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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 54707

Chapter 54707 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Observations on Endemic Cretinism in the Chitral and Gilgit Valleys. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine 2(Med Sect): 1-36

Observations on Endemic Goitre in the Chitral and Gilgit Valleys. Medico-Chirurgical Transactions 89: 437-470

Observations on Enlargement of the Mesenteric Lymph-Glands. Ulster Medical Journal 1(1): 5-21

Observations on Excision of the Knee in Early Life. British Medical Journal 2(1093): 926-928

Observations on Excision of the Rectum for Malignant Disease, Describing a Method of Operation. British Medical Journal 1(1795): 1141-1142

Observations on FRACTURES OF THE NECK OF THE FEMUR. British Medical Journal 1(3670): 781-785

Observations on Fibro-Calcareous Tumours and Polypi of the Uterus. Medico-Chirurgical Transactions 19: 94-418.1

Observations on Fifteen Cases of Haemoglobinuric Fever in British Central Africa. British Medical Journal 1(2091): 204-205

Observations on Flying Sickness, with special Reference to its Diagnosis. Canadian Medical Association Journal 9(10): 883-895

Observations on Focal Tuberculin Hypersensitiveness in an Infected Organ Previous to a General Sensitization. American Journal of Pathology 1(5): 495-502.7

Observations on Fractures of the Bones of the Pelvis. Medico-Chirurgical Transactions 19: 249-264

Observations on GYNAECOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF ENDOCRINOLOGY. British Medical Journal 2(3794): 553-557

Observations on Gastro-Enterostomy at the Breslau Clinic. Annals of Surgery 28(2): 284-289

Observations on General Metabolism and the Blood in Gout. British Medical Journal 1(2036): 10-14

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Observations on German war surgery. Canadian Medical Association Journal 54: 544-547

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Observations on Hare-Lip and Cleft Palate. British Medical Journal 1(691): 403-404

Observations on Hemolysin Production by the Streptococci. Journal of Medical Research 30(3): 515-532

Observations on Heredity in Neurosis: (Section of Psychiatry). Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine 30(7): 895-904

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Observations on Hernia, and Its Treatment by Opium. Provincial Medical & Surgical Journal 11(8): 203-205

Observations on Hydatid Disease of the Liver. Provincial Medical & Surgical Journal 14(24): 652-656

Observations on Hypertrophy of the Brain in Children. Provincial Medical Journal and Retrospect of the Medical Sciences 4(103): 475-477


Observations on Incubated Tissues and Exudates. American Journal of Pathology 4(4): 375-386.5

Observations on Industrial Hygiene. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 21(5): 529-534

Observations on Japanese early child training. Psychiatry 10(4): 423-432

Observations on Knox-Pintner construction blocks in children of various ages. Archivio di Psicologia, Neurologia E Psichiatria 11(5): 459-475

Observations on LABORATORY AND HOSPITAL INFECTIONS WITH YELLOW FEVER IN ENGLAND. British Medical Journal 1(3655): 125-128

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Observations on Leucoprotease and "Anti-leucoprotease". Journal of Hygiene 10(2): 209-230

Observations on Lithotrity, with a Series of Forty Consecutive Cases. British Medical Journal 1(1584): 1012-1014

Observations on Litomosoides carinii (Travassos, 1919) Chandler, 1931; the development of the first-stage larva. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 42(3-4): 377-399

Observations on Local Climatic Conditions and the records of Total Morbidity in a Local Area. Journal of the College of General Practitioners 3(2): 214-221

Observations on Lord Granville Somerset's County Lunatic Asylums' Bill. Provincial Medical Journal and Retrospect of the Medical Sciences 4(84): 89-94

Observations on MENOPAUSAL INSANITY AND BACTERIAL TOXAEMIA. British Medical Journal 1(3724): 923-924

Observations on MORTALITY IN ACUTE APPENDICULAR DISEASE. British Medical Journal 1(3658): 253-255

Observations on Malarial Parasites in America. British Medical Journal 1(1775): 26-27

Observations on Malignant Puerperal Fever. Provincial Medical Journal and Retrospect of the Medical Sciences 7(163): 110-111

Observations on Malta Fever. British Medical Journal 1(1481): 1101-1105

Observations on Medical Education. British Medical Journal 2(970): 162-166

Observations on Medical Reform. Provincial Medical & Surgical Journal 1(17): 281-282

Observations on Megrim or Sick-Headache. British Medical Journal 1(588): 364-366

Observations on Metabolism in the Febrile State in Man. Medico-Chirurgical Transactions 87: 163-326

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Observations on Myopathy. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine 16(Neurol Sect): 1-12


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Observations on Nitrate of Silver Stains of the Conjunctiva: Case of Absolute Blackness. Provincial Medical & Surgical Journal 15(22): 594-594

Observations on OCCUPATIONAL DERMATITIS. British Medical Journal 2(3789): 321-324

Observations on OCULAR PALSIES. British Medical Journal 2(3703): 1165-1167

Observations on OPHTHALMIA NEONATORUM. British Medical Journal 2(3699): 973-977

Observations on Oxyuris Vermicularis in Children. British Medical Journal 1(1998): 898-900

Observations on PVP-protected noble metallic nanoparticle deposits upon heating via in situ synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13(11): 5099-5104

