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Penile haemodynamic changes in post-radical cystectomy patients

, : Penile haemodynamic changes in post-radical cystectomy patients. International Journal of Andrology 34(1): 27-32

The aim of this study was to assess the penile vascular changes in post-radical cystectomy patients. A prospective assessment took place between January 2003 and January 2005 of 45 potent men who underwent radical cystectomy and diversion for invasive bladder cancer. Nerve sparing (NS) technique was applied in 21 cases, while others were not subjected to NS (non-nerve sparing group; NNS = 24 cases). All patients were comparable in preoperative clinical and pathological parameters. A control arm was the preoperative normal indices of the same patients. Preoperative penile duplex ultrasounds (PDU) for all cases were carried out, and then follow-up 2, 6 and 12 months thereafter. On first postoperative visit, none of NS cases showed any arterial insufficiency, while two cases of NNS (8.3%) had peak systolic velocity (PSV) < 30 cm/sec. Moreover, all cases of both groups showed early increase of end diastolic velocity (EDV) > 5 cm/sec. In NS cystectomy group, the PSV showed statistically insignificant change [p > 0.05 (mean: 53.6, cm/sec)]. Shortly after surgery, the EDV values increased, followed by gradually significant improvement (decrease in EDV values) in comparison with control state (mean: 5.9 cm/sec). On the other hand, the NNS cases showed statistically insignificant changes in PSV (mean: 49.3 cm/sec), with deterioration in EDV that did not improve with time, in contrast to NS cases (mean: 13.15 cm/sec). The main significant penile vascular changes were in EDV (venogenic mechanism) in post-cystectomy patients. There was a gradual progressive improvement in venogenic competence mechanism in NS cases with insignificant deterioration of arteriogenic mechanism in both groups (NS/NNS).


PMID: 20158540

DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2605.2009.01045.x

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