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Respiratory protection during high-fidelity simulated resuscitation of casualties contaminated with chemical warfare agents

, : Respiratory protection during high-fidelity simulated resuscitation of casualties contaminated with chemical warfare agents. Anaesthesia 63(6): 593-598

Emergency room personnel are threatened by secondary poisoning when treating victims affected by chemical warfare agents. Therefore, resuscitation skills practised with respiratory protection equipment in place require evaluation. We investigated the influence of wearing air-purifying respirators on the simulated resuscitation of chemical warfare agent casualties. We studied 22 anaesthetic trainees in a simulated resuscitation scenario requiring five set tasks, either unprotected, wearing a binocular visor respirator or a panoramic visor respirator in a randomised, crossover study. Treatment times did not differ between the three groups, with mean (SD) times to complete the tasks being 122 (8) s without a mask, 126 (7) s when wearing the panoramic visor mask and 129 (8) s when wearing the binocular respirator mask. All anaesthetists preferred the panoramic visor in terms of visual orientation but 88% of them rated the binocular mask as being more comfortable. Modern respirators have a negligible effect on simulated resuscitation scenarios for victims affected by chemical warfare agents. Panoramic visor respirators allow better visual orientation for anaesthetists during simulated resuscitation.


PMID: 18279486

DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2044.2008.05450.x

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