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Peritonitis: 10 years' experience in a single surgical unit

, : Peritonitis: 10 years' experience in a single surgical unit. Tropical Gastroenterology 28(3): 117-120

Peritonitis secondary to gut perforation is still one of the commonest surgical emergencies in India and is associated with high morbidity and mortality. The present study examines the aetiology and outcome of peritonitis cases operated on in our surgical unit, and compares our findings with those of previous studies performed between 1981 and 1991. A retrospective study of 260 peritonitis patients operated on in a single surgical unit from 1995 to 2006 was done and data involving clinical presentation, operative findings and post-operative course were studied and analysed. Causes of peritonitis were small bowel perforation (96 ileal, 17 jejunal), peptic perforation (45 duodenal, 16 gastric), appendicular perforation (36), primary peritonitis (8), and others (42). The incidence of major complications was 25% (burst-11%, leak-5%, intraabdominal abscess-5%, multi-organ failure-6.5%). The overall mortality was 10%. High mortality was observed in jejunal, gall bladder and liver abscess perforation cases (> 20%). Histopathological evaluation (143 specimens) revealed tuberculosis in 42 (mostly small bowel), malignancy in 8, and inflammation in the rest. Comparisons with a similar study carried out in the same unit and published in 1995 revealed similar demographic features and mortality, but a change in the most common cause (peptic ulcer perforation to small bowel perforation), and an increased performance of enterostomy compared with primary repair in small bowel perforation and a decrease in the leak rate (13% to 4%). Small bowel perforation is the commonest form of perforation and the mortality rate associated with peritonitis remains unchanged.


PMID: 18384000

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