheter ablation forward from paroxysmal to persistent atrial fibrillation: progress, limitations, and surprises of the SARA trial. European Heart Journal 35(8): 482-484

Moving cationic minerals to edible tissues: potassium, magnesium, calcium. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 12(3): 291-298

Moving cautiously: Public involvement and the health technology assessment community. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care 27(1): 43-49

Moving closer to a prognostic DNA methylation signature in colon cancer. Clinical Cancer Research 17(6): 1215-1217

Moving closer to a public health model of language and learning disabilities: the role of genetics and the search for etiologies. Behavior Genetics 41(1): 1-5

Moving closer to an operational definition for ED crowding. Academic Emergency Medicine 14(4): 382-3; Author Reply 383-4

Moving closer to the lipid raft proteome using quantitative proteomics. Methods in Molecular Biology 528: 189-199

Moving closer to untangling a sweet web: hyperglycemia, diabetic status, and mortality in the critically ill. Critical Care Medicine 38(1): 295-296

Moving coil linear variable differential transformer. Review of Scientific Instruments 49(3): 398-398

Moving coil pressure algometer produces consistent force gradient and repeated stimulation. Conference Proceedings 2012: 6591-6594

Moving comparative effectiveness research into practice: implementation science and the role of academic medicine. Health Affairs 29(10): 1901-1905

Moving contact line of a volatile fluid. Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 88(6): 060404-060404

Moving copper in plants. New Phytologist 192(2): 305-307

Moving corner-cube mirror interferometer and reflection characteristic of corner-cube mirror. Applied Optics 49(21): 4088-4095

Moving countries toward healthier lifestyles. American Journal of Medicine 126(1): 1-2

Moving cultural competency from abstract to act. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 110(5 Suppl): S21-S27

Moving culture beyond ethnicity: examining dying in hospital through a cultural lens. Journal of Palliative Care 25(2): 117-124

Moving cupping at three yang meridians of hand for cervical spondylosis. Zhongguo Zhen Jiu 34(1): 66-66

Moving cupping on abdomen for functional constipation. Zhongguo Zhen Jiu 32(8): 712-712

Moving customer service scores with scripting and managing up techniques. Radiology Management 29(1): 50-53

Moving cystic fibrosis care from rescue to prevention by embedding adherence measurement in routine care. Paediatric Respiratory Reviews 15 Suppl 1: 16-18

Moving data off the shelf and into action: an intervention to improve data-informed decision making in Côte d'Ivoire. Global Health Action 7(): 25035-25035

Moving data to nursing quality excellence. Journal of Nursing Care Quality 26(3): 260-264

Moving day: a case history. Journal of Healthcare Protection Management 28(2): 80-83

Moving dietary management of diabetes forward. JAMA Internal Medicine 173(18): 1692-1693

Moving difference (MDIFF) non-adiabatic rapid sweep (NARS) EPR of copper(II). Journal of Magnetic Resonance 236: 15-25

Moving differently in pain: a new theory to explain the adaptation to pain. Pain 152(3 Suppl): S90-S98

Moving dipoles method detects displacement in N2 and P3 generation in diffuse axonal injury patients. Conference Proceedings 2010: 3265-3268

Moving domain computational fluid dynamics to interface with an embryonic model of cardiac morphogenesis. Plos One 8(8): E72924-E72924

Moving down the funnel: progression through the Doctor of Nursing Practice capstone project. Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing 45(9): 384-385

Moving ear syndrome: the role of botulinum toxin. Movement Disorders 23(1): 122-124

Moving education forward, again!. Plos Computational Biology 9(12): E1003390-E1003390

Moving electronic medical records upstream: incorporating social determinants of health. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 48(2): 215-218

Moving empirically supported practices to addiction treatment programs: recruiting supervisors to help in technology transfer. Substance Use & Misuse 45(6): 968-982

Moving environmental justice indoors: understanding structural influences on residential exposure patterns in low-income communities. American Journal of Public Health 101 Suppl 1(): S238-S245

Moving events in time: time-referent hand-arm movements influence perceived temporal distance to past events. Journal of Experimental Psychology. General 142(2): 319-322

Moving evidence from the literature to the bedside: report from the APIC Research Task Force. American Journal of Infection Control 38(10): 770-777

Moving evidence into practice in the pediatric intensive care unit: how it saved one child's life. AACN Advanced Critical Care 20(4): 328-333

Moving evidence to practice: reflections on a multisite academic-practice partnership. International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare 12(1): 31-38

Moving evidence-based practice forward successfully: commentary on Laska, Gurman, and Wampold. PsychoTherapy 51(4): 491-495

Moving family-centered care forward: Bereaved fathers' perspectives. Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing 15(3): -

Moving fecal microbiota transplantation into the mainstream. Nutrition in Clinical Practice 28(5): 589-598