Observations on Pelomyxa illinoisensis. Journal of Morphology 88(1): 145-183

Observations on Persistent and Recurrent Headache with special reference to Migraine. Postgraduate Medical Journal 15(165): 258-262

Observations on Phagocytosis in Relation to the Opsonic Index. Journal of Medical Research 16(3): 521-526

Observations on Pityrosporum ovale in seborrheic blepharitis and conjunctivitis. American Journal of Ophthalmology 30(12): 1485-1494

Observations on Placenta Praevia. Provincial Medical & Surgical Journal 11(20): 541-544

Observations on Pleuritic Accumulations. British Medical Journal 1(374): 190-191

Observations on Porrigo, with Reference to Some Recent Statements Made by Dr. Corrigan. Provincial Medical & Surgical Journal 9(27): 420-422

Observations on Prepaid Hospital Care in Canada. Canadian Medical Association Journal 86(1): 34-35

Observations on Puerperal Fever: Containing a Series of Evidence Respecting Its Origin, Causes, and Mode of Propagation. Provincial Medical Journal and Retrospect of the Medical Sciences 7(166): 163-169

Observations on Questionnaire Concerning Congenital Syphilis. British Journal of Venereal Diseases 10(1): 29-32

Observations on RESEARCH IN MEDICINE: ITS POSITION AND ITS NEEDS. British Medical Journal 1(3610): 479-483


Observations on Recent Improvements in the Mode of Removing Uterine Tumours. British Medical Journal 1(1067): 909-910

Observations on Recent Ovarian Cases. British Medical Journal 1(1150): 52-52

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Observations on Rupture of the Supraspinatus Tendon: Based Upon a Study of Seventy-Three Cadavers. Annals of Surgery 97(6): 849-856

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Observations on SOME TENDON RUPTURES. British Medical Journal 1(3666): 611-615

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Observations on Salicylate Therapy in Rheumatic Fever. Canadian Medical Association Journal 52(6): 554-559

Observations on Sanatoria for Consumptives. British Medical Journal 2(1972): 1126-1126

Observations on Sand-fly Fever in Malta. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine 16(War Sect): 1-14

Observations on Scabies at a Bathing Centre. British Medical Journal 2(4381): 825-825

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Observations on Sea-Sickness, and on Some of the Means of Preventing it. British Medical Journal 1(591): 442-443

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Observations on Secret Poisons. Provincial Medical & Surgical Journal 11(4): 94-96

Observations on Shoes. British Medical Journal 2(4065): 1159-1160

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Observations on Solution Crystallization of Poly(vinyl alcohol) in the Presence of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 31(3): 310-316

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Observations on Some Metabolic Changes after Pancreatoduodenectomy. Annals of Surgery 128(4): 639-667

Observations on Some Normal and Injurious Effects of Cold upon the Skin and Underlying Tissues: I. Reactions to Cold, and Injury of Normal Skin. British Medical Journal 2(4222): 795-797

Observations on Some Normal and Injurious Effects of Cold upon the Skin and Underlying Tissues: II. Chilblains and Allied Conditions. British Medical Journal 2(4223): 837-839

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Observations on Some Obstetrical Difficulties. Canadian Medical Association Journal 18(3): 293-295

Observations on Some Points in Connexion with Detachment of the Retina. British Medical Journal 2(3493): 1127-1128

Observations on Some of the Commoner Septic Conditions of the Chest: Their Diagnosis and Treatment. Canadian Medical Association Journal 14(7): 593-596

Observations on Some of the Ways in which Drinking-Water May Become Polluted with the Contagium of Enteric Fever. British Medical Journal 1(994): 82-84

Observations on Spanish sherry process. Food Research 13(2): 128-135

Observations on Spermatorrhœa; or the Involuntary Discharge of the Seminal Fluid. Provincial Medical Journal and Retrospect of the Medical Sciences 7(159): 26-29

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Observations on Suprapubic Lithotomy. British Medical Journal 1(1367): 551-555

Observations on Suprapubic Prostatectomy. British Medical Journal 1(2248): 229-232

Observations on THE AETIOLOGY AND SYMPTOMATOLOGY OF DISSEMINATED SCLEROSIS. British Medical Journal 2(3752): 997-1000

Observations on THE BOVINE TUBERCLE BACILLUS IN HUMAN TUBERCULOSIS. British Medical Journal 2(3740): 501-503

Observations on THE CURE OF MALARIA WITH ATEBRIN. British Medical Journal 1(3779): 993-995


Observations on THE EARLY TREATMENT OF THE PSYCHOSES AND PSYCHONEUROSES. British Medical Journal 2(3542): 923-926

Observations on THE MECHANISM OF ABDOMINAL PAIN. British Medical Journal 2(3589): 703-704

Observations on THE MEDICINAL TREATMENT OF CHRONIC ARTHRITIS. British Medical Journal 1(3661): 383-389


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Observations on THE SIMULATION OF HEART DISEASE. British Medical Journal 1(3707): 129-132

Observations on THE SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM. British Medical Journal 2(3641): 627-628

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Observations on THE TREATMENT OF RODENT ULCERS. British Medical Journal 2(3785): 137-139

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Observations on THE USE OF RADON SEEDS IN THE TREATMENT OF CARCINOMA. British Medical Journal 2(3633): 273-279

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