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Preventing repetition of attempted suicide--II. The Amager project, a randomized controlled trial

, : Preventing repetition of attempted suicide--II. The Amager project, a randomized controlled trial. Nordic Journal of Psychiatry 65(5): 292-298

Repetition after attempted suicide is high but only few effect studies have been carried out. The Baerum Model from Norway offers practical and affordable intervention for those not being offered psychiatric treatment. During a period from 2005-2007, all attempted suicide patients except those with major psychiatric diagnoses (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe/psychotic depression), were offered participation. The intervention group received the OPAC programme (outreach, problem solving, adherence, continuity) and the control group received treatment as usual (TAU). The intervention period was 6 months. After this intervention period, all patients were followed passively for an extra 6 months. The design was an intent-to-treat one. The outcomes were: 1) repetition of attempted suicide or suicide, and 2) total number of suicidal acts. A total of 200 patients were offered participation, 67 refused. Of the 133 participants, 69 were randomized to the OPAC programme and 64 to the (non-intervention) control group. Four in each group dropped out after initial participation. There was a significant lower proportion who repeated a suicide attempt the intervention group (proportion 8.7%) than in the control group (proportion 21.9%) and the number of repetitive acts was also significant lower (eight repetitions in the intervention group vs. 22 in the control group). In conclusion, our findings suggest a protective effect of the OPAC programme on the proportion who repeated a suicide attempt and on the total number of repetitions during the follow-up.


PMID: 21171837

DOI: 10.3109/08039488.2010.544404

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