Moving fiber-optic hydrophone. Optics Letters 5(1): 30-30

Moving fingers associated with Dupuytren's disease: a case report. European Neurology 59(1-2): 96-97

Moving finite-size particles in a flow: a physical example of pitchfork bifurcations of tori. Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 77(2 Pt 2): 026215-026215

Moving flame experiment with liquid mercury: possible implications for the venus atmosphere. Science 163(3862): 71-72

Moving focus in the propagation of ultrashort laser pulses in air. Optics Letters 22(5): 304-306

Moving for medicaid? Recent eligibility expansions did not induce migration from other states. Health Affairs 33(1): 88-94

Moving force of metal particle migration induced by laser irradiation in borosilicate glass. Optics Express 21(16): 18955-18962

Moving forward. Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing 23(2): 75-76

Moving forward. Nursing Forum 44(4): 219-220

Moving forward. Primary Care Companion for Cns Disorders 14(1): -

Moving forward. Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 22(4): 201-202

Moving forward - essential questions for the next 10 years. Headache 49 Suppl 1: S43-S46

Moving forward ... but are services moving forward together. Journal of Intellectual Disabilities 13(2): 83-85

Moving forward a focus on NASN priorities: 2013 annual highlights report. Nasn School Nurse 28(4): 198-202

Moving forward after YODA. Spine Journal 13(9): 995-997

Moving forward by looking back: children's physical activity across the ages. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 33(4): 817-818

Moving forward by looking back: reflecting on a decade of CDC's work in sexual violence prevention, 2000-2010. Journal of Women's Health 21(12): 1211-1218

Moving forward by moving back: re-assessing guidelines for cancer distress screening. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 75(1): 20-22

Moving forward by working backwards: rational physician coding for E/M services. Journal of Medical Practice Management 24(3): 188-191

Moving forward during major goal blockage: situational goal adjustment in women facing infertility. Journal of Behavioral Medicine 34(4): 275-287

Moving forward for the girl child. Indian Journal of Radiology & Imaging 22(2): 135-136

Moving forward from rhBMP-2: open science and data sharing. Spine 39(7): 531-532

Moving forward in HIV-associated cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology 32(9): 876-880

Moving forward in Minnesota. Minnesota Medicine 93(6): 36-37

Moving forward in advanced bladder cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology 25(16): 2162-2163

Moving forward in arthritis care. Nursing Times 108(38): 27-27

Moving forward in bladder cancer detection and diagnosis: the role of epigenetic biomarkers. Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics 12(8): 871-878

Moving forward in clinical trials for ALS: motor neurons lead the way please. Drug Discovery Today 19(4): 441-449

Moving forward in colorectal cancer research, what proteomics has to tell. World Journal of Gastroenterology 13(44): 5813-5821

Moving forward in difficult times. Journal of the Irish Dental Association 54(5): 197-197

Moving forward in global-change ecology: capitalizing on natural variability. Ecology and Evolution 3(1): 170-181

Moving forward in health impact assessment: analysis of the non-health public policies of the Basque Government (Spain) as step prior to systematic screening. Gaceta Sanitaria 26(1): 83-90

Moving forward in human cancer risk assessment. Environmental Health Perspectives 119(6): 739-743

Moving forward in nursing. Nursing Philosophy 15(3): 155-156

Moving forward in ocular pharmacology. Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 28(2): 97-97

Moving forward in public health nutrition--the I World Congress of Public Health Nutrition. Introduction. Nutrition Reviews 67 Suppl 1: S2-S6

Moving forward in sepsis research. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 188(10): 1264-1265

Moving forward in smoking cessation: issues for psychiatric nurses. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association 15(1): 68-72

Moving forward in support of the IOM recommendations. Pain Medicine 13(7): 860-860

Moving forward in tackling antimicrobial resistance: WHO actions. Sexually Transmitted Infections 89 Suppl 4: Iv57-Iv59

Moving forward on advance care planning: a novel web site. Commentary on Sudore et al. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 47(4): 673-673

Moving forward on both systematic reviews and deliberative processes. Healthcare Policy 1(2): 59-63

Moving forward on facilitation research: response to changing environments and effects on the diversity, functioning and evolution of plant communities. Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 90(1): 297-313

Moving forward on gait measurement: toward a more refined approach. Movement Disorders 28(11): 1534-1543

Moving forward on human resources for health: next steps for scaling up toward universal access to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 57 Suppl 2: S113-S115

Moving forward on meaningful use. The ONC's Farzad Mostashari, MD, offers his perspectives on the road ahead. Interview by Mark Hagland. Healthcare Informatics 28(3): 51-52

Moving forward on rationing: an economic view. Bmj 337: A1872-A1872

Moving forward on reproductive health. New England Journal of Medicine 359(18): 1869-1871

Moving forward on women's gender-related HIV vulnerability: the good news, the bad news and what to do about it. Global Public Health 6 Suppl 3: S370-S382

