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News of Science

, : News of Science. Science 127(3305): 1035-1040


PMID: 17793274

DOI: 10.1126/science.127.3305.1035

Other references

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Vinik, P.A., 1958: An automatic line for producing bush and sleeve bearings from laminated wood.. Describes the production line designed for the Perm Plywood Combine, which has a planned output of 250, 000 bushes p.a. (mean wt. of the bushes is 1 kg.) with 2-shift working. Only two workers are needed, apart from a fitter.

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Legendre, Roland, 1958: Investigations on olfaction in Arachnida. The history of investigations on the possibility of a sense of smell in spiders is reviewed. Experiments are described which were carried out on Tegenaria atrica of both sexes. The presence of an olfactory organ is demonstrated. This organ is loca...

Rolland, Y.; Duvauferrier, R.; Bocchialini, E.; Morcet, N.; Rambeau, M.; Lucas, A.; Ramée, A., 1996: Preliminary evaluation of the performance of 3D morphometer and spiral scanner in carotid stenoses. Carotid stenosis evaluation is now possible with 3D Imaging. We prospectively compared the diagnostic value of Spiral CT and 3D Morphometer with conventional intraarterial DSA considered as the gold standard. We studied 19 bifurcations in 10 patie...