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Paediatric orbital fractures: the importance of regular thorough eye assessment and appropriate referral

, : Paediatric orbital fractures: the importance of regular thorough eye assessment and appropriate referral. Case Reports in Emergency Medicine 2013: 376564-376564

The paediatric orbital fracture should always raise alarm bells to all clinicians working in an emergency department. A delay or failure in diagnosis and appropriate referral can result in rapidly developing and profound complications. We present a boy of childhood age who sustained trauma to his eye during a bicycle injury. Acceptance of the referral was based on no eye signs; however, on examination in our unit the eye had reduction in visual acuity, no pupillary reaction, and ophthalmoplegia. CT scan suggested bone impinging on the globe and the child was rushed to theatre for removal of the bony fragment. Postoperatively no improvement was noted and a diagnosis of traumatic optic neuropathy was made. An overview of factors complicating paediatric orbital injuries, their associated "red flags", and appropriate referral are discussed in this short paper.


PMID: 24349804

DOI: 10.1155/2013/376564

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