Moving forward one Notch at a time. Journal of Clinical Oncology 30(19): 2291-2293

Moving forward renewed focus. This past year has been a roller-coaster ride for one of the industry's best-known EHR vendors. Can new CEO Paul Black re-stabilize Allscripts in 2013?. Healthcare Informatics 30(4): 40, 42-40, 42

Moving forward through collaboration. British Journal of Nursing 17(20): S3-S3

Moving forward through collaboration, coordination, and communication. Journal of Environmental Health 76(3): 6-7

Moving forward to 2014: global IHR (2005) implementation. Biosecurity and Bioterrorism 11(2): 153-156

Moving forward to improve medication adherence. Patient Education and Counseling 81(2): 145-146

Moving forward to improve the diagnosis and treatment of refractory asthma. Zhonghua Jie He He Hu Xi Za Zhi 33(8): 561-562

Moving forward together: evaluation of an action group involving staff and relatives within a nursing home for older people with dementia. International Journal of Older People Nursing 1(2): 95-104

Moving forward toward environmental excellence:. New Solutions 5(3): 39-50

Moving forward towards implementation science. International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare 12(2): 63-63

Moving forward with Experimental & Clinical Cardiology.... Experimental and Clinical Cardiology 14(1): 2-2

Moving forward with NANDA-I nursing diagnoses with Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) act legislation: news updates. International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications 21(4): 182-185

Moving forward with Terminologia Anatomica. Anatomical Sciences Education 2(3): 93-93

Moving forward with a clear definition of continuing competence. Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing 43(8): 346-51; Quiz 352-3

Moving forward with a new editorial team for Thrombosis and Haemostasis. Thrombosis and Haemostasis 103(1): 1-2

Moving forward with breast cancer prevention. Cancer 109(12): 2387-2391

Moving forward with circulating tumor cells and lung cancer. Journal of Thoracic Disease 4(5): 440-441

Moving forward with clinical IT on multiple fronts. An interview with Asif Ahmad and Kevin Schulman, M.D., Duke University Health System/Duke University. Interview by Mark Hagland. Healthcare Informatics 27(10): 45-47

Moving forward with combat casualty care: the IDF-MC strategic force buildup plan "My Brother's Keeper". Israel Medical Association Journal 16(8): 469-474

Moving forward with effective goals and methods for conservation: a reply to Marvier and Kareiva. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 29(3): 132-133

Moving forward with evidence based indicators and indicator based evidence: a continuing journey. Author's response to Simon et al. (2010). International Journal of Nursing Studies 47(9): 1196-1197

Moving forward with expanding to an "all-RAS mutational analysis" in metastatic colorectal cancer: beyond KRAS mutations. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network 12(2): 299-300

Moving forward with experimental hematology. Experimental Hematology 39(6): 607-607

Moving forward with healthcare prioritisation. New Zealand Medical Journal 123(1326): 103-111

Moving forward with hospital cleaning. American Journal of Infection Control 41(11): 1138-1139

Moving forward with intra-arterial and intravenous stroke treatment. International Journal of Stroke 2(1): 45-46

Moving forward with maternal health and human rights. Lancet 373(9682): 2172-2172

Moving forward with metronomic chemotherapy: meeting report of the 2nd International Workshop on Metronomic and Anti-Angiogenic Chemotherapy in Paediatric Oncology. Translational Oncology 4(4): 203-211

Moving forward with myeloid growth factors. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network 11(10): 1181-1182

Moving forward with new data and approaches: a fresh look at anthracyclines in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Hematology Reports 3(3s): E1-E1

Moving forward with nutrition in Alzheimer's disease. European Journal of Neurology 16 Suppl 1: 19-22

Moving forward with prisms: sensory-motor adaptation improves gait initiation in Parkinson's disease. Frontiers in Neurology 3: 132-132

Moving forward with quality: pay for reporting meets rheumatology. Arthritis and Rheumatism 57(5): 703-704

Moving forward with randomized controlled trials. Research in Gerontological Nursing 2(1): 3-3

Moving forward with reactive oxygen species involvement in antimicrobial lethality. Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 70(3): 639-642

Moving forward with reform. Modern Healthcare 42(1): 28-28

Moving forward with rehabilitation research in critical care*. Critical Care Medicine 41(6): 1589-1590

Moving forward with safety culture. Health Physics 102(4): 463-467

Moving forward with sound technology. Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology 25(10): 1513-1514

Moving forward with strengthening routine immunization delivery as part of measles and rubella elimination activities. Vaccine 31 Suppl 2: B115-B121

Moving forward with the RDC/TMD. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 37(10): 731-733

Moving forward with the medical home: evidence, expectations, and insights from CCNC. North Carolina Medical Journal 70(3): 225-230

Moving forward with wellness incentives under the Affordable Care Act: lessons from Germany. Issue Brief 13: 1-12

Moving forward with workforce development research in public health. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice 15(6 Suppl): S1-S2

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